Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Welcome to the Mystery School of Remembrance!

Since I was a child, I could remember the ancient mysteries long forgotten, and I knew that one day I’d teach them to others and, through that process, help them remember their true selves. I know that remembering our true essence ultimately heals our hearts and helps us step into our power.

The Mystery School is a sacred space for you to:

  • Remember your true essence.
  • Deepen your spiritual gifts. 
  • Align with your purpose. 
  • Remember your key lives and their lessons. 
  • Step into your power. 
  • Heal deep soul wounds that you’ve carried across lifetimes. 
  • Learn deeper metaphysical nature of life and creation. 
  • Create quantum leaps on your journey. 
  • Embrace your divine feminine energy. 
  • Activate your highest potential.
  • Learn how to integrate the spiritual self into your life and soul’s work. 


The Mystery School is taught 1-on-1 with Sylvia online (on Zoom). And all the curriculums are crafted to move your being through a series of initiations designed to help you remember your soul. 


The Mystery School has 3 Levels:

  1. If you’re new here, I recommend starting with the Lightworker Healing. 
  2. The Starseed Healing, the second pillar of the Mystery School, can only be taken after completing the Lightworker Healing. 
  3. The Priestess Healing is the third pillar of the Mystery School, and you can enroll anytime. 


All the levels of the Mystery School bring forth deep soul healing and soul alignment. 

– Sylvia Salow –


The Lightworker Healing is the first pillar of the Mystery school helping lightworkers to remember their true selves, and their purpose, and healing deep soul wounds originating in other lifetimes. This is a journey back to the center of your power and your true self. 


The Starseed Healing is the second pillar of the Mystery school. It will help you in remembering your 5D lives and gifts you’ve mastered on other planets and help you channel them to your life.