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What’s the Difference between the Soul, Higher Self and I AM Presence?

What is the difference between the soul, higher self, and the I AM Presence? Likely, you hear those terms frequently, but what do they actually mean? I feel like this article is long overdue. Although I teach my clients about the difference, I want to bring it to all of you. On the ascension journey, we will eventually reconnect consciously with the soul, Higher Self, and the I AM Presence. That’s why I created the School of Remembrance to ignite this process, speed it up, and teach you how it feels and how to continue.

Those three aspects (and the Source) are constantly connected and exchanging information. They learn from each other and thus enhance each other.


The Soul

First, let’s examine the difference between the soul and the higher self. We’re the most familiar with the soul. The soul is the 5D body that connects to the 3D human self. The marriage of the physical and soul body makes this world of matter more spiritual. Through this connection, more timelines – possible versions of events – are being created. Thus the soul enriches the 3D reality.

The higher self guides the soul as it moves through its lifetimes. The connection between the soul and the higher self is similar to the mind and the heart. When the channel between them is cluttered due to soul wounds, the soul may experience a sense of loss, not belonging, and even misuse its soul’s power. Similarly, when the 3D human self is unhealed, the connection to the soul is blurry. This is one of the main reasons people experience a deep sense of loneliness. They are looking to rekindle the channel to the soul, the higher self, and the I AM Presence.

The difference between the soul and the higher self is in their function. Each was designed for different purposes. The higher self isn’t better than the soul which is a common misconception. The soul is all about the experience. It’s that part of us that experiences different lifetimes and states of consciousness and, through natural evolution, learns and grows. On the spiritual journey, we first make a connection with the soul.

Welcome to the Mystery School

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The Divine Spark

On the other hand, the I AM Presence is the aspect closest to the Source, God. It’s the initial spark we carry within our heart chakras. Once the spark activates, we start our journey of ascension. It contains the seed of our being. The I AM Presence has the same divine spark as the Source. Rekindling this spark is the heart of what we have done here on this planet since the Fall of Atlantis.


The I AM Presence is the source of our divine spark, which comes directly from the Source. The higher self is the intelligent mind behind the whole experience across various dimensions. One can think of the higher self as a higher mind, computer, or parent that guides the soul. And the soul is the experience.


When the divine spark is dormant, one doesn’t know their purpose. And people feel like surviving and waiting for something. On the other hand, once it rekindles, your soul’s evolution will accelerate, and you’ll know your purpose without a doubt. I highly recommend watching my masterclass on the heart chakra, where I talk about the divine spark, how to rekindle it, and access information from the heart chakra.


The Magic Number 144

Another way of understanding the difference between the soul and the higher self is by looking at the creation story of the soul. I can’t go in-depth here. But one thing to comprehend is that one higher self overlooks the development of 12 souls. And you’re one of those souls having the physical experience in the hope of learning, growing, and remembering.


When we look at it from the top, where we find the I AM Presence, the I AM Presence splits itself into 12 higher selves. And those 12 higher selves split themselves into 12 souls. Here is your magical number, 144. And once quantized, it becomes 144 000. 


Some of you may see numbers 12 or 144 frequently. This means you’re ready to reconnect to your Higher Self and the I AM Presence.

The Higher Self

When we look at the difference between the soul and the higher self, we realize that the higher self is the parent. And it plans out the script and experiences for the souls. It also synchronizes things, bridging the events and people to find each other. When you see synchronicity, like 12:12, for instance, it’s a message from your higher self. It means that you’re aligned when you see those synchronicities. And you should keep going in a similar or higher stream of consciousness.

The Higher Self also makes agreements with other souls you will meet. I recommend this article if you’re interested in learning the difference between free will and fate.

The Higher Self is very calm and has a bird view. It can see your life from a high perspective because it has access to everything your soul has ever experienced. Thus the Higher Self can guide the soul across the lifetimes.


The I AM Presence

To understand the difference between the soul and the higher self, we must look at the I AM Presence. The I AM Presence contains our purest essence. Thus it’s already divine and always has been. In contrast, the soul is the newest addition to the family.

Thus, the I AM Presence is neutral – beyond the duality, light, and dark. Moreover, the I AM Presence is the fusion of the divine feminine and masculine energy, which feeds the duality of the lower worlds.


The soul is the divine feminine energy. 
The higher self is the divine masculine.
And the I AM Presence is beyond duality. 


Another way of thinking about it is to imagine a high building. The I AM Presence is on the top floor. And it projects itself down to create the Higher Self. The Higher Self looks into the lower floors/dimensions and projects itself to create the soul. Thus the soul contains less of the pure light compared to the I AM Presence and the Higher Self. Therefore, it can stay in the lower dimensions. If this weren’t the case, the soul would be pulled back up to merge with its original I AM Presence.

The soul can enter various degrees of consciousness and matter and experience it. As the soul experiences itself through the matter, it grows/spiritualizes the matter. The experience, the living energy, moves through the matter and changes it.

Another parallel is thinking about the I AM Presence as the headmaster. The Higher Self is the teacher. And the soul is the student. Thus each of those aspects can give you different information.

And to stir the greatest inner work, every soul learns to access also the Higher Self and the I AM Presence at some point. This is the journey of remembering. The Remembering of your true origin, of your real self, and how to access it. And this opens the gates to multidimensionality.


Rekindle Your Divine Spark

As I type these words, I’m being led to let you know that you can get a replay of my monthly masterclass called Heart’s Sacred Chamber. You’ll learn how to make soul-aligned decisions using the heart chakra consciousness. And you’ll learn all about the divine spark. In the end, I’ll also walk you through the activation of the divine spark.


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