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5-Day Ignition Coaching

This is a private 5-day Ignition Coaching to support you with any topic or transition you’re going through. During the five days, we can discuss anything related to life or spirituality. This is the place to walk through a mini quantum portal together or gain clarity and insight into what you’re navigating right now.

Ignition Coaching is a realignment into your highest power. 

It’s a place for refinement, getting clear and grounded, connected to your deepest self and your mission.


How does Ignition Coaching Work?

We’ll send audio messages via the Voxer app (similar to WhatsApp) for five working days about anything you wish to focus on.

You record your questions and messages (audio or written), and I tune in and answer once daily. You can record up to 20 minutes of voice messages per day.

This works with every timezone and every schedule. You record the daily messages when it’s good for you, and I tune in during my evenings.


General Information

  For my Mystery School students, there are spots available every month except for September/October 2024. I’ll send you some proposal dates when we can start after purchasing the package.

We start on Monday and end on Friday.
Alternatively, we can split 5 days over a longer period (2 weeks to 4 weeks)—this option is available to the Mystery School clients only.


Time-Sensitive Openings

Sometimes, I open up the Ignition Coaching for everyone. In this case, you can find the start dates in my email marketing or social media.




I want to support you in tapping into your highest timeline and realigning your heart, mind, and soul, getting clarity and certainty. I want to have conversations that are on fire, moving you forward. I want to speak about your dreams, refining your life, and releasing what no longer serves you.

Ignition Coaching is a supportive temple to tune deep within yourself and step into the next levels of soul alignment.

I want us to work in your highest power. To have conversations that move the needle forward. To bring deep focus and devotion to our time.


How is this different from a typical 1:1 session? 

I’ve fallen in love with the audio coaching type because it brings intentionality with the focus and questions.

The Voxer coaching gives you time to think of my suggestions and questions and keep access to our conversations so you can keep returning to them.

The Ignition Coaching offers a quick realignment and activation. It’s a space to have powerful conversations.
It’s a space for us to offer you a supportive environment as you move to the next level.

Given the nature of the Voxer coaching (via audio messages), however, there is no space for healing or past-life regressions (if you’re interested in longer and deeper work, please check out my Mystery School).

That being said, I’m more than happy to recommend a healing exercise or to give you an energetic reading of a situation.