Life Coaching

Let go of your fears and limiting beliefs to create the life you deeply desire!

You know that you’re meant to live a life that fulfills you. But your head keeps telling you that you can’t have a loving relationship, or be financially abundant, or have a career that brings you meaning.

You don’t know how to break the vicious cycle of sabotaging your happiness. You seem to take one step forward and two backward.

Let me show you the way how to have everything that your heart wants.”

– Sylvia Salow –

Who Is It For?

• Life Coaching with Sylvia brings heart and mind back into alignment. As opposed to my other healing programs, life coaching is suitable for people who want to work on their mindset and heal childhood and other emotional wounds.

• Life coaching sessions can help you move through challenging times, or we can agree on long-term coaching to help you heal those parts of you that seem to stop you whenever you try to change or uplevel.

• You can also choose a life coaching sessions with Sylvia if you're looking for a quick resolve and insight into your situation.

• Or if you have some spiritual questions or experiences, you'd like to get more clarity on.

• You can also book life coaching sessions with Sylvia if you want to learn how to quantum manifest your reality. Sylvia has developed a profound quantum shifting and quantum creating healing modalities that will help you to create your life with more ease and precision. Along the way, you'll also release any resistance to the next level of you.

• On the other hand, if you're a lightworker who want to step into their spiritual power and purpose, then I invite you to explore Lightworker Healing option on this website.

Examples of My Client's Topics

Learn quantum shifting and the art of consciously creating your reality.

Strengthen confidence and self-worth so that you can go after your dreams with more ease.

Love Relationships to stop experiencing similar relationship patterns over again.

Twin flame and soulmate connections - how to navigate the "new" types of relationships which skyrocket your spiritual growth. If you can't stop thinking about your twin flame, I'll help you shift your perspective and find your center again.

Navigating the heart chakra awakening process.

Healing painful experiences from the past and let go, forgive, and integrate the powerful lessons.

Finding your life purpose and understanding your life from a higher perspective to know where and how to direct your energy and time.

Learning how to protect your energies - especially needed for empaths and lightworkers.

Financial issues and being stuck in the same financial patterns, time and time again.

Balancing feminine and masculine energy.

Healing and releasing suppressed emotions and inner child work.

Going through a spiritual transformation, the dark night of the soul, or losing motivation and spark in life.

What Can I Expect?

✔ If you commit to your healing journey, you'll become a new person. During life coaching sessions, you'll shift your energy and mind blueprint that is no longer serving you.

✔ You'll shed layers of old conditioning which will affect all of your life areas.

✔ Your relationship with yourself and others will shift.

✔ You'll connect with your higher self and learn to receive intuitive guidance.

✔ Get valuable insights into your current situation to receive clarity and relief.

✔ Your body, mind, heart, and higher self will align.

✔ You'll learn to take care of your energy.

✔ If you choose the quantum shifting training (in that case, schedule 3 sessions), you'll become magnetic, having the tools to create your life with precision and ease.

How Are the Life Coaching and the Mystery School Different?

Life coaching focuses on the inner child healing, changing limiting beliefs, and energy healing. During life coaching, we can discuss any topic or look at any area of your life to bring there more clarity.

On the other hand, my Mystery School curriculum is better for you if you want to step into your power as a lightworker, heal soul wounds from different lifetimes, remember your true self and remember your key lifetimes. In the Mystery School, we also work on refining and developing your psychic and spiritual gifts.

That means that in life coaching, we don't go into other lifetimes, and it's not a training/teaching modality for lightworkers. If you're a lightworker, then explore the Lightworker Healing.

On the other hand, life coaching is better if you want to do a deep shadow work or you need guidance on a current situation. Also, life coaching is perfect for inner child healing and working on your mindset.

Start the Change

Ready to release what no longer serves you? Choose one or more sessions in the shop.

Start the Change

Ready to release what no longer serves you? Choose one or more sessions in the shop.


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About Sylvia

SYLVIA SALOW is a spiritual coach, speaker, and author. She helps people to step into their highest potential and inner power by guiding them on how to embody their souls.

Salow gained 3 master’s degrees in business that led her to China in 2012, where she began writing and transitioned into coaching and speaking. In 2017, she gave a TEDx Talk in Kuala Lumpur on finding your life purpose. 

Since then, Sylvia Salow has coached people around the globe, taught 50+ workshops internationally, and has published 2 books. Find Yourself – Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning is her spiritual memoir. And Become the CEO of Your Mind is a guide to the subconscious mind and changing limiting beliefs.

In her work, she uses soul and energy healing while she works on aligning body, mind, heart, and soul to help people feel empowered, align with their purpose, and release limiting beliefs holding them back. 

Salow also helps people to heal their soul’s wounds and remember who they are. In March 2019, she created a unique healing modality, the Lightworker Healing, for lightworkers to help them embrace their mission and potential.



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