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Abandonment Wound Masterclass

Abandonment Wound is a 2-hour masterclass.

As a lightworker, one might project the wound of abandonment on the people they’re trying to heal. 

As a spouse, one might sabotage marriage because they feel their partner isn’t “spiritual” enough.

As a parent, one might unintentionally pass the wound of abandonment on to their children.

As an employee, one might get stuck on a certain level and never explore their full creative potential. 

As a friend, one might cut off people and convince themselves that it’s better to be alone.

During my healing work, I’ve encountered the wound of abandonment in most of my clients. That made me realize how prevailing it is. And I’d love to invite you on a journey of healing, becoming whole, finding genuine compassion and love for self, and thus ending the cycle of self-sabotage resulting from the abandonment wound.


P.S. You can get this masterclass as a part of the Self-Love Bundle. 



If you sometimes feel misunderstood, lonely, and somehow “damaged” in a way that can’t be repaired, it’s time to heal it. Many people actually feel that way. And everyone believes others don’t feel like something is “wrong” with them. That other people have is somehow easier. But it’s not true. And it can be healed!

The abandonment wound originates in early childhood, and it can happen when one of the parents (or both) abandons us physically or emotionally. Even if our parents are there physically, they might not be invested in our lives, and it feels like their mind is elsewhere. It can also happen later on when someone you deeply love leaves you.

When we become adults, we still carry the abandonment wound, making us self-sabotage in jobs, success, relationships, and even health. In this masterclass, I’d like to create a safe space for you to help you start healing the wound of abandonment.


In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • How the wound of abandonment might manifest in our lives.
  • What types of self-sabotaging behavior does it create, and how to change it?
  • How to start healing the wound of abandonment – please note that healing the wound of abandonment might be easier for some. It depends on your unique journey, but I’ll give you the tools and guide you through the inner healing process and give you tips on how to continue this healing journey.
  • How the abandonment wound impacts all kinds of relationships and how to change it.
  • Why we self-sabotage and how to change it.
  • How it looks to genuinely love yourself and how deepening the relationship with yourself affects other relationships.


During the class, I’ll guide you through inner child healing work and other energetic healing exercises.