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The topics I cover run from subconscious mind, energy, awakening, transformation, to lightworker journey, and healing. On this page, you can find the latest articles. You can also use the search field function to find the best topics for you.

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inner genius gifts

How to Embrace Your Inner Genius and Brilliance

The Inner Genius is a gateway to self-mastery. Genius holds the keys to unlocking your highest potential. But you must learn to nurture and claim it, or it can go unrecognized and neglected.


Women, Wake Up to Your Feminine Power!

Meet the limitless goddess and a powerful queen within to awaken your feminine power. It’s time to rise. Time to radiate your inner beauty.


How to Awaken Your Goddess Self

Our inner goddess self is limitless. It’s pure potentiality and raw creative divine force. Ask yourself these questions to awaken your inner goddess.


The Descension and Ascension Timelines of the Golden Age

During every golden age, we are faced with ascension and descension timelines and teachings of the previous golden ages. And they contribute to the soul’s evolution as it learns to discern through those energies.

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