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The topics I cover run from subconscious mind, energy, awakening, transformation, to lightworker journey, and healing. On this page, you can find the latest articles. You can also use the search field function to find the best topics for you.

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Why The Ego Loves Putting People On A Pedestal

When we’re putting people on a pedestal, we can’t create any relationship with them. We create a gap between us and the person we admire. Moreover, this is one of the supreme tricks of the ego. Let’s shed some light on this dynamic in relationships.


How to Deal with Abandonment Issues in Relationships

Most people deal with abandonment issues in relationships. If you want to heal it, then dive into this article and watch the video where I share 2 tips on healing it and understanding the fear of abandonment.

a couple dancing in the beach

Break the Spell of Special Love Relationship

The special love relationship sounds like a fairytale. But it’s the master idea of the ego that prevent us from hearing the call of truth and healing completely.

couple in the street holding each other

7 Ways How to Stop Losing Yourself in a Relationship

Are you losing yourself in a relationship? Most of us has experienced this not-so-nice form of a slow inner death. There is no shame about it. But if you’re losing yourself in a relationship, you have to control of the direction of your life. Read about the 7 ways how to change it.

a man standing on a ladder surrounded by blue sky

7 Ways How Seeking Approval From Others Stops You

When you seek approval from others, you become someone else and live the life of others instead of yours. What other people expect you to do gets in the way of your inner guidance. Thus, you’re not able to hear your inner GPS. 

man and woman at the sunset on bicycles

When Someone Leaves You, It’s Okay. Here Is What To Do.

There is no point in keeping anyone in your life. It applies to romantic relationships as well as to friendships. When someone wants to move on, it means that your soul’s contract is fulfilled for that moment and there is nothing else to discuss.

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