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Ten Uplifting Messages Your Higher Self Wants You To Hear

These are ten uplifting messages your Higher Self wants you to know. The Higher Self is like a teacher to the soul and the human self. It can see our lives with a much greater perspective; therefore, the Higher Self isn’t negatively impacted by small fleeting moments as we can sometimes get. As you tap into your Higher Self’s consciousness, you begin to see your life with a detachment that brings peace. You’ll create an oasis of serenity within. Connecting with the Higher Self allows us to integrate our lessons and move through our experiences without unnecessary detours. Each of us can access the Higher Self; the entry point can be found in the higher heart chakra.


Ten Messages From Your Higher Self

When I asked the consciousness of the Higher Self what messages it has for others, I was surprised that those messages were about how you see yourself. The Higher Self sees you as perfect. But the human self believes it’s imperfect, failing, and as if there was a figure in the sky judging us. But the Higher Self is actually in awe of our heroic human journey. Because it takes a brave soul to move down the dimensions and experience the separation and forgetfulness to get to our reality. And it takes an act of even greater courage to reconnect to your Higher Self and start the journey of ascension as you’re doing now. Thus give yourself some credit. See yourself with more compassion. Because you’re a masterpiece. It’s time to feel it in your heart.


1. Gaining Mastery

The first message from your higher self is that when you see yourself failing, the Higher Self sees you gaining mastery and authority. Your Higher Self never sees you failing. Contrary, you’re stepping into a new expanded consciousness that you will soon master. Remember, the Higher Self exists out of time and space constraints. Having an infinite and eternal outlook on situations puts your experience into a new perspective.


What if you couldn’t fail?
What if everything was a step to the inevitable self-mastery?


What does it mean to temporarily fail when learning and mastering a new aspect of yourself? Like the child learning to take the first steps, stumbling isn’t a failure. It adds to the inevitable mastery of walking. So, what are you in the process of mastering now?


2. Making Mistakes

The second messages from your Higher Self are to allow yourself to make mistakes. We hold ego and wound-driven standards for ourselves. We expect to play the piano fluently the first few times we try. We expect to get everything right from the beginning. But perfection is but an attempt of the ego to mask its imperfections. It’s an attempt to hide our true self and replace it with some unrealistic standard that likely doesn’t even come from within us. Perfection is like chasing images that constantly change, but we believe them to be real and twist and turn ourselves to be like the image.

My priestesses in the Priestess Healing know that this is a mindset of a princess. But to become the queen/king, you let yourself look ridiculous for a while to gain your mastery in the long term. The princess never learns for she cares more about how other people perceive her; thus, she seeks perfection, which is only an image. There is no substance. 

Life isn’t about perfection. It’s about experiences and growth. And there is no growth without moving forward, which implies making mistakes. But there are no real mistakes when we learn from them.


3. You’re Truly Being Seen

The following message from your Higher Self is that you’re being truly seen. All of the aspects of you are right there, visible, seen, and accepted. There is nothing you can hide from the light. But you can choose to hide it from yourself. When you hide something from yourself, it doesn’t stop existing. Only you don’t see it.

And that can make it harder to bring that aspect to light or to claim it for yourself. When we hide something that is real, we deprive ourselves of the possibility of doing something with it. Hiding doesn’t make something go away. So, see all of you. That which you consider good and ugly. The light and dark. For when you see both, you step into your sovereignty, realizing none of it can own you.


All this hiding isn’t necessary. 

Do you choose to see yourself truly?


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4. Time Comes to a Close

A key message from your Higher Self is that the time isn’t running out. It comes to a close. When we imagine time as a circle or cycle, we’re returning to the beginning of the cycle, which is also the end. Therefore many of us feel as if the time is running out. There is pressure to get things sorted out in life quickly. When we come to an end of a cycle, we have the opportunity to move into a higher frequency, the next level for us, or into a higher dimension.

At the end of a cycle, we revisit the same waters. We face similar energy to our previous patterns and even past life soul patterns. And we can integrate them all. Claiming all the fruits of our soul’s journey.


5. You’re the Chosen One

Another important message from your Higher Self is that you’re the chosen one. The Higher Self chose you as the extension of itself to be born in the 3D Earth. You were the chosen one because you’re perfect for this mission. When you allow yourself to shine, you impact the collective consciousness and can help bring in the New Earth. Since your Higher Self trusts you can do it,  you were chosen to come here and change the collective through exploring your highest potential.

6. The Language of the Higher Self

The Higher Self wants you to know that it works with abstract concepts. When you receive a message from your Higher Self, often it will feel abstract, and it may even feel vague or generalizing like ‘all is well.’ When your Higher Self sends you messages like embody more love, and align with your true power, it’s valid guidance.


Many people dismiss the guidance because it feels too abstract.
But it isn’t the Higher Self’s job to make it practical.
This is your job. You’re the master of the embodiment. 


Therefore, decode the language of your Higher Self. Likely it has been communicating with you. When you act on those abstract ideas, you grow into your mastery. This is your job. You can get this guided visualization album if you want to deepen your connection with your soul and inner guidance.


7. Stagnation Means Pending Upgrade

The following message from your Higher Self is that stagnation means you’re not claiming your next level. When we stagnate, we’re in the limbo state of the in-between. The old is dissipating, and the new hasn’t come yet. This is when we’re in the embrace of the Goddess. She is calling us to give birth to the next version of ourselves. To channel new vision from the infinite field of potentiality. Thus when you experience stagnation in your life, know it’s the next level calling you.


If you feel some stagnation in your life, ask yourself:
Why don’t you allow the energy of your life to flow?
What next level are you avoiding stepping into? 


8. Stillness

The next message your Higher Self wants you to know is that stillness is the frequency with which you tap into your Higher Self’s consciousness. When we’re still – when all the external noise dissipates – we’re aligning ourselves with our Higher Self. When there are no distractions, we automatically tune into the frequency of the Higher Self. That’s why being in nature or meditation feels so good. Our frequency calibrates to the frequency of the Higher Self.


9. It’s All Lessons

The important message your Higher Self wants you to know is that everything is about the experience. And every occasion contains a lesson. A lesson is a piece of information. When we create a judgment on the lesson, we don’t understand what it’s teaching us. But when we look at the lessons with a dose of healthy detachment and think that it’s interesting we’re experiencing this, we move through them more easily. When we view our lessons from a neutral space, we can benefit from those lessons much more.


As long as we stay in the neutral energy and don’t go into a judgment about our experience, we always receive clarity about what’s happening and what’s next. 


10. You’re Beautiful

The last message from the Higher Self is that you’re beautiful. The Higher Self learns from you and through you and looks at you in awe. The Higher Self sees you as a brave, courageous soul and has nothing else but respect for you and your journey. Seeing yourself through the lens of your Higher Self helps to integrate all the missing fragments of your soul.


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