Find Your Life Purpose | Online Course

Do you want to find deeper meaning in your life and leave a legacy?

This online course will help you find your life purpose.

The online course helps you to:

  • Get more clarity on your strengths and life purpose.
  • Learn techniques to connect with your inner guidance system.
  • Feel more fulfilled.
  • Live more consciously and integrate your uniqueness into your life.


You can learn more here.

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This online course is designed to help you discover How to find your life purpose.

Find Your Life Purpose Online Course includes:

1. 7 videos

2. The 80-page guidebook 

3. 15-minute meditation


Video 1: Three levels of life purpose. Why are you here (on this planet)? How do you know when you have found your life purpose?

Video 2: The Conditioning of society and 7 myths. How can your life purpose look differently than it “should?”

Video 3: Resistance and fears. Discover the meaning behind challenging times in your life and also the specific fears that keep you from living it.

Video 4: Learn from people who live their life purpose. Four stories (incl. mine) of people who live their life purpose and their guidance for you.

Video 5: Finding your life purpose with your mind’s wisdom. Learn to read the defining moments of your life that have helped you recognize and live your life calling.  

Video 6: Find your life purpose with your soul’s wisdom. Learn to tune into your inner guidance and let it show you what your life purpose is.

Video 7: Embody your life purpose in everyday life. Learn a daily practice to start living your life purpose step by step.

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