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Raise Your Self-Worth Masterclass

Self-Worth is a 2-hour replay of a masterclass. 

Self-worth is the foundation of everything. Every other relationship and experience extends our worth of how much happiness, ease, love, and abundance we allow ourselves to receive.

The Self-Worth masterclass is a quantum-shifting experience to help you feel, experience, and embody your worth. 


P.S. You can get this masterclass as a part of the Self-Love Bundle. 



Imagine having unshakable self-worth. Imagine having your own back in every situation. Imagine the depth and beauty of a relationship with yourself that feels inspiring, divine, and fun. What could you create, be and experience having this strong foundation of self-worth?


In the Self-Worth masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • The energetic and spiritual keys to your self-worth.
  • Deepening the relationship with yourself.
  • How to stop losing yourself in others.
  • The art of creating firm and flexible boundaries.
  • Quantum shifting to your worthy self.
  • Recoding ancestral energy of feeling worthy.


During the masterclass, I’ll guide you through several energetic exercises to help you embody the shift we’re creating on the call.