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Your Higher Dimensional Spirit Guides Are the Future You

Has it ever crossed your mind that your spirit guides could be future versions of yourself? The line between our future and past is fragile. And I do realize that thinking about the nature of time might spin our heads a little. But it’s time to be connecting to the cyclical and simultaneous nature of eternity. By broadening our perspectives on time, we tap into deeper layers within our being.

The Future and Past Lives Blend

In eternity, all events simply are. They are not separated and compartmentalized by walls of perception. As we’re awakening to our multidimensional essence, we’re connecting increasingly more with other versions of us. There were times on this planet when the portals to higher dimensions were open. And now, the portals are re-activating, allowing us to connect with the greater aspects of us.

If you go far enough back in the past, you’ll arrive in your future. Normally, we could think about higher dimensions as something that lies in our future. After all, we’re on the ascension path. But what if we already were in those higher dimensions? What if it’s our past AND future? I know that this could be a philosophical question. However, during my work with starseeds, I’ve witnessed over and over again that those higher dimensions are both -the future and the past. Together with my clients, we’ve journeyed to higher dimensions and connected with their starseeds selves. And I also know that although it may look like it’s in our past, it’s also where we’re returning (although we’ve never left) during the ascension process.

How is this information useful? At the very least, understanding that we’ve are those higher-dimensional beings helps us to become aware of other parts of ourselves. Not only that, but we can tap into their knowledge and wisdom and bring it to the present moment. This is multidimensional healing which expands our awareness of who we really are. At heart, we do know we’re infinite beings. And this is a way to connect to more of that infinity within us and use it in our daily lives.

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Who Are Your Spirit Guides?

Everyone has their team of light. Those are our greatest cheerleaders guiding us towards our highest potential. Our team of light is changing over our life. Some members come and go, depending on the current assignments we’re mastering. We might get expert spirit guides to guide us through some specific topic for a period of time. Once you’ve mastered the lesson, those spirit guides go, and others come.

We also have a core group of spirit guides. Our spirit guides can consist of different levels of angels, deceased family members, or other beings we’ve never met but guiding us evolves their soul. In fact, quite a few souls might volunteer to come back here for a while and guide others on their physical journey.

And then there are those higher-dimensional spirit guides. To us, they may appear as angelic beings or star beings (aka aliens). Their frequency can be so high that we believe their essence is pure light. We might sense or see them as beings of white, golden, or platinum light. We might even see their angelic wings open as they whisper words of encouragement. But some of those spirit guides are our future/past selves too.

Why Our Spirit Guides Can Be Our Future/Past Selves?

Our spirit guides can be – and some of them likely are – our future and past selves. You might have your Atlantean self guiding you to step into your power as some of my lightworker clients have experienced. So in this sense, we perceive them as the past versions of ourselves. As you open up more to your multidimensional essence, you might start connecting to beings from different star systems. The first thought might be that you’re channeling some “aliens.” But as you develop a deeper bond with them, you realize that they’re actually your spirit guides who are, in fact, the “future” versions of you.

So why would those spirit guides want to guide us? Why would you go back to your past to guide yourself? Well, possibly you might be doing just the same thing when you are revisiting your own past. If you’ve ever done any inner child healing, you actually went back to a past version of self and helped it stepped into the light. And it feels good. If you’re healing your past lives, then you’re going to your past to integrate some aspects of you. When your soul works with your human self, it’s a similar process too.

Our being is multi-faceted. In fact, it’s so far-reaching that it could blow our minds. Those higher-dimensional spirit guides have all incentives to guide us. This is a healing and integration work on the next level of being. We’re here in the 3D for a reason. And we’re integrating valuable information that evolves other aspects of our infinite being simultaneously. The higher dimensional spirit guides who are other parts of our infinite being help us because they’re integrating our embodied wisdom we’ve gathered in this reality. And at the same time, we’re integrating their knowledge so that we can enhance our soul’s evolution here. Everything is interconnected. One layer of being blends into the other one.

This can be used in a very practical way, and in the future, I’ll make more videos on those topics. For now, let’s expand our awareness a little more and see whether some of our spirit guides are other versions of you. Train your multidimensional senses and see what your inner knowing is telling you about your spirit guides.

Watch: How the Future and Past Lives Relate

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