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Lightworker Sylvia Salow in the forest.

Find Your Life Purpose

Find Your Life Purpose is an online program designed to gain clarity on your soul’s work.

What is my life purpose?

One of the most common questions I hear repeatedly is, “What is my life purpose?” Often, they continue with, “I don’t have any life purpose. I feel like I’m wasting my life.”

We feel empty when we live without a sense of purpose. We feel like we move aimlessly through life and are unsure how to change it.  

I know your potential is much bigger than you think, so I’ve created this amazing program for you.

Does this feel familiar?

  • “I know that I’m on the wrong path… and I feel I’m wasting my life.”

  • “I don’t feel valued, I’m compromising my integrity at work but I don’t know what else I’m meant to do.”

  • “Others seem to find their passion with ease, yet I struggle everyday. Sometimes I feel there is something wrong with me. “

  • “I feel like I’m losing myself…I know I’m in the wrong job and relationship. Is this all I’m meant to live for?”

  • “I only feel the spark occasionally but often I feel exhausted.”

  • “I’m 38 (…) and I’m NOT doing what I really want to do…I don’t know how to get out of there..”

  • “I know that I’m here to do something great but I don’t know what to tap into it.”

Lightworker Sylvia Salow

Let's change it!

Your life purpose is unique to you.

It’s something that only you can express in a way as no one else could. When you learn what your life purpose is, your life changes: 

It’s time to become an inspiration for yourself and others.

It’s time for your life to be a testimony to your soul.

Lightworker Sylvia Salow

What can you expect?

  • You’ll learn about the ascension path and what a soul’s purpose really is and what it isn’t. 

  • You’ll shed layers of old conditioning and address 7 main illusions that prevent you from understanding your purpose.

  • You’ll release fears and resistance around your purpose to gain clarity.

  • You’ll connect with your higher self (soul) and learn to receive intuitive guidance on your soul’s purpose.

  • You’ll step into your life calling more profoundly.

  • Your mind, heart, and higher self will align.

 Find Your Life Purpose Program Includes



Module 1: Ascension Path

» Uncovering the big plan the universe has for you.

» What is the path of highest potential?

» How and when do we start to live our purpose?

Module 2: Understanding Your Soul's Purpose

» How many purposes can you have? And why do they all matter?

» 7 main illusions that keep us from realizing our life purpose.

» Identify the places you give your power away. 

Module 3: Resistance And Fears

» You’ll learn how your challenges have led you to your life purpose.

» Identifying your fears related to your purpose and start releasing them.

» What your self-sabotaging beliefs around your purpose are.

Module 4: Reconnect With Your Fears

» Clear out the energy of unlived dreams from your system.

» Understand the language of your soul.

» Reconnect with your dreams.

Module 5: Finding Your Life Purpose With Your Mind

» You’ll learn how to read defining moments of your life in relation to your life calling.

» You’ll become more aware of creating your own legacy.

» Learn to define your life purpose in one sentence.

Module 6: Finding Your Life Purpose With Your Soul

» A guided meditation to help you connect with your inner wisdom.

» Tapping into your essence and allow yourself to feel it.

» Understanding your life story as a tool of transformation.

Module 7: Embody Your Life Purpose In Everyday Life

» The difference between living a life purpose consciously or not.

» The technique to bring your life purpose into your days intentionally.

» You’ll get much clearer on where to start acting on your life purpose.

Bonus 1: 80-Page Guidebook

» Guidebook full of transformative tools to help you to find your life purpose.

Including the 3 tools on how to build faith in your purpose and your ability to live it.

Bonus 2: Guided Meditation

» 15-minutes guided meditation to help you tap into your heart’s wisdom and connect with your inner guidance.

About Sylvia

Sylvia Salow is a spiritual coach, speaker, and author. She helps people to step into their highest potential and inner power by guiding them on how to embody their souls.

Salow gained 3 master’s degrees in business that led her to China in 2012, where she began writing and transitioned into coaching and speaking. In 2017, she gave a TEDx Talk in Kuala Lumpur on finding your life purpose. 

Since then, Sylvia Salow has coached people around the globe, taught 50+ workshops internationally, and haspublished 2 books. Find Yourself – Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning is her spiritual memoir. And Become the CEO of Your Mind is a guide to the subconscious mind and changing limiting beliefs.

In her work, she uses soul and energy healing while she works on aligning body, mind, heart, and soul to help people feel empowered, align with their purpose, and release limiting beliefs holding them back. 

Salow also helps people to heal their soul’s wounds and remember who they are. In March 2019, she created a unique healing modality, the Lightworker Healing, for lightworkers to help them embrace their mission and potential.

Life Coach Sylvia Salow Smiling in the forest.

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