Lightworker Healing

The Lightworker Healing includes 10 transformative 75-min sessions (1-on-1).

Are you tired of staying at the edge of your potential?

Let’s change it!

During the Lightworker Healing program, we’ll activate your highest potential and initiate you to the path of remembering your true self, your gifts, and your mission.

It doesn’t matter if you just learned you’re a lightworker or you’ve been on this path for years or decades. The Lightworker Healing is a living school of light; therefore, it supports you at every level.


The Lightworker Healing includes:

10 * 75-min sessions

10 guidebooks

Bonus Video Classes

Tons of transformation,
soul healing,
and joyful remembrance of your true self.



The Lightworker Healing contains 10*75 min sessions (1-on-1) and 10 guidebooks with exercises and additional video classes.

Session 1: The Path of Remembering Your True Self

You’ll receive a powerful initiation that will open the gates to remembering your true self and connection to your higher self. Together we’ll also readjust your energy body and activate dormant parts of your DNA that will assist you in embodying your soul.

Session 2: Mother Yourself

For a lightworker, the relationship with the self is paramount. I’ll teach you the Divine Feminine Path of the Embodiment, which will help you find true self-love and confidence. Gaia herself taught me this path, and it works for both men and females.

Session 3: Find Your Uniqueness

You’ll uncover your soul gifts and your purpose and, as a result, gain more confidence in yourself and share your mission with others.

Session 4: Release Your Biggest Fears as a Lightworker

Together we’ll get to the roots of the biggest fears of lightworkers that keep them from healing fully and release them through soul-healing work. We’ll do soul healing to release some of the soul patterns and wounds that you’ve been carrying into this life.

Session 5: The Abundance Flow

How can you do what you love and live in financial abundance? The way you look at financial abundance and prosperity will change forever. You’ll learn how to clear out and rewrite your abundance frequency to serve your soul calling. 

Session 6: Soul Healing

Together we heal and clear fears which don’t allow you to embody (and anchor in) your light. Those are the deep-seated wounds in your soul that don’t allow you to embrace who you are.

Session 7: Special Love and Relationships

Love relationships are a source of balance and stability to enhance your purpose. Yet, relationships can also be the places that block them from stepping into their power for many lightworkers. In the 7th session, we’ll do soul healing related to your fears of commitment and creating an equal partnership. We’ll also change how you look at special love, which is one of the ego tricks to keep us stuck.

Session 8: Mastering Your Energy and Receiving Christ Light

The Christ/Kryst light code is a universal level of consciousness that we’ll activate in your system. The Kryst Template is a necessary step to ascension. We’ll also look at the ways you’re managing the energy in your personal and spiritual life.

Additionally, I’ll teach you how you can help others (be it your family, strangers, or soul clients) without getting exhausted and overwhelmed. This will bring you liberation because you don’t need to worry about protecting yourself anymore.

Session 9: Deep Immersion

This is the third session within the Lightworker Healing (together with #4 and 6), where we do powerful soul healing to clear out places that block the remembrance of your true self and your gifts.

Session 10: Step into Your Lightwork

This is the time to make everything you’ve learned practical so that you can use it in your business or work. If you already have a business, I’ll show you how you can expand it. If you’re thinking about having a business, I’ll help you seed the steps aligned with your gifts. If you want to bring more light to your work or family, or friends without changing/enhancing your work life, I’ll help you see how to do that.




  • A guided visualization album to connect with your higher self to receive guidance.
  • 10 guidebooks with transformative tools to deepen your healing and remembrance.
  • 10 recorded video sessions or guided meditations related to the topic of the particular session.


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