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Soul Healer, Speaker, and Author

Sylvia is a teacher of sovereignty guiding you to remember who you are. 


Three core principles stand at the heart of my life and work:
Remembering Your True Self,
Aligning with Your Highest Potential.

We’re in times when the veil of forgetfulness is lifting. And you’re a part of this grand awakening. It’s time to remember who you are. It’s time to remember your sovereignty. It’s time to wake up from the time loops and ascend.”

– Sylvia Salow –


My name is Sylvia Salow, and I'm happy to have you here! I'm a soul healer guiding people to remember and embody their soul's essence and help them step into their highest potential.

The most frequent personal question people ask me is how I got into spirituality, how I know the things I know, and whether there was a turning point in my life.

To answer shortly, I was born awakened, and I could remember my lives ranging from Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Mayan culture, Native American, and more. Ever since I remember having downloads of information dropping whole and complete into my mind and accompanied by what I could call a 5D vision.


I could also remember my lives from different star systems and in higher dimensions currently beyond our comprehension. And I'd always communicate with light beings from the stars. When I was around ten, I started writing stories about Atlantis and expressing them in my poems. Then came memories of ancient Egypt, together with the remembrance of the long-lost teachings of the mystery schools.

I could also always see the times and spaces that weren't part of my memory. I could read the memory of places and situations, and when I talked with someone, I could see their lives and potential. To me, our highest potential is a specific geometric pattern, sound, and frequency which are a part of the I AM Presence matrix that we align with.

Over time, everything grew only stronger, and I started receiving answers to my questions, Why are we here? Where do we come from? What is the next step in our evolution? What's happening on Earth from a universal perspective?

Although I've never shut down spirituality in me because it's a part of me, intuitively, I understood that it was not the time yet to share it with others.

So, I tried to walk the traditional path in life - mostly because I knew it was not the time yet to publically step into what I saw and experienced within, which led me to three masters' degrees in business and international trade from 3 different countries. At some point, I tried to fit into society as I thought I should. But every day, I knew that I was living below my potential. I couldn't shake off the feeling that I was walking the wrong path and wasting my time. Which I later realized is so common feeling for the starseeds.

School, mathematics, and the economy would always come easily to me, so instead of studying for exams, I was immersed in meditations and journaling down my life-transforming realizations. Yet, I didn't have the confidence to embrace a different path until 2011.

My Life Changed in 2011

One March morning of 2011, the trajectory of my life changed for good. And you can read about it in my memoir, Find Yourself. I've been on an even faster track of remembering and healing.

And then the floods of higher dimensional wisdom, healing methods, and ancient knowledge surfaced in my consciousness rapidly. I remembered how to heal the soul wounds and reconnect the soul with its purest essence.

A couple of years later, I channeled the star teachings and soul healing into the Mystery School of Remembrance for lightworkers, starseeds, and priestesses.

I was shown that I'm here to bring certain people with whom I have soul contracts back home to higher dimensions - the process we call ascension - and that this process starts naturally unfolding when others are exposed to my frequency. It rekindles their remembrance.

A long time ago, you and I made a promise that I'll help you remember your true essence and show you how to channel it into your life so that you can step into your soul's power. I know that every part of you wants to remember. This calling will never go away. It's not meant to disappear. It's guiding you back home, back to the stars.

YOU CAN READ MY MEMOIR, "Find Yourself - Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning."



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