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Life Coach Sylvia Salow walking in the mountains.

Feminine Power

Become the Queen of Your Life!

Welcome to the Feminine Power, Queen!

Step Into Your Magnetism.
Integrate Your Feminine and Masculine Energy.
Step Into Your Queen Power.

The feminine energy is powerful. 
She is the creative life force of the universe.
She is the queen who moves with intention. 

I want to see women rising. 
I want to see women creating their queendoms and following their intuition.
Let’s unlock the doors to your feminine power!

The Feminine Power is a 6-week program to integrate your feminine and masculine energy, activate your magnetism and step into your feminine power.

Imagine waking up every day knowing you’re one with your power, purpose, and love.

You lead yourself from your center.
You rest in your magnetism and trust in yourself and the higher power.
There is no more forcing in your life, just an intentional move of a queen.

With your alluring, magnetic energy, you open new doors and allow the things meant for you to find you.

You become the embodiment of a goddess.

Every woman has a goddess and a queen within.
She needs to be invited to the table and given space.

Embracing your Feminine Power is the most magical thing you’ll ever do. 
It opens the doors to everything you want and more. 

Every woman has been waiting for this, although she couldn’t put a name to it.

When others asked her why she always wanted more and was never happy or satisfied, she couldn’t answer.

She couldn’t express what was missing until she arrived, and it all made sense. 
She’s been guided to this very place since the beginning. 
It was always about accessing your inner temple.

Are you ready to unlock the keys and have someone holding space for you and guiding you back to your feminine power? 

Priestess and Life Coach Sylvia Salow

Feminine Power

Embrace Your Infinite Creative Power as a Woman.

There is a queen and goddess within you waiting to be unleashed, nurtured, and given space to recreate your life.

Feminine energy is powerful. Women who tap into their inner magnetism and infinity of the goddess self are irresistible to everything they desire.

The raw feminine energy brings new visions to the physical realm as she reaches the depths within herself. She can birth beautiful things that have never existed before.

You’re not here to ask for permission, to wait, to feel undeserving.

You’re here to create your life from the depths of your heart and soul and your queendom.

It’s time to put on your crown and acknowledge the power you have within.

Who Is This For?

 The Feminine Power is for any woman who wants to discover who she is as a woman, get in touch with her inner strength, and balance her feminine and masculine energy.

It’s a sacred, safe space for women to activate their feminine power and magnetism and awaken their inner queen and goddess selves. 

I’m calling in women who feel on the cusp of something new. They might not yet see the exact shapes of the new reality calling them to rise, but they feel the call—women who feel a strong urge to discover their queen selves and want to step into their power. 

The Feminine Power is about holding the balance of the feminine and masculine.

My intention is to help you feel aligned with the core of your being, feel in charge of your energy, and review your relationship to your feminine power and unique expression. Because the goddess has many faces, it’s about finding YOUR expression of feminine energy.

Priestess and Life Coach Sylvia Salow

Feminine Power Temple

6 TRAINING VIDEOS (120 min, replays of live round of FP )


Week 1: Feminine Power

You’ll learn what it means to stand in your feminine power, and you’ll also learn to identify where you might act from a disempowered energy. The main emphasis is on bringing your feminine power into daily situations and thus, step by step, transform your universe. 

Week 2: Energy Leaks & Magnetism

You’ll learn to identify and close your energy leaks, understand the flow of the powerful creative feminine energy and activate your magnetism. When your feminine allure is fully on, the right people and opportunities gravitate to you instead of chasing them. 

Week 3: Inner Masculine

Just as we might not fully tap into our feminine energy, we might struggle with integrating our inner masculine energy. We’ll dive into your unconscious patterns preventing you from utilizing the gifts of your inner masculine energy to bring your ideas and creations to physical manifestation.

Week 4: Soul Nurturing

You’ll learn to be present with yourself and birth yourself to the next levels of your expansion. We’ll talk about nurturing and mothering yourself through tough times, challenges, relationships, and your purpose.

Week 5: From Princess to Queen

Together, we’ll pass through the birthing stages between the princess and queen to firmly root you in the balanced and one-in-herself queen archetype energy. It’s time to put your crown on and step into your feminine power, fully understanding its laws and how to use your power with integrity and elegance. You’ll learn the key differences between the princess and queen energy which will help you identify which energy you act from in your life. 

Week 6: Goddess Consciousness & Self-Worth

It’s time to release blocks to experience ease and lightness. It’s time to learn how to receive and let things be easier and better and better and better. We’ll talk about deserving, stepping into your worth, and never doubting it again.

In the last week, you’ll learn how to become the woman of your dreams and how to embody her in your life. You’ll also learn how to continue moving through life more easily, flow, and precisely. You’ll learn the secret of continuous expansion. You’ll take this with you for the rest of your life and can always return to it whenever you go to the next level. 

  • 6 Guidebooks to deepen the particular topics and help you work on your subconscious mind.
  • 8 Activations in the form of video or guided meditations. 

About Sylvia

The topic of feminine power fascinates me. The deeper you move into your feminine power, the more universes of endless possibilities you discover. And I’m passionate about helping women embrace their feminine power. 

I’m a teacher and activator for leaders, lightworkers, and priestesses ready to be seen. Who are willing to co-create in bringing forth a new paradigm. To explore their highest potential because nothing else makes sense. 

I want to see women rising. People who are tapped into their hearts and souls. The people who came here to birth a new consciousness. 

I’ve taught a circle of women about embracing their feminine energy since 2016 and have guided many women individually in my Priestess Healing into the arts of feminine energy. And I’m happy to create this portal for all of us to rise!


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