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When Shifting from 3D to 5D Keep This In Mind

Since you’re here reading these words, the chances are that you’re shifting from 3D to 5D. And the transition itself has many layers and phases that don’t always feel glamorous. Sometimes it may feel like you’re moving backward, falling deeper into your old self. But this, too, is a part of the process. Lately, I’ve had many conversations with people about feeling misaligned, and I’d like to address why that might happen and how it relates to shifting from 3D to 5D. So, let’s begin.

Inter and Intra-Dimensional Pot Of Consciousness

Many of you can feel the multidimensional opening taking place on this planet. Golden ages don’t come without shedding off the old and making the “dark” more visible. Many lightworkers desire to experience New Earth and build heaven on Earth. And this is being anchored right now as well. But the New Earth comes only when a certain mass of people choose it in their hearts, minds, and souls. You’re the mechanism through which the New Earth is being born. And therefore, your daily choices – visible and unexpressed – do matter. You have more power than you realize. You’re the conduit of higher dimensional consciousness moving through your chakras and being anchored in this planet.

An interdimensional opening always marks the beginning of a new Golden Age. This had officially started in 2012, although there were many preparation phases over the last 3 700 years. And the game was entirely on with the turn of 2020 (or, more precisely, Dec 2019). This means that 3D, 4D, and 5D are available on Earth. And this is the reason why an individual’s frequency can be flipping around, trying to find the proper resonance within the dimension you choose to continue experiencing.

It’s like moving across a big intersection with multiple lanes in the 1700s when there was just a meadow a while before. Some drivers have never seen a crossing before. Some have never even been driving before. So, it might be confusing to find the right lane. There is an element of confusion and imprecision in the frequency (direction of your drive) you’re emitting.

On the flip side, it’s now super easy to manifest and create anything when you get your frequency right and hold it for some time. You might have noticed that the things you think about happen instantly. It’s because the quantum fabric has increased as a result of the multidimensional opening.

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Follow Your True North While Shifting from 3D to 5D

Your higher self is constantly transmitting to you a vibration of your higher-dimensional form (should you choose it). On the winter solstice 2020, a new opening allowed us to experience the version of self that we desire to embody. And this is our True North. This is why we are here now. We can embody the higher dimensional form while in the physical body in 3D reality. And this is as exciting as it sounds because it hasn’t been possible for quite a while.

Many lightworkers and starseeds have come here to experience this. Inside you is a precise roadmap of how this becoming and embodying is supposed to be conducted. It has been guiding you. And as you act on it more, open up your energy centers, and fire up your crystalline DNA, you’ll activate all the resources you need to conduct this grand leap on your soul’s journey. Everything has been laid out in front of you, ready for you to claim it. This goes beyond what I call the mind-level spirituality.

This is the whole package of becoming with precise spiritual technology guiding you, and you open up new hidden chambers within your consciousness and DNA.

As we’re shifting from 3D to 5D, we have to follow our True North. For some, their True North can be an elevated 3D level of existence. For others, it’s an elevated 4D embodiment – resonating at the frequency of Atlantis. And for others, their True North is lower or higher 5D consciousness. Deep down, you know where you’re headed. Trust that inner knowing and don’t get caught up in other frequencies which might lead you astray.

1. Aim With Precision

As we’re collectively shifting from 3D to 5D, more individual and shared timelines are available to us now. This means that with our focus, clear direction, and precision in our frequency, we decide which timelines we’re experiencing and strengthening on this planet. Therefore, stay centered, be precise in your desired frequency and allow yourself to be fully connected to your highest timelines.

2. Recommit

When shifting from 3D to 5D, it’s crucial to stay committed to the higher-dimensional form you desire to experience. Take some time to think about who you wish to become and what reality you’d like to experience. And then choose it again and again until it becomes your reality. As we’re shifting from 3D to 5D, you’re greatly supported in claiming who you want to become.

3. Release

As you’re becoming an embodied soul, you’ll be moving through cycles of clearing out the old. This is inevitable. When we choose to perceive the release of the old in a neutral and impersonal way, we move through those phases faster. What is no longer aligned with who you are becoming? What do you need to let go of? I’ve been recently talking about this in my Instagram post if you want to read more.

4. An Old Echo

As we’re shifting from 3D to 5D, we’re experiencing echoes of the old cycles, unresolved situations, and old patterns. When this happens, remember that it’s not a sign that something has gone wrong—quite the opposite. Now you have an opportunity to revisit the old and approach it from a higher perspective, closing the old cycle. When those echos move through our lives, the external situations are less real, more like reflections of the initial conditions. Therefore, keeping in mind that not everything is as solid as it seems does help.

5. Act As Your Higher Form

When things happen, how do you show up? Do you go into the old response and beliefs? Or do you act as your 5D self? When you train yourself in bringing the higher-dimensional perspective into your daily life, you allow the higher consciousness to get anchored in you. So, it’s good to stay neutral and ask yourself how your higher self would respond?

What to Keep in Mind When Shifting from 3D to 5D

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