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StarSeed Healing Program

The Starseed Healing includes 10*75-min healing sessions (1-on-1). 

The Starseed Healing is level II of the Lightworker Healing, which will help you to reconnect to your higher dimensional selves and use this remembrance to enhance your life. 

Note: To join Starseed Healing, it’s necessary to go through Lightworker Healing first, as these are advanced sessions working with your multidimensionality.


The Starseed Healing includes:

10* 75-min soul healing sessions

10 Healing Manuals


The Starseed Healing includes 10 sessions and 10 healing manuals.

Session 1: The Waters of Remembrance

During the initial session, you’ll remember your soul’s unique signature and start remembering and activating your original blueprint. We’ll also do soul healing related to your Starseed memories.

Session 2: Crystalline Restructuring

As a Starseed, you’re here to activate the light codes within your DNA as a path of your personal ascension journey, which simultaneously creates a stargate for millions to follow you. In these 2 sessions, we’ll be enhancing, clearing out, and upgrading your physical, energy, and light bodies.

Session 3: Starseed Light Codes Activation

We’ll be activating light codes within your DNA and energy templates that will allow your remembrance to come back online. We’ll also be working with your Mag-Da-Len and Mer-Ka-Ba fields to activate your 12 chakras (for some higher) technology and your crystalline body.

Session 4: Connecting with Your Multidimensional Self

Your multidimensional self is overlooking your Starseed journeys, including the Earth adventure. During this session, I’ll teach a unique way to connect with your multidimensional self – there is one secret ingredient unique to everyone. You’ll also receive powerful teachings and insights from your multidimensional self. And integrate the multidimensional energy into your system.

Session 5: Activating Your Ancient 5D Remembrance I

During sessions 5 and 6, we’ll be going back into your highest ancient 5D lives, integrating their frequency, energy, and knowledge in your system and bringing in the guidance for your current life. You’ll reawaken and remember your spiritual gifts, enhance your existing gifts, and see how you can use them in your life.

Session 6: Activating Your Ancient 5D Remembrance II

During sessions 6 and 6, we’ll be going back into your highest ancient 5D lives that relate to your Starseed memories and will help you embrace your power even more than you have until now. In this session, you’ll experience deep healing related to your star origin, which is closely intertwined with the events that took place on Earth.

Session 7: Activating Your Starseed Memory 

Now it’s time to reconnect with your Starseed selves and bring in their memories to enhance your life. Remembering your Starseed lives will help your soul heal and integrate the wisdom she has across time and space dimensions. Connecting to your Starseed selves will also enhance your light bodies and higher chakras (from the 9th chakra higher) and open up your channel of light, reconnecting your Earth and Star wisdom in your body.

Session 8: Starseed Healing

In this powerful session, we’ll dive deep into Starseed healing and clearing out and integrating timelines that are still impacting you. You’ll also gain insight into your overall Starseed journey.

Session 9: Star Body and the Starseed Genome Activation

We’ll activate the 5 Starseed genome within your DNA and mind to receive templates and enhance your connection with the 5 star nations: Lyran, Pleiadian, Sirian A, Sirian B, Arcuturian. We’ll also be re-templating and upgrading your star body.

Session 10: Lyran Path to Sovereignty and Leadership

Together, we’ve come far; it’s time to step fully into your sovereignty and become a leader of your life, your relationships, your purpose, and your energy. During this session, the feline Lyran star beings will activate your leadership and sovereignty codes. And with the help of Lyran beings, we’ll create your unique path of the embodiment of your sovereignty and leadership to expand your life.

Note the Lyrans are benevolent star beings who are masters of embodying their sovereignty and teaching this to others.


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