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Priestess Healing Program

The Priestess Healing includes 13 * 75-min healing sessions (1-on-1). 


The Priestess Healing is a 13-week one-on-one program to integrate your feminine energy and power, heal your priestess soul wounds while also activating and healing your inner circle of 12.


The Priestess Healing includes:

13*75-min (1:1) soul healing sessions

13 Healing Manuals


The Priestess Healing includes 13 sessions and 13 healing manuals.

Session 1: Initiation into the Sacred Feminine Path

The first step of embodying your priestess power is restoring sacredness, respect, and honor in yourself and your life. You’ll learn how to hold a sacred space for your own healing and manifestation of your dreams.

Session 2: Healing the Dark Feminine Wound

Both women and men hold fear, secret admiration, misunderstanding, and projections on feminine energy’s dark aspect. This wound runs deep in our collective DNA. To embody your priestess essence fully, we need to travel into the underworld of your unconscious mind to face the dark feminine wound in a healing, sacred, and supportive space.

Session 3: Integrating and Healing Inner Feminine Energy

Priestesses were apt at holding the balance between their feminine and masculine energies. This allowed them to channel high energy into their bodies and lives. In this session, we’ll go deep into restoring your feminine energy and bringing a deep sense of peace into your being. We’ll be working with the suppressed parts of your feminine energy.

Session 4: Integrating and Healing Inner Masculine Energy

Just as we might not fully access and use our feminine energy benefits, we might struggle with fully integrating our inner masculine energy. We’ll dive into your unconscious patterns during this session, preventing you from utilizing the gifts of your inner masculine energy to bring your ideas and creations to physical manifestation.

Session 5: Star Mother and Deep Replenishment

For a priestess, allowing yourself to receive, be held, and welcome deep replenishment can sometimes feel like a way out of your comfort zone. You might allow yourself this “luxury” on occasion, but for you to step into your spiritual leadership, self-care on all levels of your being must become your new norm. You’ll learn how to receive at the level of your soul and how to mother yourself through tough times, challenges, relationships, and your purpose.

Session 6: From the Inner Princess to Queen

Together, we’ll pass through the birthing stages between the princess and queen to firmly root you in the balanced and one-in-herself queen archetype energy. It’s time to put your crown on and step into your feminine power fully understanding its laws and how to use your power with integrity and elegance.

Session 7: Healing the Self-Worth Wound

Every priestess, regardless of her particular soul journey, carries deep scars making her doubt herself, her worth, her gifts, her intuition, and her place in the world. Sometimes you might feel your inherent worth and other times waver again when you doubt your intuition or where a beloved sister turns her back at you. Dear priestess, we can’t fully step into our mission unless we heal the wound of self-worth. This session will provide us with the space to allow everything to be seen, heard, and healed.

Session 8: Embracing Your Inner Warrior Woman

The sacred feminine energy can move mountains, and this energy runs through you to birth weave new fabrics of higher dimensional reality. During this session, you’ll become well acquainted with your inner warrior woman and use her energy and inner fire to forge your path. We’ll also do soul healing related to priestesses suppressing their warrior energy for hundreds of years.

Session 9: Sacred Union

Priestesses are the masters in a sacred union – balancing your divine, feminine and masculine energy. It’s said that the sacred union is the path to self-mastery and enlightenment. For thousands of years, priestesses have studied to achieve the sacred union in themselves and then teach it to others. Now, it’s time to bring those 2 potent, primordial energies back to balance.

Session 10: Evoking and Healing Your Sisterhood Circle

You’ll connect with your intimate inner circle of 12 and understand your role in it and bring the healing where it’s needed to speed up your coming together again. During this session, we’ll also do a soul healing of sister wounds that might cause distrust in other women and prevent you from creating deep-soul bonds with them.

Session 11: Priestess Soul Healing I

Your soul has been incarnated in a group of your sisters across times and spaces. During this time, you’ve created profound connections. Still, there always have been times of deep disintegration preventing you from fully stepping into your spiritual leadership at whatever level and form you’re called to it. In the Priestess Soul Healing I, we’ll heal priestess wounds from beyond this planet.

Session 12: Priestess Soul Healing II

In the second priestess soul healing session, we’ll be resolving soul patterns, soul contracts, and soul wounds from Earth that might prevent you from sharing your voice, being visible, taking up space, and being heard.

Session 13: Priestess Soul Healing III

In the third priestess soul healing session, we’ll uncover yet another layer of deep soul wounding that took place during the time where the sisterhood and feminine power were widely disintegrated and begin to take on the disempowered position in the world and our beings.