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The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships: 7 Common Aspects

Many of my coaching clients ask me what the spiritual purpose of relationships is. Especially when the relationship gets complicated, we may lose track of the real purpose of relationships. In this article, I address the topic of the spiritual purpose of relationships and also give you 7 more specific examples.


The spiritual purpose of relationships

The spiritual purpose of relationships is entirely different than what we would like it to be. As I often say in my workshops, the soul doesn’t hesitate to push us off the cliff if this is the experience we need.

The ultimate goal for your life is to grow and become a spiritual human. Of course, most people don’t work on themselves voluntarily and consistently. It’s more common that people begin to pay attention to their lives when they have problems.


The soul sometimes needs to put you through a deep transformation, so you start to collaborate with the universe. 


The same logic applies to relationships. Regardless of which of the 4 types of relationships you have, the spiritual purpose of relationships remains unchanged. The true purpose of relationships is to help you strengthen your connection to love and to realize your true self.


Every relationship brings opportunity for you to recognize your true divine self and bring all the aspects of yourself that you’ve judged or denied back to love.


As you can see, the spiritual purpose of relationships is very different than the images that media and movies use to brainwash us with. The purpose of relationships isn’t about perfection. The “success” is not measured by happy endings and being always happy. Because we believe in those illusions that are fed into our subconscious mind already since childhood, we give up on love, or we feel unhappy.


Your partner is the mirror to your soul and also to your darkest parts.

When two people meet, it’s the Spirit guiding their steps together so that they can expand their capacity to love themselves individually and also one another.


When you’re in a relationship, pay attention to what are the areas that want to be brought to love. 


Your partner’s job is not to keep you happy, entertain you, or solve your problems. The other person helps you grow and realize more of who you truly are. Depending on your soul’s contract, the growth either happens through joy and expansion or pain and drama. But from the perspective of the soul, HOW you learn the lessons doesn’t matter.

Do you learn your lessons or do you have to rehearse the same lessons with another person?

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7 Aspects of the purpose of relationships

The spiritual purpose of relationships is to use them as the divine assignments that remind you of your loving nature. Before you were born, you and your soul decided what aspects of your being you’d like to strengthen. Then you close contracts with individuals who volunteered to assist you with your soul’s plan. Obviously, other dynamics also come into play depending on the type of relationship you have, but this applies to everyone.


1. Bring your shadows to love

Every romantic relationship triggers deeper wounds and shadows. This is the stage when people begin to worry about whether their relationship will continue. However, it’s no mistake if you experience it because the spiritual purpose of relationships is to make you aware of the parts of you that need healing. 


From the soul’s perspective, when problems show up, it’s a perfect opportunity to work on inner healing and eventually bring your insecurities to love.


If you resist to integrate and heal your shadows, then the problems in a relationship either intensify or you split, and you face the same lessons with someone else. 


2. Love yourself

Although it may seem that the relationship is about the other person; it’s always about you. The purpose of relationships is to help you love yourself more. 


“You have so little faith in yourself because you are unwilling to accept the fact that perfect love is in you, and so you seek without for what you cannot find within.”     – A Course In Miracles


Often we go through challenging situations when we choose the other person over again instead of choosing ourselves. We believe that this is the right way to do it. But I can tell you that when you love yourself, you’re the best version of yourself and that’s why your relationships flourish. When you take care of yourself, you simultaneously give more love to your partner.


Self-love is never selfish; it only leads to more love. 


Loving yourself sometimes means that you say no and you leave. This can be the spiritual purpose of relationships as well; to know when is the right time to leave without letting someone to step on our confidence more. The lessons aren’t always obvious. Usually, it’s the one thing we resist most doing. 


3. Whole and holy

Another spiritual purpose of relationships is to inspire you to become whole and holy. When you focus on the previous two steps – loving yourself and healing your wounds, one day you become whole. Being whole doesn’t mean that you must be impeccable; it’s about feeling complete within yourself.


When you’re a whole you don’t need the other person and yet you love to be in their company.


You don’t expect your partner to solve your problems or to save you because you’re connected to your source. To your origin. When you’re whole, the lenses of the ego disappear, and you see your holiness, and you also recognize holiness in other people. At this point, the relationships become more fun and light. 


4. Expand the capacity of your heart

In our times, the heart chakra awakening is one of the biggest catalysts for spiritual growth. Thus the spiritual purpose of relationships is to expand our capacity to love. And here I don’t talk only about romantic love; I refer to love without conditions. 

Is your heart chakra open to receiving energy from your partner?

Do you feel light in their presence? 

Are you becoming more patient and compassionate with others?


5. Release old karma

Another spiritual purpose of relationships is to release old karma. Some people are brought together to balance out the energy charge that is between them. 


If our interactions have been charged with strong negative emotions, we’ll have the opportunity to liberate ourselves from it. 


We’ve all been in the karmic relationships, and their purpose isn’t that they must last a whole lifetime, but to find neutrality, forgiveness, and move on. The karmic relationships are the toughest ones, and they have a strong dynamic from the beginning. If you find yourself in the karmic relationship then inner healing is necessary. Without it, you can subconsciously continue adding more negatively charged energy into your aura which leads to many turmoils in life.


6. Merge and unite

The spiritual purpose of relationships is also to merge and unite with each other. Here I’m referring to an energetic merging of your energetic and emotional bodies and in some cases even spiritual bodies.


In a relationship, your energy always unites, and thus, you create the third energy that is the result of your individualistic energy fields. 


When two people come together, they always bring something new to the whole creation. The third energy is like a new invisible being between you two, which attracts experiences that are in resonance with its frequency. 

So when you wonder why it feels so good to be around some couple, it’s their third energy that is full of light. On the contrary, when you see a couple having problems and tense energy around them, their energetic fields have a challenging time to unite in harmony. 


7. Right track

The last spiritual purpose of relationships that I want to share is the situation when the other person guides you to stay on the right track. This happens more often when one of you has a life purpose that is challenging and touches more people. 

It may also happen when you’re in the key place of your soul’s evolution, and the other soul agreed to keep you on the right track, so you manage to pass your tests and initiations

In this case, your partner is calm, balanced, and has a gift of clarity that benefits you and your mission. Likewise, you can be this person for your partner.

I usually tell people during the lightworker sessions when this is the case, but if you’re a guide for your partner, you feel it in your heart chakra. The spiritual purpose of relationships is always to serve your expansion as a soul in the human body. When problems appear, don’t take it as a sign of failure, instead, be open to the teachings you’re just receiving. 

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