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It’s Time to Unlock Your Unique Soul Journey

Unlocking your soul journey is one of the most exciting moments on one’s path. This is a life-changing moment because, for the first time, we can consciously integrate and expand on our soul’s wisdom from different lives. Not only does it significantly enhance our path, but it is also a necessary step on the ascension journey. Spiritually speaking, this is where all the fun begins.


What Is Your Soul Curriculum?

The soul journey follows a specific curriculum and a set of lessons. Through a perfectly crafted curriculum, the soul learns how to master specific lessons. There are universal lessons that we have to master. And therefore, some of those lessons overlap with other souls’ lessons. And then, there is a set of your specific lessons which allow you to understand various aspects of Source consciousness.

As the soul evolves, it specializes in its mission which becomes unique, and the soul curriculum expands. Similar to going to school, the soul also moves through various levels of dimensions and consciousness. Every life and parallel or multi-dimensional experience contributes to the soul curriculum. Along the soul journey, you master new expressions and aspects of Source, adding them to your ever-increasing soul portfolio.

The soul curriculum is crafted to bring the best out of your truest essence. Only when we master the soul lessons, we gain authority in that area. Until then, it’s only a theory. An unexplored potential. When we unlock our soul journey, we gain powerful insights into our soul curriculum. We know with clarity where we’ve been and where we’re headed. And we know where we have failed life after life again. This brings us an understanding of how to embrace and reclaim that lesson, allowing it to make us stronger.


Releasing the Soul Patterns

Along the soul journey, every soul eventually develops soul patterns. These are more complex lessons that we’ve been working on for lifetimes. We inevitably find some of the lessons more challenging, which in turn create our individual soul patterns. I help people release their soul patterns every day, and I’ve seen how liberating them accelerates the soul journey. People open up in a new way. Their gifts get sharper and crystalline. Their remembrance is quickly returning.

Often, the soul patterns are invisible. It’s something that your soul carries from a lifetime to the next lifetimes. In the linear sense of time, a soul can be stuck in a particular set of patterns for millennia. The soul can also carry imprints from different planets. This is very typical for starseed souls.

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From a higher perspective, the soul wants to find a complete liberation from those patterns. So it sets up the details of your life in a way that can help to release old soul cycles. The details of our lives aren’t random. Even brief interactions or situations that may feel random are serving a higher purpose.

Similar to the patterns of the mind, the soul, too, is experiencing stuckness in specific energy. And similarly to the mind, when we understand and embrace the lessons related to a particular pattern, it empowers us. Eventually, we don’t need to experience similar lifetimes because we’ve mastered those lessons. And we’re ready to move on to new adventures.

Liberating the Ancient Energy

We’re at the point of the soul journey when many ancient cycles come to an end. Hence we simultaneously bring closure to the ancient Atlantean and Lemurian energies. For some souls, you might also be ending cycles from other planets. And we also end more recent cycles of the last six, three, and two thousand years.

Thus, we’re not only living our modern life. That’s only how it seems on a surface level. But we also bring many closures to more ancient parts of the soul journey. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn how to heal the soul as well.

Especially when we’re stepping into our power and sovereignty, the soul patterns show up. Finishing an ancient soul cycle might feel like a deep desire to expand more than ever before while simultaneously feeling something is holding you back. You may do inner child healing and work with the mind, and still, some invisible energy barrier is limiting the scope of your true expression.

At this point of our soul journey, the question is – Will you fall back into the ancient patterns? Or are you ready to finally rise above them, leading you to the path of self-mastery?

It’s Time to Wake Up

It doesn’t matter how awake you believe you are. There is always more space to grow into. There is always more to see. And there is always more space for practicing mastery over all of the aspects of your being.

Are you ready to recognize, release and integrate your soul patterns? Or do you need another soul cycle (which takes a couple of thousands of years) to finally look deep into what the higher self is teaching you through your soul?

Are you ready to become spiritually mature? Or do you prefer the victim attitude, hoping it will bring you that which you seek?

Are you ready to remember the essential parts of your soul journey? Or do you continue being unconscious, being stuck with the superficial?

Are you mature enough to integrate powerful soul lessons and finally learn from them? Or do you need more time and more lifetimes to do that?

What are your soul and heart telling you?

It’s time to wake up.

It’s time to take responsibility for ALL of you – not only for that which is comfortable. Not only for that which is easy and right at the surface. But it’s time to dive deeper into your being – deeper than you’ve ever been before. With a more open mind and heart than you thought is possible to have.

It’s time to become a humble student. Because only a humble student is on a path of self-mastery.

It’s time to learn from the past, release the ancient patterns, and crystallize your being. Now, all the planetary, galactic and cosmic cycles are aligned to support us more than ever before. Are you ready to let it expand you? Or will you continue hiding from it? What do you choose?

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