Lightworker Sylvia Salow


The classes are 2 hours long, including guided energy exercises and teachings on the given topic. 

The Wisdom Temple

This Wisdom Temple serves as a self-study library that helps you dive into the topics of your interest. 

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Become Your Highest Self

You'll learn the precise steps and energetics of quantum shifting and how to bridge the gap between your current and highest self.


Higher Heart Chakra

You’ll learn about the secret chambers of the higher heart chakra and how to work with its consciousness in daily life.

inner child healing

Abandonment Wound

You'll learn how to start healing the wound of abandonment and become a parent to your inner child.


Queen-King Energy

You'll learn how to tap into the energy of the queen-king consciousness, its relation to Christ Consciousness, and how to embody it.


Raise Your Self-Worth

The Self-Worth masterclass is a quantum-shifting experience to help you feel, experience, and embody your worth.

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Seal Your Energy Leaks

Sealing Your Energy Leaks will teach you to identify and seal your energy leaks to show up more wholly for your soul’s calling.


Sovereign Self

How would it feel to stand in your sovereignty and find ease and joy in expressing your unique soul’s energy? Explore the sovereignty keys.


Unlock Quantum Time

You’ll learn more about timelines, ascension and descension timelines, time loops, and how to escape them.


Soul’s Power Reclamation

Learn to heal your relationship with your inner power and become aware of the unconscious ways we disconnect from it.


Magnetic Receiving

Have you ever wondered how some people manifest with ease? In this class, you’ll learn how to step into the flow of receiving.


Unlock Your Voice

How to unlock the power of your voice? This workshop is for anyone healing their throat chakra and reclaiming their soul's voice.


Meet Your Inner Genius

The Inner Genius is a gateway to self-mastery and holds the keys to unlocking your highest potential. This will be unlike any other class.


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