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The Essential Truth About the New Earth Consciousness

The New Earth consciousness is at the hearts of many lightworkers worldwide. Collectively, we’re moving through an unprecedented ascension wave as more individuals tap into the light of their Higher Selves. And yet, when we look around, we may feel perplexed. Is the New Earth consciousness taking place or not? Why is there so much contrast? Have we collectively jumped onto some lower timelines, or is this a part of a bigger picture? I’ll share the bigger picture of birthing New Earth in this article and the YouTube video below.


The Laws of New Earth Consciousness

The New Earth Consciousness, and truly the planetary and human evolution, have specific laws and dynamics. Although the process may feel random and chaotic at times, it’s not so. We’re at the heart of grand graduation for the whole planet and many species, including humans. The evolutionary process has its ups and downs. The tranquil and stable part of the process is the Golden Age. Thus when we look back at ancient Atlantis or Lemuria, or Mayan and Egyptian cultures, we admire their Golden Ages. During those times of enhanced light on the planet, civilization reached its peak. And then slowly, a new cycle begins. Yet, this time, at a higher octave of frequency and light.

Like going from kindergarten to elementary school, high school, and university, so does humankind evolve. This change is produced by intentionally changing the quality of Light reaching the Earth. This Light impacts the pineal gland and produces a new type of consciousness. And eventually, this change leads to a new type of humans, new technology, society, etc. Right now, we’re in the midst of that change.

The New Earth Consciousness is being established gradually. It moves through a cycle of initial contact with the current consciousness, which is declining. Then a period of conflict emerges where the old and the new clash. The conflict upgrades frequency and dissolves that which helped establish the previous cycle. And finally, we enter a brief period of adjustment during which we settle new rules, structures, standards for society. And then the Golden Age, the New Earth consciousness, steps fully in. At the end of a Golden Age, we go through a similar process of disintegration.

Thus, the New Earth Consciousness is slowly but surely becoming predominant. The upcoming Golden Age will happen. It’s a law. We’re now in the process of conflict and entering the adjustment period. Therefore, we can see chaos manifest rather. But this chaos is a necessary purgatory as two primary Cosmic Rays are currently active on Earth. 

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The Old vs. New Cosmic Ray

Let’s now look at how the old and new cycles are different. Being aware of their uniqueness helps us direct our focus on the new Cosmic Ray, thus enabling it to settle in faster on Earth. The new Cosmic Ray brings about the New Earth Consciousness, which has very much been discussed on our planet. Let’s look at some spiritual qualities of both, which may be more hidden at first sight.


The Ray of Devotion and Idealism

The old paradigm could be described as devotion and idealism. It has brought about some amazing changes to humankind. We can clearly notice the energy of building high ideals in the world’s religions. And we can also identify the individual ideals that have been impressed upon our subconscious. Ideals are necessary to direct spiritual evolution. But they can also create more separation and thus allow the ego to be in charge.

When the high ideals come from the heart, they spark fantastic growth. On some level, we’ve all worked with ideals. Parents install certain ideals in us. We may have our own ideal of our highest self that we desire to embody. Through ideals, we learn to distinguish right and wrong and sharpen our ability of discernment. Therefore, forming ideals also brings about the peak of duality, as we can see in the world and within ourselves right now. They separate that which works and that which must be dissolved.


Mystic, Separation, Devotion

As a result, ideals also create division, separation, selective mind, and selective perception of reality. Therefore, in the old paradigm, we focused on individualism. Even in a group setting, we’d rather have a group of individuals than powerful sovereign souls co-creating for a higher good. There isn’t true cooperation, only to a limited extent, as long as one can gain something from it. Therefore the New Earth consciousness couldn’t be established.

Another significant attribute of the old paradigm is sacrifice and suffering. This is where the ego holds a double-edged sword. Everything is about individuals, but they can’t be happy because they need to suffer. And the suffering never seems to end, and thus the individual is left feeling empty and separated.

And one last key aspect is devotion. When devotion originates in the heart, it uplifts the soul. However, there is also a devotion that comes from the ego. And this type of devotion can give rise to fanatical thinking or a mystic who seems spiritual, but it’s all just a facade. The old paradigm has produced a mystic. A mystic who is devoted wants to sacrifice to a higher ideal, standard, idea, or a higher being.

The Ray of Ceremonial Order

The New Earth consciousness brings fusion, synthesis, unity, oneness. As a result, it blends in the qualities of all the other Cosmic Rays, which in turn allows the best parts of the previous Golden Ages on Earth to come through the current one. When this unique Cosmic Ray hits the Earth, as is the case now, there is an increase in Source consciousness. This, in itself, changes the structure of reality and creates a new order.

The ceremonial order of the New Earth consciousness synchronizes events, people’s skills, and gifts most harmoniously and rhythmically. As if there was the highest – most efficient way to organize everything, and this is what we’re beginning to feel in our lives. The current cycle guides us to organize our lives harmoniously. Everything has its place and order in creation, and we’re aligning with it. An example of this is soul-aligned relationships. More people are forming true sacred unions with their beloved ones. In a way, we seek perfection, and perfection comes through our alignment with a higher design. This design or order is aligned with the Universal Mind.


Magician, Unity, Beauty

Another aspect of the New Earth consciousness is a new sense of beauty. A beauty that isn’t superficial like in the previous cycle. Quite the opposite, it’s a beauty that can manifest only when we align with our Original Self. When we let go of the illusions that have captured our vision, we open our eyes to a new level of beauty. This will impact everything from architecture music to authentic soul expression.

The New Earth consciousness also gives rise to a magician. The inner magician awakens as more starseeds and lightworkers remember their gifts from other lifetimes and star systems. And we’re talking of real magic here. Currently, we’re playing with the magic through the focus on manifestation. But this is only the beginning.

When a group gathers together, they work towards something greater than individualistic goals. Unlike in the previous cycle, those soul-to-soul connections are genuine, and thus they produce even more harmony. The individual is ready to surrender to a Higher Plan. Thus we form true brotherhoods and sisterhood where people gather together based on the same resonance. Like in the ancient golden ages, groups of powerful beings come together united for a higher good.

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