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The 8 Little Known Secrets of the Higher Heart Chakra

The higher heart chakra sits at the thymus gland between the heart and the throat chakra. When the higher heart chakra awakens, you know it. Your whole life changes in a very short period of time. It’s like opening your eyes for the first time and genuinely seeing who you are and your purpose. The power of the higher heart chakra taps us to our inner source and God’s consciousness.


The 8 Little Known Secrets of the Higher Heart Chakra

My higher heart chakra was activated a couple of times during my childhood. I remember the sensation of pure bliss, a white light descending into my body and being one with God – not experienced as a mental construct but knowing I was one with God. Just like we all are. And then, in 2011, my higher heart chakra opened again; this time, it stayed open and has only deepened. I believe this was the original teaching of the Christ consciousness embodied through the ascended masters, including Jesus Christ. To show us how to reconnect to God, tap into our I AM Presence and activate our inner Christed Self. Everyone can and will activate their higher heart chakras. And this is the moment when the actual ascension begins. Below you can read about the 8 main properties of the higher heart chakra.


1. Remembrance

The higher heart chakra is the gateway to remembering. Once the higher heart chakra is activated and its energy stabilized, we know who we are. And we also begin to recollect memories from different lifetimes. One of the reasons we go through forgetfulness is because the flame within the higher heart was dimmed. Additionally, the energy started to spin the other way. But those memories and remembrances are there, waiting for you. The chakra will guide you to a deeper understanding of your true self. Then you will know. There are no more guesses or trying to figure out something; your memory is returning.

2. Christ Consciousness

The higher heart chakra is the keeper of the Christ consciousness. Christ energy is the consciousness of your Higher Self which is the mediator between the soul and the I AM Presence. Christ energy is here for everyone. It’s the spiritual light emanating from the Source merged with our individualized consciousness. Therefore, everyone has always had and will always have access to Christ’s consciousness. There is no external authority standing between you and your inner Christed energy. Only you can access it. And the higher heart chakra is the doorway to it.


3. I AM Presence

Through embodying Christ’s consciousness, we also reconnect to our I AM Presence. In a very simple way, we can think of the I AM Presence as the light of God. This is the part of the Source that we each carry within the higher heart chakra. Thus no matter which density we enter, we always find our way back. This is how we were made in the image of God. You can read about the I AM Presence here.

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4. Soul’s Power

In the distant past, our inner Christ energy became more challenging to access. Consequently, we fell into forgetfulness and didn’t remember our sovereignty. Instead of knowing and demonstrating that we’re sovereign children of God, we developed a collective victim and slave consciousness. This archetypal energy was born as we fell deeper into the personality and the ego disconnected from the soul’s guidance.

As we stabilize the energy moving through the higher heart chakra, we reconnect to our soul’s power. We learn to channel our unique energy and consciousness into our lives correctly. Nothing shakes us out of our center when we’re rooted in our soul’s power. We can detach healthily, stop being reactive and move with intention and purpose. The higher heart chakra takes us from the personality power and taps us into the true balanced power.


5. Witness

The higher heart chakra is a witness to your thoughts, emotions, and memories. It creates records of everything you’ve been through and thus safeguards your akashic records. Therefore, through this chakra, you can access your past and future. The higher heart chakra is the ideal tool to make the best decisions and to see into the future, as I was teaching in this masterclass.

6. Purpose

How can some people be fired up with their purpose while others don’t know their life’s calling? Where does the certainty about one’s purpose come from? The answer lies in the higher heart chakra. Once it’s activated and stays like that, you know your purpose. And it also feels your purpose chose you. In fact, it feels like there is very little you can do about it.

It feels like you’re aligning with something pre-existing. Something that was laid out for you before the time began. And you fulfill your part. To live our purpose, the Higher Self needs to guide us. It’s like a bird gliding the air currents; you’re guided every step of that journey as long as the ego surrenders to that guidance.


7. Soulmates

The next thing we experience when the higher heart chakra opens is meeting our soulmate tribe. Suddenly, we find a deep heart-to-heart connection with people who truly get us. Our soulmates find us based on heart resonance. Their hearts receive the energy emitting from our hearts and feel attracted to it. As the higher heart chakra stabilizes, you’ll meet only people who feel like your soulmates. Even random people in a shop or coffee place, everyone will seem to speak the same language—the language of the heart.


8. Transform The Energy

The last secret of the higher heart chakra is a transformation of energy. You become a true alchemist. You can enter any room and change the emotional energy of people. Or you can alter the energy of places and situations. When the higher heart chakra stays open, we can energetically elevate everyone and every place. Thus people will feel magnetized to you. It doesn’t matter whether someone is spiritual; you can have a beautiful deep connection with everyone.


You can watch the Higher Heart Chakra masterclass here

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