Higher Heart Chakra Masterclass

The Higher Heart Chakra is a 2-hour class.

You’ll learn how to work with the higher heart chakra consciousness in daily life and its importance, which used to be hidden in mysterious esoteric schools.

I’ll also share my favorite tool for making the best decisions – always aligned with your highest path.

I believe this class is suitable for anyone on a spiritual path because it’s the Divine Spark within the heart, the secret ingredient of ascension.

Also, if you have experienced higher heart chakra awakening, you’ll find this class helpful as I’ll share how to nurture this powerful energy.

This class is both esoteric and practical, providing you with the tools for a daily embodiment of your highest self.


How Long is the Recording?

The class is 2 hours and 22 minutes long and includes a powerful activation connecting you to your I AM Presence.


How to Access the Recording?

Please, check your order confirmation to find the link to the recording.



This is a 2-hour masterclass, and it will teach you the energetics of the heart chakra and its consciousness. You’ll learn how to make aligned decisions with your highest path. And I’ll teach you how to harness the energy of your heart to amplify your growth and manifestation.

Through the heart, we access Source energy; thus, the esoteric channels within the heart should always be open. Therefore, we’ll also be moving through the layers of healing within the heart.


You’ll learn:

  • Unlock quantum layers within your heart’s consciousness.
  • The actual importance of the heart chakra on a spiritual journey.
  • Learn about the three-fold flame within the heart., and how to activate and balance it.
  • Learn about the Divine Spark and the connection to the I AM Presence. 
  • Moving from emotionality to deep knowing.
  • How to use your heart’s consciousness as an inner GPS and move beyond the chaos of the emotional body.



  • My Personal Favorite – a Life-Changing Tool:
    • How to make the right decisions. Always.

A part of this class is a powerful heart chakra activation, the activations of the 3 flames, and connecting with the I AM Presence.