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how to heal others as a lightworker

How to Assist Others In Healing as A Lightworker

How do you heal others as a lightworker in a way that honors you and the other person? I work with gifted people who have been helping and caring for others since childhood. Often, the lightworkers need to learn to channel their gifts so that they can use them in the best possible way. Here are some key tips on healing others as a lightworker.

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Shifting Away from the Ego Healing Level

The first key aspect of healing as a lightworker is to notice when you heal from the ego or soul level. In the beginning, it can be difficult to tell the difference. I’ve worked with hundreds of lightworkers in my Mystery School of Remembrance and noticed that most lightworkers first heal from the ego level. Here, the ego level doesn’t imply anything negative. It’s just a level of healing before we learn to heal from the soul level.

Typically, the lightworker unconsciously takes any energetic blockage from others into their energy body. That’s why you can feel drained after being around certain people. This has happened naturally since you were a child unless you learn to protect your energy consciously.

As a lightworker, you’ve likely had a challenging upbringing, trying to heal your family members. When healing others as a lightworker since you were a child, you’ve likely taken your family’s emotional and mental blockages into your aura. Once the blockages that belong to someone else are in your aura, they stay there unless the energy is dispelled consciously.


On the ego level of healing, we can’t heal something that doesn’t belong to us. We can only create a similar problem and carry its energetics in our auras. 


Thus, it feels like we’re healing someone else, but we actually only recreate the same blockage in our auras. Sharing the same blockages doesn’t equal healing. It only means the energy of the blockage gets stronger. Unintentionally, we only postpone true healing by doing this. Because ego healing prevents others from learning from their lessons. The reason why we experience any challenge is to learn and grow. No one can do this on our behalf, and we can’t do it for others. If we deprive others of learning their lessons, it doesn’t help them in the long term.


We can’t help others by removing the opportunity to learn from them. 


Codependency in Healing Others

When we unconsciously recreate the same blockages in our aura as in the person we want to heal, we create codependency between us and others. They become dependent on our energy without any healing taking place.

It’s like a friend who complains for a millionth time about the same thing, but there is no healing. No matter what counsel you offer, your friend doesn’t change anything. This is a tell-tale sign of codependency.

Unconsciously, the friend doesn’t want to heal; they want to tap into your energy. The energetic boost lets the friend stay energetically locked in the same pattern. Now, your friend’s ego has more energy to reinforce the pattern that causes them trouble. Unfortunately, no true healing takes place when healing others as lightworkers by taking their blockages into our auras. There can only be a momentary sense of relief. And this is okay. Remember that this is how every lightworker first starts healing others in their family. But in the long run, the ego form of healing isn’t sustainable for your energetic body.


The Soul and Higher Self Healing

There is a different way of healing others as a lightworker. You can uplift others by holding a higher frequency. When healing others, you don’t lower your frequency to meet their level. When your frequency is unwavering, and you keep it high, it creates a third energy, and true healing occurs.


Your task as a lightworker is to hold a stable, centered, higher frequency no matter what. 


When you get emotionally invested in someone, it’s a sign your frequency is falling to their level. And you can’t help them. That’s why most lightworkers struggle to help the closest people. When healing others as a lightworker, the best thing you can do is to stabilize your energy and emotional bodies and practice neutrality. You’re the vessel for the healing energy in the moment of the healing. It’s not about you. You create a space for healing, but you’re “just” the vessel for the healing.

Learning to stay stable and neutral and hold a higher frequency opens up a channel for genuine compassion. Your heart is fully open while holding a high frequency for others.

If you have friends with identical problems and you keep talking about it with them, it likely doesn’t help either of you in the long term. It can make you feel like belonging but doesn’t bring true healing. But when you talk to a healer who holds a high frequency for you, you suddenly feel a shift in your energy, and the healing occurs. You see the patterns that had you in the lower frequency. And the third energy created between you and the healer helps you to shift the pattern.

When you’re entirely neutral and aligned with your Higher Self, a presence looks through your eyes, guiding you to what needs to happen next. It’s an act of divine surrender, understanding that you’re but a vessel for healing. 


What It Feels Like to Heal from the Higher Self

You feel centered and grounded when you heal others as a lightworker from the soul or higher self level. And your emotions and thoughts are stable. You feel an energetic overflow since you aren’t healing others from your own life force energy like with ego healing. After the healing session, you feel more energetic because, during the healing, both you and your client receive higher energy.

There are no expectations. You are fully present and approach the situation as an empty channel of light. Then, you both receive from God, the Higher Self, and the Soul. On the other hand, if we’re in a codependent relationship with the person we heal, we feel a lack of energy as we donate the healing from our personal energy.


Step Out of the Savior Complex

When healing others as a lightworker, beware of the savior complex. When we feel we “need” to help others, although it feels heavy, unconsciously, we step into the savior complex. That makes you feel like you need help, and others depend on your help. There is a sense of force. Many lightworkers even feel a sense that they are here to save humankind at some point. All this comes from the ego.

A lightworker unconsciously feels that they’re somehow superior to others. It feels like you know better than others and can easily “fix” them. The savior complex doesn’t trust in the guidance of the other person’s higher self. They just want to intervene and fix based on what their ego thinks is best.


For lightworkers, the ego ties the sense of worth to being helpful. We may not know who we are outside of helping others, which creates the savior complex. 


There is a lot of control and a lack of trust because the ego doesn’t believe that there is a higher reason why the person experiences a challenge. Thus, the healing doesn’t come from a genuine place. If you’re attached to another person’s healing, it means that both of you share the same aspect that you haven’t healed in yourself yet. Subconsciously, you try to heal yourself through them.

To step out of the savior complex when healing others, check where your motivation comes from. You don’t feel like a savior if you feel neutral, present, and centered, knowing that the healing will unfold as it should without any force and control. And that’s the healing frequency. On the other hand, if you feel you need to “enlighten” others, fix them, or heal them, your ego feels like a savior and doesn’t allow the true healing to occur. Thus, look at your family and friends’ dynamics and ask yourself why you want to help them.




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