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How to protect yourself energetically as a lightworker

How to Protect Yourself Energetically Using the Right Quantum Fields

One of the best ways to protect yourself energetically is by connecting to the right quantum collective fields. When scanning my clients’ chakras and energy bodies, I often see that they lack energy and vitality because they’re unconsciously tapped into lower quantum fields. Although this may sound esoteric, it’s highly practical. Let me show you how to navigate the quantum collective fields as a lightworker.


What Are Quantum Collective Fields?

We’re connected to the big collective field consisting of all human thoughts and emotions and smaller collective and personal fields. We are constantly plugged into different quantum fields at once. In fact, our energy bodies couldn’t function without it. Although we can’t choose whether we’re tapped into the fields, we can influence the quality of the collective and personal quantum fields.

A quantum collective field is a cluster of similar energy created by thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Every human living on earth has left an energetic blueprint in the collective field, which has grown stronger throughout human history. Imagine living in an energetic cloud that influences our experiences, beliefs, and emotions. And we also contribute to this cloud of energy daily.

Within the big collective field consisting of all humanity, there are many subfields of various sizes. Those fields attract people with similar frequency, ways of thinking, and emotional and behavioral patterns. In exchange, we give them our energy, making them stronger. Some examples of other fields are the country and city where you live, culture, the company you work for, a group of friends, family, and ancestral field.

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Your Reality is Filtered Through the Field

We perceive our reality based on the collective fields we’re connected to. Rarely do we come in contact with something outside those fields. Living in many countries with various cultures and fields taught me that every place has a distinct reality. Usually, it’s completely different from how one could see it outside the fields.

The mind is a tool for receiving and translating frequency; thus, it receives information through the field. This is crucial in understanding how to protect yourself energetically because the fields you connect to influence the type of energy that flows into your chakra. Consequently, this impacts what thoughts you have, how you perceive yourself, and how you attract things into your life.


Each quantum collective field is governed by its own set of rules. 


The quantum collective fields shape our way of thinking and the way we see reality. Generally, we can divide them into lower and higher fields. Increasing the number of higher fields you connect to helps you protect yourself energetically.


Wherever your focus goes, you’re tapping into a quantum field. The more you train your focus in that direction, the stronger the field influences you, and you make it stronger. 


Unplug Yourself from Lower Collective Fields

To protect yourself energetically, it’s essential to identify and unplug yourself from any lower fields. We plug into lower fields through lower chakras, and the energy from the lower chakras leaks into the field, making it stronger. When the energy leaks from the lower chakras, we feel exhausted, and it’s more likely we attach to thought forms and energy forms from the field that negatively influence us.

Some signs it’s time to protect yourself energetically by unplugging from lower fields are feeling out of flow with life. You are also likely to feel unbalanced and experience long-term tiredness. The lower fields eliminate your individuality, suppressing your soul’s uniqueness. Your soul individuality is suppressed in favor of becoming generic and similar to everyone connected to the same field.

Being plugged into the lower collective fields can cause one to experience disconnection from one’s soul, even from God. Naturally, you’re constantly plugged into the Source. However, you may not be aware of the connection due to the lower collective fields. You may also feel out of sync with your higher heart chakra, the doorway for the soul and Source energy.

One example of plugging into collective fields is social media. Naturally, there are higher and lower collective fields. But your willpower grows weaker if you connect to the lower collective field. It feels like you can’t start and finish things that matter to you. There is a lot of procrastination and a feeling of not having enough energy or willpower to make something happen. Unconsciously, you plug your solar plexus chakra – the center of your willpower – into other people’s lives, lacking life force energy for yourself.


Connect Yourself to the Higher Fields

One of the best ways to protect yourself energetically is to plug yourself into higher fields. This works well if not used to bypass working with the subconscious mind and doing inner work.

An example of a higher field is Buddha. If you connect to the pure original frequency of Buddha’s consciousness, you experience many benefits. Some of them are still and peaceful mind. Gradually, the peace seeps through your whole body. In this case, the field created by Buddha can help your mental and spiritual development. You harmonize your frequency with the frequency of the Buddhic field that exists in the higher mental plane.

To protect yourself energetically, ensure you’re connected to more higher fields than the lower ones. The higher collective fields can create more flow in your life. As your thoughts harmonize on a higher frequency, you experience more synchronicity and aha moments.


An Example of a Higher Field

I use my Mystery School of Remembrance as an example. A deep, intentional higher field is created around the Mystery School, where I channel my Spirit’s energy, healing, and teaching, and the higher beings simultaneously channel their consciousness into the school. Thus, the Mystery School serves as a vessel of higher-dimensional consciousness to reach people.

In the Mystery School, there is an intrinsic web of light and collaboration across all levels of existence, all the way back to the Source, outlining the ascension journey. Every student benefits from the higher field of Light consciousness. Upon signing up, my students start to heal and remember past lives, their spiritual gifts get enhanced, and they experience a stronger connection to their souls and Source. This happens through harmonizing themselves with the Mystery School field.


4 Tips to Protect Yourself Energetically through the Right Fields

The best way to protect yourself energetically is to be mindful of where you’re connecting yourself. When you increase the ratio of being connected to higher fields, your energy will stay stronger and in flow. That being said, if you want to dive deeper, you can contemplate what makes you procrastinate and choose distractions over creating the life you desire. As you learn to protect yourself energetically, you need to clear out and heal any programs, wounds, and beliefs that make you connect to the lower fields.

Here are four tips for protecting yourself energetically by becoming aware of the types of fields you are a part of.


1. Make an Audit of Your Fields

Look at the things you interact with daily. Notice where you put your attention repetitively. Make a list of all potential fields, including friends, work, family, media platforms, books, and anything else you interact with regularly.


2. What Does the Field Contribute to You?

Go through your list of fields from the first step and look at how each field generates more energy or leaks your energy. Trust your intuition to let you know if the field gives or takes your energy. If it generates more energy, you feel a sense of expansion, aliveness, and lightness. On the other hand, you can feel a sense of restriction and heaviness if the field leaks your energy.


3. How Has Your Life Changed?

You can also look at how your life has changed since you plugged into the field. This step can be tricky because you are connected to many fields at once, so you may not be able to pinpoint the impact of one specific field. But if you can do it, this is what you should consider – how your life has changed in terms of how in-flow or out-of-flow you have been since then.


4. Replace the Lower with Higher Fields

Now that you are aware of the lower fields leaking your energy connect yourself to higher fields. This will naturally protect you energetically. Remember that there can’t be a vacuum, so you want to replace the energy from a lower field with a higher one. Some examples of higher fields are Christ’s consciousness and the consciousness of Buddha.


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