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The Fall of Atlantis & Lemuria: Heal the Soul Wound

Most lightworkers still carry deep soul wounds from the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. It creates a bittersweet feeling—a deep longing and remembrance of those beautiful places. But also an unexplainable sadness. Perhaps you’ve always felt connected to the magical land of Atlantis or Lemuria. Even without knowing when and where those places existed, you’ve carried their memory in your heart. And you might have also felt a pang of sadness or grief over their disappearance. Some of you would love to resurrect Atlantis and Lemuria, especially their Golden Ages.


The Impact of the Fall of Atlantis on Soul

The Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria has left powerful scars on the collective psyche. A sense of failure is something that everyone carries deep within them through the collective field. It serves as a reminder. Although the memory of the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria can be something we can learn from, it often stifles the soul’s growth until the soul releases the wound.

When Atlantis and Lemuria encountered their last destruction and fell, some of you were healers, lightworkers, guides, and priestesses at that point. Many intuitively sensed that the Fall of Atlantis was inevitable. And Some tried to stop what was going to happen. You might have tried to inform others. Assist in hiding and preserving the knowledge. Or record final information four to the crystals in the 4 cardinal Atlantean temples.

Even though you did your best to prevent the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, eventually, you failed. Everyone failed. The Fall needed to happen. It wasn’t an accident. And yet, the Fall of Atlantis has caused a deep soul wound.


Soul Wounds

Many souls still carry the underlying feeling that they’ve failed. Some souls feel guilty and responsible for everything and are trying to overdo it this time. Others have slowed their spiritual growth because this deep soul trauma blocks them. When a lightworker acts from a wounded space, their service is compromised. It isn’t as effective as it could be. Moreover, it’s polluted with the ego and pain.

Because of the Fall of Atlantis, some people feel a deep sense of injustice. For them, it’s difficult to see any form of injustice. It makes them angry. It reminds them of the lies that led to the Fall of Atlantis. correctty wasn’t given the right information, and once it was clear what was happening, it was too late to course correct. And the similar is true for the Fall of Lemuria. Lemuria’s original state of consciousness is what the Christians believe to be heaven. And when it was lost, many Lemurians created soul wounds of failing at protecting something innocent and beautiful. They also feel injustice. A feeling like what you do doesn’t matter. This greater force might take away everything you believed in and created over your life.


Now, the question is, How long do you still want to carry a feeling you’ve failed? When you’ll feel ready to let it go?

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Many Atlanteans and Lemurians are born now to heal their soul wounds. Healing the soul wounds that happened in the 3D eventually needs to be healed in the 3D as well. The final Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria happened quickly, and many souls died suddenly. When one dies of a shock, the soul can create trauma. Back then, the shared collective pain amplified individual soul trauma.


The Fall of Atlantis Was Predestined

Although you may still carry soul wounds regarding the Fall of Atlantis, the Fall of Atlantis wasn’t your fault. It was predestined. There was nothing you could do to stop it. It was not meant to survive. Everything in the universe evolves in specific evolutionary cycles. Those cycles are decided before there is any life on a planet. Humankind evolves through those cycles, which have a beginning and an end. You can learn a bit more about it in this article.


Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations were not yet the highest form of consciousness humankind could achieve. They paved the way for future cycles. And we’re at one of those crossroads of an old and new cycle again. 

Thus the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria was not your fault. It’s time to release ancient soul wounds. Healing these wounds might be one of the reasons you’re still here. The deep soul wounds bring you back to the Earthly plane as they make the lower bodies denser. Also, some people didn’t have many incarnations between Atlantis and Lemuria. And they’re now incarnated to release everything painful from those times, embody everything beautiful, and move beyond.

You can’t change certain things, but you can be the embodiment of peace, wisdom, and love. Just like now. Stay true to yourself. Live in alignment with your soul, but you can’t carry the responsibility for everything that happens in the collective energy. Since certain events need to happen. Just like a soul has a part of the journey predetermined, and a part is changeable. It’s also true for humankind.


Saving the World

If you carry huge responsibility and feel like you must save the world, release it. An individual doesn’t save the world. Although an individual can powerfully impact the collective consciousness – just like Buddha or Jesus Christ did. But it’s the joint effort that changes the collective. The collective consciousness’s gradual and often painfully slow evolution creates any lasting positive change.

We elevate the collective consciousness together. By elevating one another. By reminding and healing one another. And also by co-creating from the soul level. This is what to aim for. Thus if you feel like you must save the world, likely it’s an unhealed soul wound. Perhaps resulting from the Fall of Atlantis or Lemuria. Let it go now.

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