Life Coaching | 1 Session

During one life coaching session, we’ll work around a specific situation you’d like to change, release, integrate and heal.

Alternatively, you can book one life coaching session if you wish to explore and understand some spiritual questions and experiences.

One life coaching session is a quick remedy to your current situation. 

After purchasing your session, you’ll receive a link to my online calendar where you can find a suitable time for you.

Every life coaching session takes 60 mins. And we’ll connect on Zoom. 



One life coaching session will help you to gain a quick insight into one life area or the most pressing issue that you wish to let go of. Together we’ll shift your mindset and release old energetic templates that no longer serve you.

One coaching session is a quick remedy if you wish to go deeper into changing your mindset and life, then I invite you to book 3 life coaching sessions. I can offer you long-term support as well.


Examples of My Client’s Topics:

  • Learn quantum shifting and the art of consciously creating your reality.
  • Strengthen confidence and self-worth so that you can go after your dreams with more ease.
  • Love Relationships to stop experiencing similar relationship patterns over again.
  • Twin flame and soulmate connections – how to navigate the “new” types of relationships which skyrocket your spiritual growth. If you can’t stop thinking about your twin flame, I’ll help you shift your perspective and find your center again.
  • Navigating the heart chakra awakening process.
  • Healing painful experiences from the past to let go, forgive, and integrate the powerful lessons.
  • Finding your life purpose and understanding your life from a higher perspective to know where and how to direct your energy and time.
  • Learning how to protect your energies – especially needed for empaths and lightworkers.
  • Relationship with body – anorexia, bulimia, struggling with accepting your body.
  • Financial issues and being stuck in the same financial patterns, time and time again.
  • Balancing feminine and masculine energy.
  • Healing and releasing suppressed emotions and inner child work.
  • Going through a spiritual transformation, the dark night of the soul, or losing motivation and spark in life.


During the coaching sessions, I work with your soul and higher self and therefore all the guidance and healing are unique to you.


How Is Life Coaching Different from Other Healing Programs?

Life Coaching with Sylvia brings heart and mind back into alignment. As opposed to my other healing programs, life coaching is suitable for people who want to work on their mindset and heal childhood and other emotional wounds.

Life coaching sessions can help you move through challenging times, or we can agree on long-term coaching to help you heal those parts of you that seem to stop you whenever you try to change or uplevel.

That being said, if you’re a lightworker (starseed or a priestess), Lightworker Healing or Priestess Healing might be a better fit for you. Those other healing programs focus more on soul healing and soul embodiment levels.

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