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Soul Healer, Speaker, and Author

When we reconnect with our soul, our lives begin to unfold naturally.

There is a light radiating from us. We feel guided, and we live our purpose with clarity and ease. We grow into our highest qualities and express them in our lives.

We connect with the Divine and channel our souls into our lives.

One gifted man who can read life’s purposes once told me that one of my life purposes is to understand and experience deep pain and then the total absence of pain so I can heal others and guide them to do the same.

This sentence well describes my life path so far. I’ve experienced both sides of the coin and come out deeply connected to Spirit and rooted in my life mission. I know that I’m here to help you step into your highest potential.

– Sylvia Salow –


My name is Sylvia Salow, and I’m happy to have you here! I’m a soul healer guiding people to embrace their soul's essence and channel it into their lives. And help you step into your highest potential and remove any stuckness from your system.

I started this blog and my business for two reasons:

1. To help you grow into your highest potential by guiding you through your fears, inner blocks, and wounds. Because I know that the inner state of freedom and peace is possible for you when you let go of the limiting beliefs.

2. Activate your highest potential and help you step fully into your sovereignty. I do this by helping my clients to reconnect with their original soul's blueprint and healing their soul's wounds that they've carried over lifetimes. When we let the energy of the universe flow through us, the right things and people begin to come our way effortlessly.

My life philosophy is EMBODY YOUR SOUL (read more below)

My Transformation Story

The most frequent personal question people ask me is how I got to spirituality and whether there was a turning point in my life. To answer shortly, ever since I remember, I’ve been on my conscious spiritual path. I could always feel connected to the universe and God. I could always see things that other people usually can’t see, and I could communicate with those energies and beings.

I could also remember my past lives and lives beyond this planet. I kept seeing the life in what I only later understood was Atlantis. I could see the buildings, how society was organized into the greatest details. Already when I was around 10 years old, I started writing stories about it and express it in my poems. Then came memories of ancient Egypt, together with that remembrance of the long-lost teachings of the mystery schools.

Over time, everything grew only stronger, and I started receiving answers to my questions, Why are we here? Where do we come from? What is the next step in our evolution?

Something within me has always been urging me to understand life and our role in the grand scheme of the universe. Although I’ve never close down this part of me, intuitively, I understood that it was not the time yet to share it with others.

So, I tried to walk the traditional path in life, which led me to 3 masters’ degrees in business and international trade from 3 different countries. At some point, I genuinely tried to fit into society the way I thought I should. But every day, I knew that I was living below my potential. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was walking the wrong path and wasting my time.

School, mathematics, the economy always would come easily to me, so instead of studying for exams, I was immersed in meditations and journaling down my realizations that were life-transforming. Yet, I didn’t have the confidence and support to embrace a different path.

My Life Changed in 2011

One March morning of 2011, the trajectory of my life changed for good. That day, I met my twin flame, and my old life crumbled down. It put into motion every area of my life, and very painfully, everything started dissolving - all the structures and safe places I had thought I would stay part of forever.

Meeting my twin flame, changed everything. I could no longer run away from who I was and what I came here to do. But the transition from my old self to the new one was agonizing. With no one to help or even understand me. So I escaped to the other side of the world for 2 years to heal. It was there when I was far away from everything I knew that I consciously embraced my life purpose.

And then the floods of ancient remembrance of my soul’s path, of remembering other people’s soul’s journey, of healing methods, of ancient lost knowledge were surfacing in my consciousness.

It’s like the veil of forgetfulness was being lifted every day, and I remembered that I’m here to guide people, like you, to remember who you are. To recall your gifts. To heal your soul’s wounds that have been weighing you down for eons. I’m here to help you activate and unlock your potential and show you how you can best work with it to follow your highest path.

Although it still took some years for me to come out of the spiritual closet fully, eventually, I started my Lightworker Healing school whose curriculum I crafter around the topic of REMEMBRANCE. I know that we’re in pivotal times when galactic cycles are changing. And YOU are a part of this grand process.

A long time ago, you and I made promised that I’ll help you remember your true essence and show you how to channel it into your life so that you can step into your soul’s power. I know that every part of you wants to remember. This calling will never go away. It’s not meant to disappear. It’s guiding you to embrace the reason why you’re here and to lift the veil of forgetfulness a little more.

YOU CAN READ MY MEMOIR, "Find Yourself - Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning."


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