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Life Coach Sylvia Salow

Online Programs

Choose online programs and guided meditations. 

Tap Into The Energetics

The programs are designed to help you tap into the energetics of each topic. My favorites are the Abundance Alchemy which is likely, unlike anything you’ve ever considered money to be about. And then my staple Feminine Power – I believe every woman should learn how to tap into her inner strength as a woman. 


Abundance Alchemy

You'll never look at money in the same way after this program. It's not another fix-yourself program. Instead, it takes you to the 5D abundance consciousness.


Feminine Power

The Feminine Power Group Program is a self-study program for women ready to embrace their inner strength and feminine energy and embody their inner queen.


Find Your Life Purpose

Your purpose is within you - it's always been there. Learn to listen to the deep undercurrent that has always been guiding you to fulfill your soul's plan.


Solar Strength Meditation

Solar Strength is a guided meditation to connect to your soul's power and strengthen your aura. It's suitable for any empath and lightworker who takes in energy from others.


Success Codes

What if it's time to let yourself be successful in whichever way your soul desires success? This is a deep core belief shifting work to allow the frequency of success in your life.


The Portal

The Portal is a 3-week program to help you embrace your gifts as a lightworker and healer. You'll shift your soul wounds around sharing your gifts and aligning your life with your soul.


Visualization Album

The guided visualization album will help you to establish two-way communication with your soul, awaken your heart and receive daily guidance from your soul and Higher Self.


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