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5 Key Pillars of Daily Embodiment to Enhance Your Life

The biggest spiritual practice is daily embodiment. After all, if we don’t walk our talk, we live in a land of theory. How can something truly teach you if you just keep thinking about it? Thus, a daily embodiment is truly our greatest teaching zone where we can hone our spiritual muscles. The biofeedback of this reality informs our consciousness instantly about where exactly we are on our spiritual journey. And as we take this feedback in, we can tweak our embodiment so that there is no separation between the energy of your soul and higher self and your human self.

What Does Daily Embodiment Mean?

The overall idea behind the daily embodiment is to bring the energy of our soul into everything we do. That way, we include our emotions, chakras, auric field, mental energy, and also our body into a transformation of a lifetime. In my Lightworker Healing, I teach my clients the importance of anchoring higher energy into their cellular level. And even though this is an essential and lengthy part of the ascension process, the first step begins with a daily embodiment.

When we focus on daily embodiment, we step out of the field of theory. As we experience the mind-opening realizations, we consciously act on them. That way, those realizations can help us really transmute our consciousness. In the past, the main emphasis was on awakening the mind. And although this is a part of the spiritual journey, it doesn’t end there. We need to bring the awakened and refined energy of the soul into all aspects of our being.

The mind can comprehend complex spiritual topics, but how useful is it if we don’t use it to enhance our lives?

We are always presented with opportunities to act on what we have learned. Consciously utilizing all of our present resources creates a master. And this is the essence of daily embodiment.

First, we understand something on the level of the mind and (or) the heart. Then our higher self orchestrates a perfect learning environment to apply what we have just learned. If we recognize those ordinary daily opportunities to embody the lessons, we seal in the energy. And it becomes our second nature. Depending on the unique lesson and soul’s journey, we might be presented with more than one opportunity to really show that we’ve understood the lesson. Still, applying what you’ve realized and learned is the shortest spiritual path you can take.

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5 Key Principles of Daily Embodiment

The daily embodiment is all about bringing your mind, heart, body, and soul on the same page. By doing so, we spiritualize (help ascend) every aspect of our being. Therefore, our connection with our higher self strengthens. And as a result, we can step powerfully into our life’s calling.

Remember, the main principle is to act on what you’ve learned. And to do that, we use every moment as a teaching tool. There are no ordinary moments in life. Even though sometimes it might feel easier to let the uncomfortable or boring moments pass, everything teaches us. Actually, as you might have read in my book, Become the CEO of Your Mind, the ego is looking for shiny, exciting things. But by pursuing them, we miss the magic of the ordinary moments, and we don’t practice our daily embodiment. With that being said, let’s jump into 5 principles to practice daily embodiment.

1. Stop Checking Out of The Reality

Being unconscious is so addictive. I guess you’d agree that on some level, the life before your spiritual awakening was easier. And even after it, we still fall asleep during our daily life. Just a few common examples are not listening to your intuition. Or bringing your energy down by old unhealthy habits. Another example is not being willing to see the truth. And let me tell you that to be truly committed to the truth goes way beyond the obvious things. Wherever we don’t bring the light of the consciousness, we fall into the sleep of unconsciousness.

And so, the first fundamental principle of a daily embodiment is to engage with life fully. Not only when things go well, and you feel like flying. But especially in the moments when your consciousness would like to check out of this reality. And be fully present in those mundane moments that feel unimportant. Because the truth is, everything provides us with a perfect training field for expanding our consciousness.

Do you check out of the reality because you’re not ready to experience your depth?

If you feel your life is small, there is a reason for it. Work with what you have. Be like the diligent bee showing up every day to gather the nurturing nectar of consciousness. And before you notice it, your life will expand. Because you as a being will expand through being fully wherever you are and utilizing the resources you have right now. We are the stewards of Source consciousness moving through our lives. When we take good care of what we already have, our lives enlarge.

2. Put Your Heart Into Everything

The second principle of a daily embodiment is to bring your heart into everything you do. Sure, there certainly can be moments that feel boring. But even in those moments, you can engage your heart chakra. Because you bring joy to where you are when you become clear on your why and your intention. When your overall intention is to use everything that is happening in your life – including the boring, painful, messy, and happy – as a teaching tool to expand your consciousness, you find joy in it. When we miss the deeper reason, we don’t receive all that we can from those ordinary moments.

Whenever you have to force yourself into something, you’re not clear enough.

So, it’s time to fire up your heart again. You define what you receive from each moment through your intentions. So align your intentions with your soul and engage your heart chakra with what you do.

3. What Is the Lesson

The next principle of a daily embodiment is to be present for the lessons that very moment carries. We don’t experience some random chain of events that we just have to survive through. Everything contains powerful lessons for our souls. Daily embodiment is about having our spiritual eyes wide open and seeing what we have the opportunity to master at any given moment.

Some lessons move through lifetimes, and we integrate them bit by bit. Other lessons might be simpler and yet equally powerful. Trust that there is some teaching for you in every situation. We don’t always have to like the lessons. The truth is that if we have already mastered them, we wouldn’t have to experience them. So, some resistance to the present moment can show up. But if your innermost prayer is to learn and grow from the ordinary moments, then you let everything expand your being.

4. Playfulness

Another powerful pillar of a daily embodiment is playfulness. As we get older, we take ourselves too seriously. And it gives the ego a bigger playground for its purposes. On the other hand, when we approach daily situations with a dose of playfulness and childlike joy, we remind ourselves that we’re Spirit forever connected with Source. And therefore, we can zoom out and have more fun in our lives. Actually, the higher the being, the greater sense of humor they have. Because at some point, you realize that we’re multidimensional and we live in quantum reality. And therefore, we can also have more lightness about what we’re creating and experiencing.

5. Walk Your Talk

The last principle of a daily embodiment is truly the heart of the spiritual journey. We all have to walk our talk. And it’s okay to slip out of it sometimes. It’s not about perfection. But it’s about the daily recommitment to the guidance of your soul. And acting on what you’ve learned. Because only when we walk our talk can we fully integrate higher dimensional energy into our human vessel.

And therefore, I invite you to take a moment for yourself and think where you might not walk your talk. It might not always be the grand things. It’s also about the small things like taking care of yourself in the middle of the day by making yourself a nice cup of tea and stretching your body. Or keeping a promise you’ve made to yourself.

What are you telling your friends to do that you’re not applying yourself?
What has your soul been guiding you to act on lately?
Where can you step more fully into your power?
Where your thoughts and action don’t match?

When we close the gap between theory and daily living, we transcend our reality. We realize that the energy of the Spirit is stronger than any mind’s limitation. And we also acknowledge that our physical vessels are in for the ascension and spiritual transformation with us. Nothing is separate. As above, so below. So, put your crown back on and use every moment as a powerful teaching tool for your soul’s growth. P.S. That’s what we’ve come here to do.

Daily Embodiment Through Ordinary Moments

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