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The 9 Essential Pillars of Stepping Into Your Spiritual Sovereignty

Your spiritual sovereignty is something that yearns to be remembered and embodied. And yet, your spiritual sovereignty has always been there. Right under the surface, always waiting for us to remember who we are. When we step into our spiritual sovereignty, we find a perfect alignment with the Source. Thus the consciousness, energy, and light flow continuously between us and the Source. Nothing stands in the way. This is our default state of being – the one we’ve forgotten. So, let’s remember it!

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The Nine Keys to Your Spiritual Sovereignty

Your spiritual sovereignty is about standing in the authority of your soul and soul’s experiences over lifetimes. It’s the realization of your true self. A remembrance of that something intangible and yet sacred that you’ve been looking for without knowing what it was. Your spiritual sovereignty guides you to embodying the queen/king consciousness. Moreover, taking your sovereignty back is the spark for the ascension. Let’s look at the nine keys to your spiritual sovereignty.


1. Nothing in Between You and the Source

As you step into your spiritual sovereignty, you realize that your connection to the Source (God, Consciousness) is everything. We can comprehend this intellectually, but it gets a different dimension when we live from that knowing.


What would change if your relationship with the Source was your highest priority?
What would your life look like if you lived in alignment with the Source? 


Now, we aren’t seeking perfection. Living in alignment with the Source isn’t about reaching a static final state of being, at least not within the time matrix. Instead, it’s about being in that flow. Feeling the energy and consciousness running between you and the Source. And taking aligned action.

As you step into your spiritual sovereignty, you don’t put any fears, situations, or people on a pedestal. For instance, we often put our achievements on a pedestal and deduce our value from them. We put all types of fears on a pedestal and let them run our decisions and, ultimately, life. It’s as if these illusions stood between us and the Source. And thus, it feeds the illusion of separation. But what if you didn’t let these fleeting things sway you and instead followed your innermost calling


Do you feel fully connected to the Source?
How would your life change if you were 100% aligned with the Source?
What worries, illusions and separations do you place above your connection with the Source? 


2. Soul, Higher Self, The I AM Presence

As you step into your spiritual sovereignty more, the bridge between you and the higher aspects of you strengthens. It’ll become your foundation – an energetic home from which you act and lead your life. Thus you’ll feel tangibly guided from within towards the highest actions aligned with the true self. As a result, your reality magnifies. It becomes a resource of energy and light also for others.


3. Pillar of Light Activation

When you’re in your spiritual sovereignty, you operate within the pillar of light. Consequently, you embody increasingly more light in your physical body and in your reality too. You can read more about the pillar of light in my previous blog post here.


4. Fearless

An interesting thing that happens when embodying your spiritual sovereignty is that you become fearless. Now, this is a journey and a process. We may be acting and breathing our sovereignty in one aspect and find it hard to embody in another area of life. But the more we remember our divine sovereignty, the more we release any soul patterns and subconscious fears.

The fears don’t have to be the obvious ones. For instance, you may feel an indescribable fear that the darkness will always “catch” you. Or you may be afraid of fully embracing your potential. Eventually, you let even those deep-seated fears go as you recall who you truly are. Again, remember this is a journey. Becoming fearless doesn’t mean that we’re perfect and have all the answers in the world. Being fearless can look like this: Even if I am not in my full soul’s authority here yet, I take ownership of the process of releasing it. 


What would a sovereign soul do in a situation you’re facing?
What would you choose to do if you were in your spiritual sovereignty?
As a sovereign being, how would you choose to experience your life?

5. Respect People’s Choices

Sometimes we may think that we know better what’s good for someone else. But do we really? As you remember your spiritual sovereignty, you learn to trust the higher selves of others guiding people. And sometimes, what we may think is negative is exactly what the soul needs to master to move to the next level. If there is an invitation for you to co-create or help other people heal, it’s a different thing. But often, people intervene – even with their judgments or projections – where it’s not their place to do so.

When an unhealed mind tries to heal itself through other people by projecting its wounds on others, it can’t really heal others. There is this deep desire to fix others, but when you heal that aspect within you that you share with someone else, you don’t rush in to save them anymore. The feeling like you “need” to save someone originates in the ego.

Contrary, there is the understanding that a soul evolves through the natural consequences of their choices. It’s not something negative. We may not know why someone has to experience something, but there is always a deeper meaning.

As a sovereign soul, you respect people’s choices. And yes, if someone asks you to help or you feel the nudge coming from your soul (not the ego), the healing you bring is actually impactful and nurturing. However, there isn’t ego judgment when helping someone like: “What they experience is wrong and needs to be fixed.”

Rather there is an awareness of: How interesting what they’re choosing. What can be learned from it? How can I hold space for the sovereign being they truly are?

When you’re a witness, the universal consciousness sees through your eyes. But of course, it doesn’t mean you don’t act if you feel called to act. It’s all a matter of the intentions and whether we act from the ego, a wounded self, or from the soul level and higher.


6. Divinity

Your spiritual sovereignty will guide you to remember your divinity. When you remember your divinity, you connect to your deepest essence. And you realize that it’s your already perfect and infinite essence is the true source of your value. Nothing can add or subtract from your inherent value. When you stop doubting your worth, you begin to heal.

We can function in different states of consciousness at once. As you recall your divinity, you realize that you don’t need to strive or prove yourself to deserve something. Simultaneously, you are also aware of your human self and the soul, both evolving and learning. Therefore you lovingly nurture your human self and the soul and help them evolve and heal. As you realize your spiritual sovereignty, you can be in both states of beings concurrently – having one teaching and uplifting the other.


7. Releasing Co-Dependency

Any co-dependent relationships will be dissolved as you step into your spiritual sovereignty. Now, co-dependency is a huge topic because it’s prevalent in most relationships. But as long as we keep co-dependency in our lives, we can’t be in our sovereignty. Because these two exist on other ends of the spectrum. Thus as you step into your spiritual sovereignty, you’ll be releasing co-dependency and restructuring your relationships for everyone to feel more empowered.

Releasing co-dependency doesn’t mean letting people go because this might be a way to escape and bypass some growth. But in some situations, others may not be ready to make that choice with you, and thus you lovingly release them, knowing that if it’s meant to be, you meet at some later point again.


8. Stop Playing Small

As you step into your spiritual sovereignty, any form of littleness will become unattractive. Being a sovereign creature doesn’t mean elevating the self above the others. It means that you know yourself and have a zero ego about it. Because you know that ultimately all the choices are just different experiences through which the soul evolves. You stop playing small. The smallness has no more to teach you. It’s time to learn through expansion.


Where do you keep yourself small out of solidarity with others?
Remember that smallness – acting from the wounded and conditioned self – doesn’t heal nor inspire anyone. 


9. Soul’s Power

Lastly, your spiritual sovereignty relates to your soul’s power. The soul is powerful – not in an egoistic way. The soul power doesn’t try to control or possess things or other people. Instead, a steady stream of energy moves through you, and you can take the most aligned actions. The soul power focuses on the embodiment, and through your embodiment, you inspire and heal people. But this journey is about you and you. You become the authority for yourself. You become the highest version of yourself.

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