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Connect with Your Higher Self & Channel It into Your Life

Learning how to connect with your higher self will change your life. As it did to me. My higher self is my daily companion, and it helps me to make decisions and bring higher frequencies into what I do.

You can connect with your higher self in many ways. They all work, yet I love to combine them and use them in my meditations. In this article, you’ll learn how you can connect with your higher self and what it means.

What is your Higher Self?

The higher self is a non-physical aspect of us that is not born in the human body. Instead, the higher self directs our human and spiritual evolution, and it makes sure that we go through the lessons that we’re supposed to experience.

The higher self divides itself into separate streams of consciousness that gather information through embodiment. There are more versions of you that you may think and the higher self overlooks the whole process.

You can think of your higher self as your wiser sibling or parent who knows what you need to learn in order to become wise yourself. Although we refer to this part of us as “higher,” it doesn’t mean that it’s better than us.

The higher self is the all-seeing aspect of our multi-layered being.

We’re always connected to our higher selves, but our minds create the illusion of separation. Therefore, at some point in the soul’s evolution, it’s time to relearn how to connect with your higher self.

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Why is it crucial to connect with your Higher Self?

The connection with our souls is what we really desire throughout our lives. That’s what we’re consciously or not looking for and what motivates us to grow and ask more profound questions about ourselves. When you connect with your higher self, you see the world with a renewed spiritual sight for the first time.

As you connect with your higher self, your mind slowly releases fears and painful illusions about who you are.

The mind fabricates many illusions from fears, low self-esteem, the mentality of scarcity, and so on. Our task is to distinguish those illusions about who we think we are from our true self.

Our true self is our higher self enriched by our human experiences.

When we embody our souls, the illusions based on separation gradually melt away. One story after another that has been bothering us for years lifts from our subconscious mind. Only then we begin to use our mind for its original purpose; as a communication tool with God.

Learning how to connect with your higher self and then channel it into your life is the answer to everything you’re looking for. When I consciously started having two-way conversations with my soul, I felt whole for the first time in my life. I didn’t need anyone to fulfill me, and I didn’t need to be somewhere else to feel happier. Every one of my prayers became answered.

This was the most loving and intimate connection that I had been searching for.

I’ll never forget that day. I realized that everything we seek, we already have within ourselves.

And instantly, I understood two things:

  1. how to access my soul at will
  2. this was just the beginning – after you connect with your higher self, the next step is to channel into every aspect of your life

Connecting with your higher self is what I believe we’re here for. This is the higher meaning behind our experience as human beings.


I can see that our evolution is aiming at the point when the human and divine self merges together. There is no “higher” and “lower.”

Sometimes people think that in order to reach the highest states of consciousness, we need to get rid of the “body” and the low in us. But similar beliefs once again originate in the ego and its desire to make us worship any form of separation.

All the while, we’re doing something entirely different. We bring the highest aspect of us, our souls, and bring it to the “lowest” parts of us. When this sacred union takes place, we become whole and holy again. We don’t need to get rid of anything, but we bring everything to the Light and let it transform those parts of us. This is the state of consciousness that we call Oneness.

After you connect with your higher self, it’s time to get to work. This is the place where life gets exciting, and you begin to bring higher consciousness into various areas of your life.

Your higher self will gently guide you into incorporating changes that will make you feel happier. Unlike the ego that pushes you into self-sabotaging decisions, the soul teaches you through love and understanding.

Slowly, you begin to Embody Your Soul.

How to connect with your Higher Self

In my work as a life coach and a guide for Lightworkers, a great part of what I do is to help people to connect with their higher selves and embody it. Especially for the Lightworkers, the ability to channel their soul into their work is essential.

I’m passionate about everything soul related because I know that when you connect with your higher self, you start to become the best possible version of you. And as a result, you’ll be guided to everything that is meant for you. I also receive tons of emails from my followers who ask me how to connect with their higher self. First, I was thinking to write about a couple of steps that could help you to connect with your higher self.

But I know that you need to feel the connection with your soul, deep in your body to be able to access it. Then your body remembers this connection and will guide you back to it.

The words often aren’t enough. So I decided to share with you the visualizations and meditations that helped me to form a conscious relationship with my soul.

Although I did those exercises intuitively back in 2012 and 2013, looking back, this is what has enabled me to walk the path of embodying my soul. I still practice some of those meditations until this day.

My constant is a method that I use to set my heart chakra on fire. Because the heart chakra is the gateway to our soul. Or my most favorite morning meditation to receive daily guidance from my soul and God so I know that I’m on the best possible path for my evolution.

I want you to feel that loving presence of your soul that is both soothing and liberating.

Therefore, I created a meditation album that contains 7 recordings that will gradually guide you to build a conscious connection with your higher self.

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