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This Self-Worth Wound Keeps Your Blessings Away

Most people live with a deep self-worth wound, and it keeps their manifestations away. This is especially pronounced in sensitive people – the empaths. The self-worth wound creates repetitive cycles of proving your worth to get something. While all along, this mindset keeps you from the life you deeply desire. So, let’s look at how the self-worth wound shows and what to do instead.


What Is a Self-Worth Wound?

The self-worth wound shows up as a lack of self-esteem and inner value. It’s an internal feeling that has nothing to do with objective reality. Someone can be an accomplished lawyer, a talented athlete, or a mom with a beautiful family and still feel low self-worth. Most people carrying the self-worth wound feel something inherently wrong with them. As if they were damaged on the inside, and it prevents them from achieving their successes.

The self-worth wound is accompanied by the feeling that others have it somehow easier. You can easily cheer on your friends, but you feel like the blessings can’t come your way. You feel like you’ll never fully heal – like it’s impossible. And you find it difficult to stand up for yourself and your dreams. Likewise, you can’t focus because your subconscious mind sabotages your success.

You can sabotage yourself in a myriad of ways. You are always late, especially when it matters. It is difficult to speak about your needs and ask for help and support. Unconsciously, you push people away. I’ve often seen people sabotage their relationships because they don’t feel worthy of love. You may also find reasons why acting on something you desire is not a good time. Reasons why you’re not ready and aren’t the right person anyway. The self-worth wound stands at the root of most sabotaging behavior.

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What’s the Origin of the Self-Worth Wound?

You may have guessed it – the self-worth wound usually originates from childhood. You feel unworthy if you don’t receive the kind of love, support, and care you needed as a child. If your parents didn’t celebrate you as the miracle you were, you feel something is wrong with you. This belief is reinforced by experiences at school and, in general, by society. By the time we hit the teenage years, most people feel unworthy.

The self-worth wounds show up in relationships, careers, and even how you pursue your dreams, hobbies, goals, and take care of your health. As you go through life, you subconsciously try to fill in the void on the inside. However, it’s never enough. So you keep searching for more love, relief, attention, and acknowledgment on the outside. In addition to the original self-worth wound, you put yourself in situations that aren’t healthy, and it reinforces the belief you’re unworthy.


The Fixing Yourself Trap

A typical example of a self-worth wound is the belief that you must fix or prove yourself to deserve something. You’re never enough as you are. There is always more healing, fixing, degrees, and promotions before you can deserve something. Yet once you reach what you thought you needed, a new cycle of proving yourself begins. You move on to the next one as soon as you reach a goal.

Now, having new goals and dreams is natural. It’s a part of us, assisting the evolution. Without the goals, there would be no progress. Yet there is a difference between moving from a place of desire and expansion or from a place of fixing and proving. You can achieve similar results, but the latter will never satisfy you. Because of the self-worth wound, you feel that no matter what you’ve achieved, it’s never enough.


The self-worth wound makes you feel you need to deserve everything. And yet, you’re never enough. 


On the spiritual journey, you keep fixing yourself and still feeling like you’re not enough. You feel that to deserve what you want, you need to become a better person. And the reason it’s not showing up in your life is because there is something wrong with you. You need to figure out what it is to fix it. This is a dangerous territory.


We’re forever expanding beings; there is always growth. But it’s a lie that you don’t have something because you’re not worthy of it. It’s not about your worth. 

How You Block Your Blessings

If you believe that you cannot have something in your life because you don’t deserve it, then because of that limiting belief, you will never allow yourself to be in that state of mind and consciousness to let those things come your way. Those manifestations can’t come to you if you believe you don’t deserve them.

When you believe you need to fix yourself, it doesn’t come from a place of love. It comes from a place of a wounded inner child who needs your love. When people work on themselves with the mindset that something is wrong with them, it does not bear results because it doesn’t come from a loving space. It’s different to accept who you are and where you are on your journey and actively grow, expand, and evolve. In other words, you can simultaneously be imperfect, actively becoming, and deserving.

The self-worth wound creates limiting stories where you need to do something to have something. But what you do seems never enough. With people on a spiritual journey, this can be a belief that you must be single because you’re not perfect. Or you need to lose weight before someone can love you. Similarly, you can believe that you’re unworthy of being a lightworker. You don’t deserve your life to be easy. And your spiritual gifts aren’t good enough. 


Try This Instead

Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel what it would look like if you let those things come your way, the way you are right now –  with all your imperfections and without fixing yourself. What if getting the thing, whatever it is, the relationship, the dream, is not about being perfect; it is about whether it’s aligned with your soul’s purpose?

It’s about the embodiment, the path you’re meant to walk in this life, but it’s not about deserving. You cannot ever be deserving enough to deserve those things because this whole belief comes from a limitation. It comes from a place of separation, and it’s an illusion. You cannot make an illusion truthful. You cannot change illusion into truth. You chase something that you can never catch because it doesn’t exist. Your worth is not about what you do.


It’s an illusion that a certain amount of doing will make you feel worthy. 



You can learn how to heal the self-worth wound in this masterclass and also here. But for now, know that your worth is innate. You were born worthy. You deserve what you want from a soul-aligned place regardless of whether you’re perfect. The reason you might not have what you want is your limiting belief. It’s never been about whether you deserve it.

So what if you gave yourself permission today to receive your blocked blessings the way you are?


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