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Listen to This Meditation to Become One With Your Purpose

Become one with your purpose. Your life purposes already exist. It’s what your soul cultivates over lifetimes, nurtures with her essence, and adds to every incarnation. There is nothing that needs to be re-invented, just remembered, nurtured, and allowed. Let yourself tap into your primordial essence. Feel your original self. And release what stands between you and who you are becoming.

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Become One With Your Purpose

We can all feel it. We’re in the time of Great Shifting, the Turning of the Ages. We’re returning to what is real – based on a true value benefiting all. This is the sacred junction where what works for the individual serves the collective. For there is no exception between the one and oneness. Thus when you become one with your purpose, your unique piece will fit into the collective tapestry.

Your gifts will open and hold the space for the expansion of other people’s gifts. Your life purpose allows your soulmate family to align with their purpose. And in this way, it seamlessly ripples through the collective. Starting with everyone one of us embracing what we came here to do.

In the next evolutionary period, we won’t be able to live in what is not authentic. It’ll not feel satisfying to stay in places that don’t nurture our Spirit. Be a part of spinning wheels that don’t seek the highest good for all. It’s time to become one with your purpose. It already exists within your soul. Your purpose is an energetic blueprint shaping and coding the map of your life. Gravitating the people, opportunity, and learning you need to become one with your purpose. To embrace it. Accept it.

You Don’t Find Your Purpose in Clutter

To find one’s purpose, we need to forget everything that doesn’t resonate with our inner truth. Life prepares us to let go of everything inauthentic in phases. For if it happened at once, our inner microcosmos would be thrown off balance. The slow process of letting go is the most loving thing. It allows us to adjust. To find a new footing, creating the next layer of our foundation. Thus trust the process of gradual release, of returning to your truth.

To become one with your purpose, you need to silence the chatter and opinions that don’t hold the frequency of truth and don’t serve the highest good. You must be brave enough to carve out space in your inner cave and keep returning to it until you meet your true self. Then true clarity arises. But we can’t carry the voices of others into the inner cave. This is not a place that should be crowded, with everyone having a vote about how you should live your life. It’s a sacred ground that requires simplicity. The simplicity of your undivided presence, your Spirit, and God. That’s it.

To become one with your purpose, let go of the clutter and chatter in your life. Allow yourself to forget what people think. Forget how things should be done. Let yourself rest in your being and listen. Listen for however long you need to find the clarity and then devote the rest of your life to embodying the truth of your being.


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