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Success Codes

The Success Codes is a 3-week program to unlock higher levels of soul-aligned success. 


It’s time to let yourself become successful!

What if you let success be easy? What if you’re here to embody your highest vision the way you want?


Who is this for?

The Success Codes program is for anyone who wants to align themselves with the frequency and energy of success and break ancestral karma around being successful regardless of what success looks like to you.


What’s Included?

6 hours of content


+ Member’s site
to access all your content with inner work suggestions

The Success Codes program combines guided energy exercises and activations, teachings, and healing.


Instead of writing that book, taking a regular sports class, or even beautifying your home, you procrastinate. You tell yourself tomorrow is another day, but you never seem to get traction in moving towards your goals.

Unconsciously, you limit your success by taking on too many things, moving too fast or hesitating too long, postponing essential things, showing up unprepared, lacking clarity of what you want to communicate, doubting yourself, and overthinking every move, to name just a few.
All these protective mechanisms come from unconscious beliefs about success. Instead of allowing the success that wants to come to you, you keep sabotaging yourself, wondering why your action never gains momentum.

Lightworkers hold an unconscious belief that it’s not okay to be successful beyond their comfort zone. When they reach their comfort zone, which they sometimes mistake for their dream life, they go into self-sabotaging behaviors.

Most lightworkers never take the time to develop a real relationship to their success. Many things you think are characteristic flaws – like being late for important things, communications, and opportunities – are an unconscious way of sabotaging yourself.

But your success allows your inner light to shine into the world. Success allows you to embody, show, and communicate your true essence.

In the Success Codes program, you’ll learn powerful, energetic exercises to shift your relationship to success. You’ll learn to access your success codes and align yourself with your highest success timeline.


Week 1: Breaking the Spells Around Success

What’s at the heart of not letting yourself become successful the way you know you’re meant to? We’ll be lifting some limiting heavy energies around success. We’ll start by addressing unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors and beliefs blocking you from the success you’re meant to have.

Week 2: Success Activation

Let’s rewrite our relationship to success, view it as inevitable, and align ourselves with our success timeline. You’ll receive powerful success activations and energy tools to develop a relationship to your success.

Week 3: Unlocking Your Success Codes

You’ll learn the success codes and how applying them leads to success.