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When we reconnect to our Soul, our lives begin to unfold naturally.

There is a light radiating from us. We feel guided, and we know and live our purpose. We grow into our highest qualities and express them in our lives.

We connect with the Divine and channel our souls into our lives.

One gifted man who can read life’s purposes once told me that one of my life purposes is to understand and experience deep pain and then the total absence of pain so I can heal others and guide them to do the same.

This sentence well describes my life path so far. I’ve experienced both sides of the coin and come out deeply connected to Spirit and rooted in my life mission. I know that I’m here to help you transform and help you step into your highest potential.

– Sylvia Salow –


My name is Sylvia Salow, and I’m happy to have you here! I’m a spiritual life coach, public speaker, and author.

I started this blog and my business for two reasons:

1. To help you grow into your highest potential by guiding you through your fears, inner blocks, and wounds. Because I know that the inner state of freedom and peace is possible for you when you let go of the limiting beliefs.

2. Guide you and to reunite with your inner guidance, with your soul, and with God. When we let the energy of the universe flow through us, the right things and people begin to come our way effortlessly. I believe that energy is our currency and we can energize ourselves by reconnecting with Spirit.

My life philosophy is EMBODY YOUR SOUL (read more below)

My Transformation Story

My transformation began in 2011. I was in the midst of deep pain that felt almost unbearable. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Although I was already used to a lot of emotional and mental pain ever since I remember, that year made me embrace it fully. There was nowhere to run, no one to confide in.

My back-then six-year relationship made me feel like I was dying alive. It felt heavy, and I could see no light at the end of the tunnel. Although he helped me to grow in so many ways, it had far from an equal loving partnership that I was looking for.

I was unable to leave him and give us both a chance for a happier life because I didn't want to hurt him. It didn't help it that my self-worth was close to non-existing (except worth related to my spiritual life that I kept secret). I was deeply buried, all those well-meant opinions of others how my life should unfold. Others' opinions were crushing me, but I had no idea how to start living the way I wanted. I wasn't ready for it until…

I met my twin flame. I was fascinated by him utterly. He opened my heart,, and I began to experience new feelings that I had no idea existed. Many years later, I realized that I spontaneously experienced a kundalini and heart chakra awakening.

However, navigating our connection felt overpowering and all pain that I was avoiding came to surface at ones. I experienced a deep crisis that impact and forever changed everything in my life.

Life didn't hold back from sending me one redirection after another. Each time I thought that things would get better, something else showed up. But this deep pain was making me stronger.

I was in all of it alone, but my spiritual gifts were getting deeper and more obvious to me. I've never questioned the existence of God, and ever since I was little, I was contemplating the meaning of life, how the universe works, and how we can step into our potential. This has helped during the dark night of the soul.

Then salvation came, and I went to China in 2012, where I stayed until 2014.

China was purgatory for me

In China, I prayed, meditated, practiced yoga, and began healing myself. To my surprise, I knew exactly what to do. I felt being guided. Not only the pain was lifting, but I became joyful and fulfilled without needing anything or anyone (even my twin flame) on the outside. I could finally see and think clearly.

It was in China when I admitted to myself that more than business (I have 3 master's degrees in Economics and International Trade from 3 countries), I was interested in helping people to experience the same shift in their lives. I’ve been helping others whole my life, but as they say, your gift is evident to others but not to yourself.

I also began my first blog (which doesn’t exist anymore), writing, teaching meditation and coaching my friends. After I returned from China, I had a clear vision of how to live my purpose and through that help thousands of people around the world. I got into work. I started my business while having a full-time job in HR.

Every week, I would teach workshops on different topics. I was coaching in the evenings and was writing and taking care of my website during the weekends. Life was busy, but I felt fulfilled because I was working towards something, I believe. Then in 2017, I quit my job and spent another year in Asia. While I was in Kuala Lumpur, I gave my TEDxTalk on How to Find Your Purpose. Published 2 books, and was teaching workshops and giving speeches internationally.

In 2018, my work reached a new level as I gained enough experience in soul healing work and helping clients to remember their true selves. Thus in March 2019, I started the Lightworker Healing, which helps lightworkers to embrace their potential and uniqueness while making this planet a better world.

YOU CAN READ ABOUT MY STORY IN MY MEMOIR, "Find Yourself - Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning."

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