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The 5 Key Aspects of Crystalline Consciousness and Its Activation

Crystalline consciousness is the same thing as Christ consciousness. We used to have Crystalline consciousness activated during the previous golden ages of Atlantis and Lemuria. However, as the cycles have shifted, we slowly lost access to Crystalline consciousness, which is massively reawakening now. The full activation and embodiment of crystalline consciousness are necessary for the ascension process. Crystalline consciousness changes every aspect of life to the point that we feel like an entirely new, elevated version of the self.


5 Keys Aspects of Crystalline – Christ – Consciousness

When we think of the masters like Jesus Christ, we can see a perfect embodiment of crystalline consciousness. Jesus Christ activated and brought fully online a grid of Christ consciousness. Since then, it’s again available to everyone. This crystalline grid allows the higher selves and the I AM Presence to reach us. Consequently, we can anchor more of their energy in the chakras.


Crystalline consciousness is the universal higher consciousness and isn’t specific only to our planet. As sovereign, compassionate beings, we become the embodiments of christ consciousness in all its aspects. Thus we step into the authority of the soul.


1. Unification

Crystalline consciousness offers the way out of duality by activating the principle of a trinity. On a personal level, it unifies the inner feminine and masculine energy. When the soul is ready to ascend, a unification of inner polarities needs to take place.


The ascension itself is the “trinitizing” of our consciousness.


That doesn’t mean that polarity is an undesired state of being. Quite the opposite, the polarity creates positive tension and sparks evolution through which the soul gets to know itself. But as the ascension begins, the inner polarity needs to be unified.


2. Sovereignty

As the inner unification takes place, the christ consciousness eventually leads us to remember and embody our spiritual sovereignty. Spiritual sovereignty doesn’t mean that one is above the other. It means that we’ve remembered who we are and the source from which we came. Thus it promotes true togetherness and equality among the souls since everyone can and will step into their spiritual sovereignty. Then there is nothing lower or higher; it has all become one.

Spiritual sovereignty is one of the most striking aspects of crystalline consciousness. As you remember your true self, you naturally feel guided towards understanding and expressing your innate sovereignty. You feel called to explore sovereignty in every area of your life. You begin to think: How do I express myself today as a sovereign being?


Sovereignty is the crystalline energy remembered.

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3. Unconditional Love and True Compassion

Crystalline consciousness evokes genuine compassion. Compassion is an elevated state of empathy. Empathy still allows space for the ego and projections. On the other hand, compassion emits crystalline energy to others without a concept of self, fear, or judgment. It cleanses the heart of all false identities and interpersonal agendas.

Crystalline consciousness bridges us also from conditional to unconditional love. Unconditional love isn’t directed at someone specific. It’s not a love for a particular person or group. The heart becomes a vessel for love pouring through it. The heart is fully activated and emits unconditional love regardless of what may be happening on a personal level.


4. Energetic Neutrality

As the Crystalline consciousness fully anchors in our being, our energy becomes stable and neutral. Thus extreme highs followed by lows disappear. One begins to feel stable and peacefully joyful without any external stimulations of joy and peacefulness. Even meditation becomes redundant.


The energetic neutrality is a consequence of unifying the inner feminine and masculine energies.


Despite what it may seem at first, this state of being is internally rich. But instead of sudden changes in emotions, one feels stable feelings of joy, peace, and harmony. This allows us to go back to that childlike innocence and purity.

5. Higher Heart as A Gateway to Crystalline Consciousness

How can you know that Crystalline consciousness awakens within you? When it happens, you know it because, at the same time, the higher heart chakra awakens. When the higher heart chakra activates, the seed of crystalline consciousness ignites within us. This ignition leads to changes within our consciousness and DNA. We’re becoming a higher version of ourselves and experiencing positive changes in every aspect of life.


The higher heart is also the keeper of the Divine Spark, which connects us to our I AM Presence.


We lost access to the Divine Spark during and after the Fall of Atlantis. As a result of losing the Divine Spark within the higher heart, we started forgetting who we are. But Crystalline consciousness reignites the Divine Spark and starts the process of remembering.

For Crystalline consciousness to move through the stages to its full embodiment of it, the higher heart needs to stay open. This is one of the reasons why experience heart initiations to keep the heart activated. Then, the higher heart becomes a doorway to source consciousness. That’s why I often say that nothing and no one is worth shutting down your heart.


When does Crystalline Consciousness Activate?

When it comes to the timing of the crystalline and higher heart chakra activation, it’s individual. Your higher self will choose the perfect timing. We can’t push these things. Often, we must first clear out and heal other things that still link us to the overidentification with the ego personalities. Also, someone can activate crystalline consciousness for you. In that case, there is a soul contract with the other person, so the timing is not coincidental.


The Queen and King Symbol

Symbolically, we can think of Crystalline consciousness as a queen and king. They are the equal partners who co-create their queendom/kingdom. Both the queen and the king stand in their sovereignty. And they are aligned with their inner power, which they use wisely to benefit all. When you symbolically take back your crown, you reclaim your sovereignty.

The queen and king amplify each other while being tapped into their individual energy. The union of a queen and king symbolically shows us how the inner feminine and masculine energy are meant to collaborate.


The aim isn’t to become more feminine or masculine but to find their perfect balance.


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