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How to Remember Your True Self?

What does it mean to remember your true self? And what is the reason remembrance has become so magnetizing to many people? “Remember your true self” are the words -frequencies – whispered before the soul incarnates. Some people have retrieved their remembrance from many lifetimes. And some have remembered who they are since they were born. The veil of forgetfulness isn’t the same for everyone, and yet every soul hopes to retrieve its memories because when we remember, we begin the ascension process.


Remember Your Essence

To remember your true self means embodying your essence. The infinite and unchangeable essence is your individualized aspect of Source. Even when the 3D concept of self begins to fade away, the essence stays. We have the same essence across all the dimensions and lifetimes. That aspect of us is pristine and perfect and the closest to Source.

When you remember your true self, you align with your deepest essence – the Divine Spark within you. Thus everything else in your life starts to align too. Because our highest timeline – the highest path – resonates with the frequency of the Divine Spark within your Higher Heart, which is the temple of the essence. Thus you enter a quantum field of love, support, abundance, and magic. And this field continues to expand as you channel more essence into your body and aura.

When you remember your true self, you step into your soul’s power and truly deeply embody your purpose. It’s said that one can’t live out their purpose (at least, consciously and deeply, I’d add) unless one has connected to their deepest essence. You quantum leap on the ascension journey as you remember your true self. And eventually, as you get used to this new reality, you magnetize your soul people and situations meant for you. It’s as if living your version of heaven and thus making it available to more people should they choose that path.

We’re in a time when knowledge on a mental level isn’t enough. We’re in a time when we learn through the embodiment of our unique Spark. Therefore, to remember your true self isn’t a mental exercise. It can’t be found in the books. It must be experienced until every cell of your body beams with the same original essence.

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What Role Past Life Memories Play In This?

How is remembering your true self connected to your past life memories? Isn’t really important to know your other lives? The answer is simply yes, but. I believe in a conscious, gentle process of accessing past life memories. Because this is something that is innate to the soul. The more you connect with your soul, the more past life memories you’ll access. In a sense, it’s a natural process as the bond with your soul deepens. In the Lightworker Healing, this is what most clients go through, they learn how to access their past life memories and they participate consciously in that process. Only then is the information valuable and can create a long-lasting impact.

So when we remember different lifetimes – and even multidimensional lives – we access multitudes of memories, each reflecting another important aspect of the one true self. So, it’s not about saying I’m this and that because I had such and such life. Rather, it’s about re-experiencing various facets of the same eternal essence.

I like to visualize the whole process as you being in the center of a sphere that contains millions of tiny spheres each representing one life. As you remember the different lives you’ve had, you attract those particular spheres to your human self. And thus, it enriches yourself because you re-activate the gifts, skills, and wisdom you’ve once mastered. It’s all there, deep with the subconscious mind waiting to be remembered.

When you remember your true self, you remember the many forms your infinite essence has taken on. Each of those lives contains the same resonance of your essence. It’s like remembering a musical masterpiece, and every life contains one note or a couple of notes to that masterpiece.

As you remember your true self, you’re also able to retrace your ascension footsteps.

Why Now?

Why do increasingly more people what to remember who they are? As the imprint of the soul impresses more on the human self, the veil of forgetfulness starts to lift. And this is one of the first major steps on the ascension journey, which could also be summarized as remembering your true self. As the New Epoch started on Earth, many souls have made an agreement to actualize their highest potential and to bring closure to many soul patterns.

Although not every soul has chosen this path in this cycle, many of you most likely are on this path. It means that you’ve been actively releasing, purging, and integrating many lessons you’ve learned in other lives. In essence, the soul is finalizing her learning curve here on Earth.

Thus you feel attracted to remembering your true self. It’s like revisiting what you’ve learned before the final exam after going to an Earth school. Remembering those lessons happens consciously, in a dream state, through random situations, and through people. The process can’t be stopped if this is what your soul has chosen prior to coming to this life. And so, if you feel like you haven’t experienced anything profound in remembering your true self, please, trust the process. It unfolds regardless.

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