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Guided Visualization Album | Connect with Your Soul

The guided visualization album, 7 Pillars of Connecting with Your Soul, will help you to establish two-way communication with your soul and increase your frequency to reach the next level of consciousness.  

I’ll guide you to build a bridge between you and your Higher Self.

As a result

  • Your intuition deepens.
  • You receive stronger guidance from your soul.
  • If you practice these visualizations regularly, you’ll align with the path of your highest potential.
  • Step by step, we open you up to reach the state of consciousness in which you can connect and communicate with your soul.
  • When you establish a conscious contact with your soul, you’ll feel ready to create changes in your life that will benefit you at every level.


Total time of the guided visualization album: 1 hour 46 minutes 40 seconds


“My experience with the meditations have been very positive. They help me to recharge and connect with myself and higher self. I highly recommend them!”
– Fernardo, UK.


The guided visualization album, 7 Pillars of Connecting with Your Soul, contains the following guided visualizations: 

1. The Heart Chakra Activation. The heart chakra is the seat of the soul. It’s the sacred space from which you build a bridge to establish a connection with your soul. During the mediation, you’ll activate your heart chakra and lay the foundations for your future communications with your soul.

2. Align with Your Highest Path. To build up the bridge to your soul, you also need to let go of the fear-based ideas and personality. Open yourself up to the pure energy of your soul by surrendering to your higher self and let it guide you toward your highest path.

3. Expand Your Energetic Body. This is the next step in opening up your energies to connect with your soul. In this meditation, we’ll expand your energy body, ready to receive the light emerging from your soul.

4. Best Version of You. This visualization will connect you with the best version of yourself. You can ask your ideal self for any guidance on making your dreams come true. You’ll receive inspiration for your future life, and at the same time, you open yourself up to more possibilities in your life.

5. Speak to Your Soul. In this visualization, you’ll talk with your soul, and you can ask any questions you want. In the end, you will also merge with your Higher Self energetically.

6. Receive Daily Guidance. This is one of my most favorite meditations that I practice daily. In this sacred space, you’ll align with your highest potential. This meditation is the most powerful way to start your days. Over time, you’ll witness more opportunities, guidance, and ease.

7. Channel Your Soul into Your Life. In this visualization, you’ll connect with your inner light and let the energy of your Higher Self to flow to the rest of your life.