Sacred Business

Abundant Sacred Work For Yourself, For Others, For the World.

5-Month Business Mentorship for Lightworkers Ready To Rise. 

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Sacred Business Mentorship

The traditional business advice doesn’t work for lightworkers and priestesses. Because it’s so much more than implementing a business or marketing model that worked for someone else.

The Sacred Business is about tuning into your soul and letting your uniqueness shine through your sacred work. Running a spiritual business is about energetics, alignment, and being in your power.

Sacred Business is about marrying the spiritual and 3D worlds to let your sacred work sustain you and others.

– Sylvia Salow –

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These ten 1-on-1 sessions focus on the energetics of leading a spiritual business and becoming a powerful soul-aligned business owner who uses their business to serve the world.

Sacred Business Mentorship


The Spiritual Business combines mentoring, energetic attuning, practical 3D business advice, the next steps to take in your business, guided energy, and spiritual business exercises and tools. What you learn here, you take with you for the rest of your entrepreneurial journey.Each session is like a code and activation for a bigger expansion of who you are and who you are here to serve. The exact layout will take you to your first 10k months, 50k months, and even 6-figure months and beyond.

Who Is This For?

The Sacred Business is for the coaches, healers, priestesses, lightworkers, and visionaries.

The Sacred Business for service providers and small product-based businesses with an online presence.

You can be just starting your business, or you have been running your business for some time and want to create a bigger impact, more alignment, and abundance.

I work only with business owners ready to take the next steps and be committed to their business growth.

You want to learn a business's spiritual and energetic side, get clear on the practical action and have someone to hold the space for you while you rise.

You're aiming for your first 10k month, 30k, 50k month or multiple 5-figure month and make it sustainable and stable.


Leadership & Business


✔ Leadership and business are inseparable. If you're ready to experience exponential growth and limitless impact, I invite you to combine my Sacred Business and Spiritual Leadership programs.

These two programs were born for each other. These two are meant for each other, bringing your business to the next level and stepping into being the leader you're here to be.

The Sacred Business and Spiritual Leadership curriculums are crafted to support each others' sessions.

✔If you join both programs, the Spiritual Leadership, and Sacred Business, I suggest having one business and one leadership call monthly. Thus we meet twice a month, and the Spiritual Leadership program enhances the business session.

✔ If you solely join the Sacred Business program, I recommend having bi-weekly calls over five months.


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10  SESSIONS (90 min, 1-on-1)
Session 1: Lead With Your Vision

We start with a powerful activation of your power and your vision. Whether you’re just starting your business or doing it for years, it’s time to bring more intention to your sacred work. You’re here to lead with your highest vision, move with intention and act with courage. As a spiritual business owner, you’re not here for everyone. And I want to help your uniqueness shine through your sacred work. I’ll help you see what else you’re here to channel into your business and to other people.

Session 2: Calibration of Your Message and Business Model

What is your message, and how to make it powerful, reaching the hearts of the people you’re meant to reach? In this session, we’ll calibrate your message, and that will serve as a business model that can be scaled – allowing you to work in your sphere of genius, having the space and time and the creative fire you need. The truth is that showing up daily doesn’t work for everyone. Some need more space; some need more creation. We’ll reassess and find the business model that works for you.

Session 3: Let People Find Your Work

We’ll reassess and look at the funnels and platforms to reach your soul tribe in a way that feels spacious and fun. How can you reach the right people? And if you have platforms and an audience, we’ll consider how to increase it. 

Session 4: Soul-Aligned Services and Prices

What are the right containers for your work? Do you enjoy your services and offerings? In this session, we’ll help you create or redefine your services to work for you and others. We’ll also find the right pricing for you, and I’ll teach you how to know when it’s time to increase your prices.

Session 5: Soul Client Attraction

What is the secret to calling in the clients you feel happy and inspired to work with? Raise your standards for clients. Connect to their souls. Craft your words with impact. Learn the secrets of the soul client attraction. Make your work potent, reaching the right people.

Session 6: Inner Structures, Hiring, Scaling

Setting inner business structures that allow you to bring the highest results to your clients and move effortlessly. We’ll also discuss client boundaries and hiring and scaling your business to reach more people.

Session 7: Embody the Highest Power of Your Work

How to become magnetic and embody the highest power of your work? In this session, we’ll be about deep energetics that will turn on your magnetism and make your service fun. We’ll help you to claim your gifts, step into excellence, and set the space for being the embodiment of your work.

Session 8: The Energetics of Your Business

In this session, we’ll look at your business’s energetics and pricing. I’ll guide you through the most powerful energetic business tools that will open your eyes to a new, deeper understanding of your business and your clients. P.S. This session will be fun, and these tools will change your business! 

Session 9: Marketing and Branding 

Marketing and branding are the ways to express your soul and magnetize your soul tribe. It’s time to let yourself be seen through the pieces of content you share with your audience. We’ll revisit your branding and marketing and craft a unique way to share your voice, work, and gifts.

Session 10: Sacred Selling

Invite people into your sacred work in a way that is authentic and truthful to you. Fall in love with selling which allows people to receive deeper from you. We’ll create a selling system that works for you and feels authentic. I’ll also teach you the magic of selling.

  • 10 ACTIVATION MEDITATIONS to listen to daily to activate your highest power and turn on your business magnetism.  
  • 10 GUIDEBOOKS with journal prompts to find an alignment of your soul, heart, and business. 
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About Sylvia

I was born into an entrepreneurial family and have been surrounded by entrepreneurs since I was a child. Later, I studied for 3 master’s degrees in business and economics. And since then, I’ve created a web of great friends who are entrepreneurs.

To me, business is an art. As a manifestor in Human Design, I love bringing new fresh ideas to entrepreneurs and helping them amplify their message.

Business is an expression of your soul, your message to the world. To me, thinking in an entrepreneurial way is natural, it has become the sixth sense. I’ve worked with, uplifted, and inspired entrepreneurs from all walks of their business lives. Helped create more abundance, alignment, and a message that feels like this is what I was sent here to do.

I’m passionate about seeing heart-centered leaders and business owners stepping into their power and creating wealth for themselves, their families, and future generations. 

Leading business isn’t something we do for money; it chooses us. We need to create something that works for us and through which we continue growing and helping others. As a lightworker, you’re the message; you’re the amplifier and channel. 



Yes, this is a perfect place to start. Can you imagine starting with a foundation already in place? To move with intention and clarity. If you want to take business moves in alignment with your soul and have someone to hold a space for your expansion, then yes, the Sacred Business is for you. 

If you have an established successful business but can’t sustain the successful months. Or if you’ve had consistent 10k plus months, bud would like to create more alignment, wealth, and impact; I’m happy to help you rise to the next level. 

For established businesses, we’ll revisit the areas of your business crafted in the curriculum and I’ll also adjust it to meet your needs. 

Excellent choice! The Sacred Business and Spiritual Leadership programs were created to enhance each other. You can sign up for the Limitless Leadership and Business which include both programs. 

Upon purchasing the program, you’ll receive a link to a booking calendar. If you join the Sacred Business without the Spiritual Leadership program, I recommend having biweekly calls. 

If you also purchase the Spiritual Leadership program alongside the Sacred Business, I recommend having one business call and one leadership call monthly. 

That being said, you can adjust the speed and have the calls more or less frequently as long as our calendars align. But I recommend that you have time to implement what we discuss on each call for the best results. 

For now, the sessions are done in a one-on-one setting via Zoom.

After you purchase the program, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a link to schedule your sessions. All sessions are done via Zoom. Please, make sure to check your order confirmation email and the spam box in case you can’t see the email. 




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