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When Creating Heaven on Earth, Always Remember This

If you’re on this website, likely you’re creating heaven on earth. Heaven on earth is a higher dimensional state of being and the mind we anchor in our human self. Thus we’re allowing the collective energy to find passages to ascend into higher dimensions. Heaven on earth can only be channeled through individuals. It’s by the silent prayer in our hearts and minds that we actively choose a different way of living. Every lightworker is creating heaven on earth right now.


Your Individual Heaven on Earth

Often lightworkers feel like they need to save the whole world. And this often paralyzes them. Preventing them from doing what they can do right there where they are. Many times, looking for those grand things is coming from the ego. While we wait for the big thing, we miss the opportunity which the present moment offers.


Behind the energy of waiting is an unconscious feeling that we don’t know how to access our power. And therefore we create conditions in life that can’t be fulfilled. We wait for the one big thing that never happens. 


However, creating heaven on earth is about being rooted in your power and consciously creating the reality you want to live in. By creating our individual versions of heaven, we weave in and strengthen new timelines that others can choose too. By focusing on your world first and mastering it, your heaven on earth will have the capacity to bless more people. Creating heaven on earth comes from the individual consciousness first.

Creating heaven on earth means that we connect with the higher self. And as the connection deepens, we start embodying the consciousness of soul and higher self. Through the higher self, we begin to channel down higher frequencies and new perspectives. We elevate our consciousness, allowing us to master our reality.

As we master our reality, we find out that reality is very fluid and flexible. As our consciousness expands, more timelines open up to us. Thus, we can be creating heaven on earth – tapping into the highest timelines. Now that we can access them through deepening and elevating our consciousness, we anchor the frequency of those highest timelines in our cellular memory. This creates a thread of energy that others can follow.


The better stewards of our resources, the more resources and timelines unlock for us.


5 Things to Remember When Creating Heaven on Earth

Creating heaven on earth transpires through your embodiment. As your spiritual light turns on, you show others how it looks and feels. You guide others by mastering yourself. Your frequency and actions speak on your behalf. It’s through the embodiment that you become the highest version of yourself. And it will be your message – sometimes silent, sometimes clear and loud – for others. So, below are 5 key things to remember when stepping into this conscious embodiment.


1. You’re Powerful

The question isn’t whether you have the power. The question is, how do you use the power you have now? Remember, the resources expand as we use them. If your current timeline isn’t as you wish it to be, know that you’re powerful to transmute it. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy. But you have that power in you. As long as you keep coming back to what is true to you, you’ll continue birthing your heaven on earth.

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2. Create and Lead From Within

Another key aspect of creating heaven on earth is to lead from within. Leading and creating from within means that you find the clarity on the inside, and once you have, you make a move.


You become a leader by leading yourself. 


Leading yourself means that you don’t let the external dictate your frequency. As we lead ourselves, we do the right things instead of the easy things. And as we master the art of discernment, clarity arrives, enabling us to know where our consciousness guides us next.

As lightworkers, we lead the energy of our lives from within. We birth the visions coming from the higher aspects of self. And that way, we lead ourselves step by step into our full sovereignty.


3. Stay Centered

Being in your power and leading yourself happens through staying centered. When we’ve centered, the energy from the soul and higher self can flow through us uninterrupted. The more light moves through us, the faster we create heaven on earth. Standing in our center allows us to choose the shades and flavors of the collective energy that may be rarer, but that’s where the most joy lies.


Being centered means that you’re one with yourself. All parts of your infinite being communicate, exchanging information, seamlessly flowing into each other.


As the emotional body clears out old templates, we remain centered naturally. There is no trying or force. The emotional consciousness has become integrated. And this enables us to see possibilities that had been blurry or suspended in the realms of hope.


4. Dissolving The Old Templating

Another crucial step in creating heaven on earth is dissolving the old templating. We’ve been collectively moving through the layers of old shared and individual templating since 2012 with more intensity. Since the consciousness evolves in a spiral, we revisit the old versions of self every now and then. On the higher part of the spiral, we can see the old through a lens of higher consciousness.

If you feel you’re sometimes going backward in your growth, more likely you’re tapping into an old templating. Yet every time it happens, we release the old more and more. Once the energy of every template moves through its cycles, it’s released for good.


5. Include the Physical Body

The last piece of creating heaven on earth that I’d like to share with you today is working with your physical body. Spirituality doesn’t happen only in the mind; it involves the spirit and body. And as we birth heaven on earth, we need space in our bodies to hold the frequency and light that wants to channel down through us. This sometimes is an overlooked aspect of spirituality.


Remember, the body is sacred too. Walking the path of ascension with you. 


And so, you might feel called working with hands, do sports, get messages, release old programs and emotions from the physical body. And it’s also good to work with the light codes within the DNA and at the cellular level. Ask your body what it needs to hold more light.

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