Starseed Healing

Activate your Starseed remembrance and bring deep healing to your soul.

Welcome to the School of Remembrance for Starseeds!

Have you ever felt connected to the stars and felt like an alien here? You’re not alone. You, the Starseed lightworker, call your home other places and dimensions. Something deep within you wants you to REMEMBER your Starseed origin.

Instinctively, you recognize the voice of your soul families from the stars guiding you on your journey of remembrance. You know that this is your time to activate your wisdom and skills from different dimensions and use them to live your purpose.

If you ever yearned for deep soul nourishment and remembering your lives on Earth and stars where you embraced your potential, the Starseed healing is a sacred safe place for you to embark on a new exciting journey.

– Sylvia Salow –

The Starseed Healing is a 10-week one-on-one program to remember your 5D lives and gifts to activate their full remembrance and channel it to your life and Earth. Be also ready for a DNA upgrade necessary to anchor in the frequency of your home planet. 

What Is Starseed Healing?

The Starseed Healing is Level II of the Lightworker Healing School. During the Crystal Light Healing, we focused on your lightworker self, and now it’s time to focus on your Starseed self and activate an even deeper soul healing.

During the upcoming 10 weeks, we’ll enhance your connection to the stars, your multidimensional essence, and your Starseed selves and gifts. This will enhance and harmonize your light bodies (from the 7th till the 12th and beyond for some of you ). You'll see your life and your soul purpose from a greater perspective as a continuation of something that has started in the stars, and now we’re on our way to remembering and reconnecting to our 5th-dimensional Starseed selves.

Note: To join the Starseed Healing program, it’s necessary to first finish the Lightworker Healing program as these are advanced sessions working with your multidimensionality.

What can I expect?


✔ Activate and connect to your multidimensional essence to help you connect with any version of you with more ease and precision.

✔ Bring deep soul healing to your soul in her myriad of dimensional travels which will help you to embrace your soul purpose.

✔ Remember your journeys, gifts, and skills of your highest lives on Earth and in the stars so that you can integrate the wisdom and skills you’ve once gathered.

✔ Step into your sovereignty and leadership as a lightworker, Starseed to help you better guide the situations of your life.

How Is Starseed Healing Unique?

Starseed Healing is unique in healing and integrating your many lessons from different states of existence - that which we call 5-dimensional.

You’ll connect and remember your Starseed selves and their skills to enhance your life.

Your channel of light will activate completely, which will continue bringing in more remembrance even after you finish the Starseed healing curriculum. By fully activating your Stargate templates, you create a pathway for millions to follow you (we'll go deep into this).

The Starseed Healing will collapse time for you and allow you to speed up your path in a sacred and safe environment.

The Starseed Healing Is for You If:

✔ You finished the Level I training, the Lightworker Healing.

✔ You want to open yourself up to your multidimensionality and remember and integrate your lessons, skills, and energy from 5D where your Starseed selves reside and also from Earth.

✔ You’re looking for deep soul nourishment.

✔ You’d like to understand your being at an even more profound level.

Multidimensional Healing

In the Star Temple of the Starseed Healing, you’ll enhance your light bodies and higher energy centers (9th and higher), which will make it easier to maintain a higher frequency of light in your body and life. You’ll learn to work with your multidimensional essence and bring healing and withdraw invaluable guidance and understanding of working with your energy and gifts. This will allow you to see your life as a jewel, which is a part of a much greater tapestry which your soul goes through in different dimensions, times, and spaces.

Multidimensional healing is essential for starseeds because it activates many stargates in your DNA that allow you to fully remember and ascend.

Unlock Your Starseed Memory

Let's activate your light codes of ascension and remember your Starseed selves to enhance your life and your gift to the world.

Unlock Your Starseed Memory

Let's activate your light codes of ascension and remember your Starseed selves to enhance your life and your gift to the world.



The Starseed Healing is Level II of the School of Remembrance. During the Crystal Light Healing, we focused on your lightworker self, and now it’s time to focus on your Starseed self and activate an even deeper soul healing.

Note: To join Starseed Healing, it’s necessary to finish the Lightworker Healing first, as these are advanced sessions working with your multidimensionality.  In the Lightworker Healing, we lay the foundations and reawaken your Earth memory so we can return to the stars in the Starseed Healing.

The Starseed Healing nourishes your soul, and I wholeheartedly welcome you on this journey of remembering your original self.

Session 1: Crystalline Restructuring

As a Starseed, you’re here to activate the light codes within your DNA as a path of your personal ascension journey, which simultaneously creates a stargate for millions to follow you. In these 2 sessions, we’ll be enhancing, clearing out, and upgrading your physical, energy, and light bodies.

Session 2: Starseed Light Codes Activation

We’ll be activating light codes within your DNA and energy templates that will allow your remembrance to come back online. We’ll also be working with your Mag-Da-Len and Mer-Ka-Ba fields to activate your 16 chakras (for some higher) technology and your crystalline body.

Session 3: The Waters of Remembrance

During the initial session, you’ll remember your soul’s unique signature and start remembering and activating your original blueprint. We’ll also do soul healing related to your Starseed memories.

Session 4: Connecting with Your Multidimensional Self

Your multidimensional self is overlooking your Starseed journeys, including the Earth adventure. During this session, I’ll teach a unique way to connect with your multidimensional self – there is one secret ingredient unique to everyone. You’ll also receive powerful teachings and insights from your multidimensional self. And integrate the multidimensional energy into your system.

Session 5: Activating Your Ancient 5D Remembrance I

During sessions 5 and 6, we’ll be going back into your highest ancient 5D lives and integrating their frequency, energy, and knowledge in your system and bringing in the guidance for your current life. You’ll reawaken and remember your spiritual gifts and enhance your existing gifts and see how you can use them in your life.

Session 6: Activating Your Ancient 5D Remembrance II

During sessions 6 and 6, we’ll be going back into your highest ancient 5D lives that relate to your Starseed memories and will help you to embrace your power even more than until now. In this session, you’ll experience deep healing related to your star origin, which is closely intertwined with the events that took place on Earth.

Session 7: Activating Your Starseed Memory 

Now it’s time to reconnect with your Starseed selves and bring in their memories to enhance your life. Remembering your Starseed lives will help your soul heal and integrate the wisdom she has across time and space dimensions. Connecting to your Starseed selves will also enhance your light bodies and higher chakras (from 9th chakra higher) and opens up your channel of light, reconnecting your Earth and Star wisdom in your body.

Session 8: Starseed Healing

In this powerful session, we’ll dive deep into Starseed healing and clearing out and integrating timelines that are still impacting you. You’ll also gain insight into your overall Starseed journey.   

Session 9: Star Body and the Starseed Genome Activation

We’ll activate the 5 Starseed genome within your DNA and mind to receive templates and enhance your connection with the 5-star nations: Lyran, Pleiadian, Sirian A, Sirian B, and Arcuturian. We’ll also be re-templating and upgrading your star body. 

Session 10: Lyran Path to Sovereignty and Leadership

Together we’ve come far; it’s time to step fully into your sovereignty and become a leader of your life, your relationships, your purpose, and your energy. During this session, the feline Lyran star beings will activate your leadership and sovereignty codes. And with the help of Lyran beings, we’ll create your unique path to embody your sovereignty and leadership to expand your life.

Note, Lyrans are benevolent star beings who are masters of embodying their sovereignty and teaching this to others.



After each session, you’ll also receive a healing manual with instructions on deepening your healing.


Soul’s journey spans across the lifetimes and universes. It carries us through different bodies to embody lessons and knowledge that guides us in our ascension path.

Before I even became a soul healer and coach, I’ve been working closely with my soul on healing my journey across time and space. This turned out to be the greatest source of knowledge and understanding of my work as a healer. When I’m in session with people, I work with their souls, higher selves, and other guides and ascended masters depending on my client’s best serves.

I’ll be excited to embark on a new soul searching journey with you! Let’s begin!


About Sylvia

SYLVIA SALOW is a spiritual coach, speaker, and author. She helps people to step into their highest potential and inner power by guiding them on how to embody their souls.

Salow gained 3 master’s degrees in business that led her to China in 2012, where she began writing and transitioned into coaching and speaking. In 2017, she gave a TEDx Talk in Kuala Lumpur on finding your life purpose. 

Since then, Sylvia Salow has coached people around the globe, taught 50+ workshops internationally, and has published 2 books. Find Yourself – Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning is her spiritual memoir. And Become the CEO of Your Mind is a guide to the subconscious mind and changing limiting beliefs.

In her work, she uses soul and energy healing while she works on aligning body, mind, heart, and soul to help people feel empowered, align with their purpose, and release limiting beliefs holding them back. 

Salow also helps people to heal their soul’s wounds and remember who they are. In March 2019, she created a unique healing modality, the Lightworker Healing, for lightworkers to help them embrace their mission and potential.