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Let Your Multidimensional Self Teach You

Are you connecting to your multidimensional self? In our times of global awakening, many people are becoming aware of their multidimensionality. And it changes their lives. The multidimensional self helps you to tap into your highest frequency. For me, personally, working with my multidimensional self has been one of the best tools on my journey so far.

What Is a Multidimensional Self?

You, as a being, vibrate at a vast spectrum of frequency. Consciously, we’re only aware of a limited stream of frequency while the rest stays disconnected from our perception.

Your multidimensional self is all the frequencies of you – versions of you – that you’re unaware of at this moment. Yet they all exist at once. It’s like you being unrestricted by the factor of time and space and feeling your true essence regardless of what dimension it occupies.

Useful analogy

Imagine an infinite number of rooms, one next to each other. They all exist at the same time, but you can only be in one room at once. Each of the rooms represents one version of you – one blend of unique frequency.

Then you remove the ceilings of these rooms and hover above them high enough to see what is happening in each room.

This is the moment when you become aware of your multidimensional self. From a higher perspective, it’s you who is in every room. And as your consciousness grows, you’ll connect to these other versions as well.

You can feel them, talk to them, and learn from each other. Your multidimensional self can show you how they embody the essence of something you seem to struggle with. It can be your greatest source of inspiration and motivation as it always guides you to become more of who you are at your core frequency.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Connecting to Multidimensional Self

There are techniques working with quantum particles that can help you to connect to your multidimensional self. However, a large part of this process happens naturally. As we’re collectively awakening, we shift our consciousness and the frequency of our light bodies, which allows us to be aware of the multidimensional self.

Together with the expansion of consciousness, our energy bodies enlarge too. The electrons begin to vibrate faster, and as they travel across the universe, we become more aware of their movement. This is what connects us to our awareness of our multidimensionality.

A big part of the spiritual journey is being able to anchor and hold higher frequency within your body. This means that you gradually remove your resistance to light and higher consciousness. With every new level of consciousness, our human self needs to adjust to it. The same applies to the human body, which needs to be able to anchor more light within its cells for us to be able to connect to our multidimensional selves.

How Can Multidimensionality Serve You?

During the past couple of years, multidimensionality has been a big part of my expansion. The things you can do with your multidimensional self are far beyond mind-blowing.

Since I started my Light Healing coaching program, I was guided on how to use the multidimensionality to help my clients to skyrocket their growth. And it continually teaches me how to work with a multidimensional self even more. Although the results are impressive, I know this is just the beginning.


And here are a few examples of things I’ve been witnessing:

  • Using multidimensionality to become ageless.
  • Integrating the feminine and masculine energies.
  • Remembering your soul’s cosmic journey.
  • Remembering who you truly are – the you beyond any labels and definitions. Connecting to your core frequency.
  • Merging with your higher self.
  • Connecting to multidimensional self to download the best suitable guidance on ANY topic.
  • Learning from the lessons of the yous on other wavelengths.
  • Expanding your inner light and being able to hold high frequency within all of your bodies.
  • Understanding and remembering your spiritual gifts and how to best use them with integrity.
  • Transforming your physical reality by expanding your core essence.


Simply imagine that you could talk with the other versions of you from key incarnations on this planet and also beyond. Or you could see your possible future timeline before it happens and then decide whether you want to take that direction.

Imagine observing yourself being incarnated in, let’s say, ancient Egypt or Atlantis, and learning from how they use their skills. Or revisiting the same mystery schools with them. This is the path of remembrance that I take my lightworkers on because many of us can feel the call to remember and embody our core frequency. We’ve been sleeping for a long time. And many of us know that we’re here to help each other awaken and then set on our individual missions that beautifully interlace each other’s paths.

Watch my Video: Meet Your Multidimensional Self

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