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How to Activate Your Inner Authority And Self-Mastery

One of the significant soul lessons is to gain inner authority over ourselves, our lives, and our experiences and creations. We learn to trust ourselves and our unique journey as we step into inner authority. Just like a baby learning to walk, the baby observes how others walk. The baby can see how it’s done, but the baby needs to master walking too eventually. The same thing applies to inner authority. One can read the books and see others succeeding, but then has to master it through embodiment.


Inner Authority, the Bridge to Sovereign Self

Stepping into inner authority is the bridge to self-mastery. We can know all the answers and how we should live, but do we act on that knowledge? As we gain inner authority, we learn to trust ourselves, our instincts, and our intuition deeply. We realize that the whole life is spiritual and what we do matters. And we demonstrate our understanding through embodiment.


When we walk our talk, there is no difference between what our soul would do and what we do.


Inner authority requires assuming full responsibility. Thus we move from the child mentality into a creator consciousness. When we take responsibility for our emotions, thoughts, the direction of our life, and relationships, we realize this whole journey in the 3D is about us. It’s about learning to relate to the universal laws correctly and use spiritual powers. We become masters through practice.

Many times someone asked me; why do we come to 3D? One of the reasons is to step into inner authority. Depending on the soul group, one can be a part of shared light consciousness in higher spiritual realms. On that level, we understand that everything is light, and we’re one. But what happens when you individualize and travel down through dimensions and enter the world of duality? Can you still act and live as light? Can you maintain oneness in your heart? And can you embody the light? This is where we gain inner authority.


It has never been ours if we don’t earn inner authority over it. 


Everything is borrowed. The spiritual powers, psychic gifts, inner power – all an energy moving through us. Think about it as the Source bestowed you with unique skills and abilities to develop. But it doesn’t mean we’re perfect and meant to sit on a cloud. Everyone has to demonstrate their inner authority by becoming stewards of what was given to them- just like Jesus Christ or Buddha. They also stepped into their inner authority because this is how the soul grows and matures.

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Handing Over a Multimillion-Dollar Business

Imagine wealthy parents handing over a multimillion-dollar business to their only son. Will the son become a wise CEO of the company? Or is he going to spend the wealth mindlessly? In this example, receiving a successful business doesn’t mean that the heir of it will manage it successfully. Only when the son gains inner authority over himself can he become a successful CEO. Being given something doesn’t equal mastering it. One can waste it and spend it.

Somebody can give you the whole universe, but it has never been yours if you can’t steward it responsibly. Gaining inner authority matures the soul. It makes one wise. It teaches us how to find a balance between inner power, love and wisdom, and creative intelligence.


We gain mastery by making mistakes and gradually stepping into inner authority.


One steps into self-mastery when facing situations maturely. Then something is no longer a concept, an idea; you have become it. How can you use the circumstances of your life to step into your inner authority?

Self-Mastery Through Demonstration

We step into inner authority through demonstration. The skill and gift become ours entirely when we move into deep embodiment. Now, it’s a part of us. Before, it was an unclaimed possibility. One of many opportunities going past us, but only a few learn how to turn it into reality. This is what creates a master.

A master has gained inner authority over himself. He has become one with his Higher Self by embodying all the potentials within his soul. Through expressing his deepest essence that can be felt through his presence. A master knows who he is because he has looked into every depth within his soul and demonstrated his true self through an embodied action.

A master realizes that many beings want to come to Earth to become the embodiments of their souls. He sees an opportunity to gain his inner authority in everything he does. He is not waiting for something exciting to happen. Because he is the cause. He moves the energy. The excitement comes through embodiment.

Thus a master is honing his spiritual gifts. He is claiming unclaimed territories through mastery. And therefore, he is becoming one with God. One with the unlimited Source as he discovers and embodies the qualities of Source within him. The ones he was destined to demonstrate and gain inner authority over.

A master knows that a wise leader gains inner authority through using the power to create a greater good. As a result, more power and responsibility will be given to him. Just like we wouldn’t explain the university level of mathematics to a 3-year-old child, the universe doesn’t give us more knowledge or gifts without gaining inner authority and mastering what we have.


The mentality of a master is, how can I approach this situation as a sovereign being?
What are my soul lessons here to step into my inner authority?
How can I create greater good with what I have?
How can I multiply the spiritual resources I was entrusted with?


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