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Let go of your fears and limiting beliefs to create the life you deeply desire!

You know that you’re meant to live the life that fulfills you. But your head keeps telling you that you can’t have a loving relationship, or be financially abundant, or have a career that gives you meaning.

You don’t know how to break the vicious cycle of sabotaging your happiness. You seem to take one step forward and two backward.

Let me show you the way how to have everything that your heart wants.”

– Sylvia Salow –

Who is it for?

• You've been struggling with love, finances, finding your purpose or negative thoughts for some time. There are days when you don't believe that things could change. But you keep pushing through.

• As a coping mechanism, you may have suppressed your emotions or stopped sharing the real you with others. Now, you're unsure who you truly are.

• You work too much or procrastinate to take the next steps. You're caught up in a rut with stress, challenges, and not feeling a deeper meaning in your life.

• Perhaps, you've been on a spiritual journey for some time, or you've just experienced something that has shaken your life, and you start to search for the answers. No matter at which stage of a transformational journey you are; you want to change your life.

• Deep down, you know that there is a way to solve your problems and to find real fulfillment. And there is. I was in your shoes about a decade ago, let me show you the way to everything you want.

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I can help you with:

Relationships and Soulmates: your relationships seem to turn out the same, you believe that you’re unworthy of love and can’t create a fulfilling relationship. Or you want to learn how to navigate a twin flame or soulmate relationship.

Lightworkers: you desire to make our planet a better word with your unique gifts and personality. But you don’t know how to work with own ego, fears, limiting beliefs and how to make a living out of your life calling.

Empaths: you want to hide and be alone because other people drain your energy and you don’t know how to protect yourself in a lasting way.

Money: you’re stuck and frustrated with the never-ending cycles of debts, not having enough money, overspending, feeling restricted by money.

Anxiety and Fears: you get easily overwhelmed with anxiety and negative thoughts that sabotage you.

Self-confidence and Self-love: jealousy, envy, comparison, not accepting and loving yourself and feeling unworthy of the life you want.

Highest potential: you want to become the highest version of yourself, leaving behind the old beliefs and stepping into your purpose.

Inner guidance: you want to deepen your intuitive guidance and communicate with your higher self and embrace your spiritual gifts.

What can I expect?

✔ If you commit to your healing journey, you'll become a new person.

✔ You'll shed layers of old conditioning which will affect all of your life areas.

✔ The relationship with yourself and others will shift.

✔ You'll connect with your higher self and learn to receive intuitive guidance.

✔ You'll step into your life calling with clarity and certainty.

✔ Your body, mind, heart, and higher self will align.

✔ You'll learn to take care of your energy.

Free 20min Discovery Call

How does coaching work?

I do Spiritual Life Coaching that allows me to release your blockages at Emotional, Energy, Mental, and Soul levels. Exactly where the root cause is.

I work intuitively with your higher self on releasing the source of things that have been bothering you for years or decades. And also on healing the deep soul wounds that we're often unaware of, but they impact our way of living.

Unlike other forms of coaching, I work with you not just at the mental level, but also the Energy, Emotional, and Spiritual levels. Without this holistic approach, it's not possible to achieve lasting change.

I'll clear out the energetic templates that no longer serve you and help you shift your subconscious beliefs. I guide you to find your answers, but I also answer your questions and help you understand the spiritual meaning of your situation. Thus, it's a mixture of life coaching, healing work, and teaching.

You also receive unique tools and guidance to anchor our work in your life.

We connect online with a video call. One session takes 90 mins.

Start the Change

Ready to release what no longer serves you? Choose the right coaching package.


About Sylvia

SYLVIA SALOW is a spiritual coach, speaker, and author. She helps people to step into their highest potential and inner power by guiding them on how to embody their souls.

Salow gained 3 master’s degrees in business that led her to China in 2012, where she began writing and transitioned into coaching and speaking. In 2017, she gave a TEDx Talk in Kuala Lumpur on finding your life purpose. 

Since then, Sylvia Salow has coached people around the globe, taught 50+ workshops internationally, and has published 2 books. Find Yourself – Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning is her spiritual memoir. And Become the CEO of Your Mind is a guide to the subconscious mind and changing limiting beliefs.

In her work, she uses soul and energy healing while she works on aligning body, mind, heart, and soul to help people feel empowered, align with their purpose, and release limiting beliefs holding them back. 

Salow also helps people to heal their soul’s wounds and remember who they are. In March 2019, she created a unique healing modality, the Lightworker Healing, for lightworkers to help them embrace their mission and potential.



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