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Lightworker Healing Program

The Lightworker Healing includes 10 transformative 75-min sessions (1-on-1).

Are you tired of staying at the edge of your potential?

Let’s change it!

During the Lightworker Healing program, we’ll activate your highest potential and initiate you to the path of remembering your true self, your gifts, and your mission.

It doesn’t matter if you just learned you’re a lightworker or you’ve been on this path for years or decades. The Lightworker Healing is a living school of light; therefore, it supports you at every level.


The Lightworker Healing includes:

10 * 75-min sessions

10 guidebooks

Bonus Video Classes

Tons of transformation,
soul healing,
and joyful remembrance of your true self.


The Lightworker Healing contains 10*75 min sessions (1-on-1) and 10 guidebooks with exercises and additional video classes.

Session 1: The Initiation

You’ll receive an initiation to the path of remembrance that will open the gates to remembering your true self and your soul memories. You’ll also receive an activation of the Mer-Ka-Ba and the 12 chakras.

Session 2: Parent Yourself

You’ll learn to work with your emotional body to smooth out any imbalance over time. You’ll also learn how to access an inexhaustible inner well of creativity and how to support yourself on your spiritual journey.

Session 3: Soul Gifts

You’ll learn how to tap into your soul and Higher Self consciously. You’ll also learn more about your soul gifts and what you’re here to share with the world.

Session 4: Soul Wounds

We’ll release some of the deep soul wounds resulting from other lifetimes. Depending on where on your journey you are, we’ll either focus on removing them from this lifetime or your ancient lives.

Session 5: Abundance Alchemy

Are you ready for a complete mindset makeover around abundance? Things that aren’t aligned with 5D consciousness any longer hold any value. You’ll learn to call in the resources you need to live your purpose from a place of integrity and love aligned with Source consciousness.

Session 6: Soul Healing

Together, we heal and clear what doesn’t allow you to embody (and anchor in) your light. Those deep-seated wounds in your soul don’t allow you to embrace your Original Self. Please note that in one session, we usually have a space to focus on one deep soul wound at a time. I use my gifts to see what needs to be shifted.

Session 7: Relationships

Relationships are the foundation of life, and yet they can sometimes limit our fullest expression. In this session, we look at the key relationship dynamics (romantic, family, friendship, and others) and untangle any strange relationship templates.

Session 8: Christ Codes

The Christ/Kryst light code is a universal level of consciousness that I’ll help you to activate in your system. The Kryst Template is a necessary step to ascension. You’ll learn how to integrate the Christ codes upon the activation you receive in the session. We’ll also look at how you manage your energy and how to strengthen your aura, especially when helping others or being exposed to dissonant energies.

Session 9: Soul Unlocking

This is the third session within the Lightworker Healing (together with 4 and 6), where we do powerful soul healing to clear out places that block the remembrance of your true self and your gifts.

Session 10: Quantum Keys and Embodiment

You’ll learn to work with your quantum self, collapsing time and activating new timelines. You’ll also learn how to embody and integrate what you’ve learned. For those who want to work with others as healers and guides, we can explore how to share your gifts with others best.

  • 13 unique videos/meditations that serve as self-study material to deepen the specific curriculum of each session.
  • 10 guidebooks with transformative tools to deepen your healing and remembrance.
  • A guided visualization album to connect with your higher self to receive intuitive guidance.

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