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Follow Your Ascension Pathway with Multidimensional Healing

Although we are headed in the same spiritual direction back to the Godhead, we follow our unique ascension pathway. Essentially, we’re retracing our ascension footsteps. The implications of this are many. One of them is that some of the higher beings you may be connecting with are the higher dimensional versions of you. This is possible thanks to the multidimensional essence of our being.


The Descension and Ascension Pathway

The cycles of descension and ascension mirror the expansion and contraction of the universe. The mystical exhale and inhale of Source. The cosmic heartbeat that beats in the rhythm of cosmic fire creating stillness between each pulse. The infinite being can get into 3D only through a process of descension. I teach this more in-depth in the Starseed Healing, the second level of the Mystery School. Here I’d like to keep it simpler and easier to digest without all other background information.

The infinite being exists simultaneously in every dimension. To be concentrated here in the 3D, we have to become unaware of the higher dimensional aspects of self. Therefore, we gradually disconnect – create illusionary separation – from the higher dimensional aspects of us. That allows us to be focused on the 3D. In each dimension, we “leave behind” – although it still exists in eternity – some part of us. Thus we disconnect our awareness from that which we call the Higher Self and the soul to maintain the illusion of a human self.


The way we descend is the way we ascend. We’re retracing our ascension footsteps. 


The ascension pathway can be only understood in its complete picture. We can’t look at one part of an equation to understand the whole. Therefore, remembering the descension pathway plays a significant role in decoding the ascension pathway.

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Why Multidimensionality Matters?

As we walk the ascension pathway, we learn to master multidimensionality. Working with multidimensionality allows us to tap into memories, wisdom, gifts, and lessons learned of our higher dimensional aspects. It’s like remembering what you’ve studied at the university and applying it to your work life. This is something that must be experienced. Here I’m just opening doors for you to explore. If it’s the time for you, your soul will guide you by creating a strong pull towards this topic.

Working with the multidimensionality of the being is where we are headed. It’s an essential part of the ascension pathway. It opens up quantum doors to our memories from higher realms. And what it does to the consciousness is nothing short of a miracle!


Those quantum memories help the consciousness – the observer in you – expand and remember its infinite nature. It repairs the fractures that have been damaged through the descension pathway. So the pure consciousness begins to lead the human awareness. 


Embodied Multidimensionality

Working with multidimensionality also has practical consequences to our lives. When we access our quantum memories, we heal. One of the reasons healing may look like a long journey is that we perform healing only on a few levels of the self. It’s similar to building the puzzle without having all the pieces. Multidimensionality is the missing piece that brings everything together.

Also, our energy and aura expand. Essentially, we run on a higher bandwidth of light. Thus we have a lot more energy than ever before. As we learn to hold increasingly more light in the body, we eventually smooth out any ups and downs in our energy. We experience deep harmony with Gaia and Life by mastering our own energy.

Interestingly enough, the more we remember, the more humble we become. When you remember who you are, you realize that it no longer matters. The individuality and the cosmic consciousness begin to merge. Although you become more powerful on the ascension pathway, you don’t misuse the power.


Only fake power can ever be misused. The power that isn’t embodied, integrated and understood. 


Although there are many practical consequences of the multidimensionality of the being, I’d like to pinpoint one more. As you remember your gifts and your psychic abilities deepen, you make quantum leaps in your consciousness. And this will impact your daily choices. You’ll see your life, your creations, your choices through the lens of spiritual maturity. This will significantly improve the quality of your choices.

And our choices eventually become our destiny. It will no longer be possible to go into self-sabotage or withdraw responsibility. Yes, we become more conscious, which may not always sound like fun. But actually, it will create more deep joy, which isn’t dependent on anything external. It’s the joy of the pure consciousness experiencing itself.


Are Your Guides You?

On the ascension pathway, we often find ourselves being guided by the beings of light. Every person has their spirit guides. And as we evolve and rise higher on the ascension pathway, most of our guides will change. A couple of times. Some of them stay just for a season. And some of those guides are higher dimensional versions of you. In other words, you’re guiding yourself back up.

To us, those guides look super-evolved. Thus we may feel a separation between them and us. But some of those higher dimensional beings are parts of you. Essentially, you’re tapping into those aspects of you that you’ve disconnected from while descending into the 3D. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all of the spirit guides. But as you move along the ascension pathway, you’ll meet some guides who are actually you on higher dimensions.

I know this topic may be challenging. If you wish to learn more, explore my Mystery School. Or stay connected via my newsletter as I’ll be teaching a course on Ascension Technology later this year.

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