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Spiritual Growth: Ready to Let the Light Teach You?

On a journey of spiritual growth, we each have to ask ourselves whether we are ready to let the light teach us. This moment is a significant turning point because we begin waking up from our unconscious attachment to the darkness and suffering. The darkness is separation. Separation from Source. From our truest selves. And from the Truth. Where there is separation, illusions, and an unbalanced ego can enter. It makes us forget the purity of the soul.

First, we experience spiritual growth through separation. And then, we start closing the gap between who we think we are and our true essence. At this point, we begin to learn through the light mostly. That doesn’t mean we become immune to the dance of polarity, but we begin to align with the Third Way – a unified field of pure consciousness. And that is what spiritual growth is truly about. Letting go of our unconscious attachment to the darkness brings light and healing to our inner and outer separation.


Unconscious Attachment to the Darkness

A big part of spiritual growth is about becoming more conscious. Being conscious doesn’t only mean evolving through the seven stages of spiritual awakening; it’s an infinite journey back to the Source. The majority of people have areas where they allow themselves to be unconscious. I call them distractions. Distractions from the light. Rabbit holes eating up our energy and time, making us forget our sovereignty. Those are the areas where we fall into ego traps. And where we self-sabotage ourselves in crafty ways, not always easy to spot.


As long as we still allow space for the darkness in our lives, it will continue to exist.

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Our attachment to the darkness is often hidden. It lurks in the aspects of us that we don’t want to see. It shows when we come close to a breakthrough. And it leads us into a land of illusions and separation. However uncomfortable it is, we are addicted to the darkness. We put our fears on a pedestal. We check out of the reality to have a break from continuous spiritual growth. And we keep running away from remembering our truest selves. All these and much more are a manifestation of us falling into unconscious sleep.

The Resistance to Light Is Holding You Back

The higher purpose of darkness is to wake us up to our sovereignty. It’s meant to help us understand what it means to stand in our power without misusing it. And ultimately, it teaches us how to embrace our inner light. Because every single person on this planet has a resistance to the light. So, it guides us to a spiritual breakthrough, where you decide there has been enough of darkness. Enough of separation. And enough of being unconscious. You realize that checking out of the reality of your true self no longer brings you any pleasure. And you no longer need to take a vacation from your spiritual growth; you’ve become fully teachable. In every time and every space.

The darkness pushes us far enough so that no other choice exists but to choose the light and sovereignty.

Even though you might be on a conscious journey of spiritual growth. Even though you’re a lightworker and wayshower, you too have a resistance to the light. How do I know? Because if there was no resistance to the light, then you’d become your highest embodied self. Everything you’d touch would be blessed. There would be nothing that you couldn’t transform into light because you’d be an embodied light. And there would be zero space for any form of darkness, including the unbalanced ego and limiting beliefs.

Our resistance to the light runs deep. I’ve met incredible lightworkers through my Mystery School, and still, they hold themselves back. Still, they resist the light. They desire to embrace it, yet it doesn’t feel safe to embody so much light, purity, and consciousness on this planet. So, ask yourself, do you resist the light within you?

It’s Time to Let the Light Teach You

An inevitable part of spiritual growth is to decide whether you’re ready to let the light teach you. You can learn very powerful lessons through the light. There don’t have to be hardships and swings in the pendulum when you choose to be conscious in everything you do. The darkness is here to only wake us up to the light within us. When we’re awake, we can begin to embrace the light. Fully and completely.

The truth is you’ll always learn your lessons. You can’t avoid learning and mastering your spiritual lessons. And we either learn through the darkness or the light. Lessons can either be painful and last longer or easy and faster. We can’t avoid our lessons, but we can decide which way we’re going to learn. Is it through the dark or light? We don’t need to make spiritual growth more painful and complicated than necessary. When the mind liberates itself from the attachment to the darkness, it’s ready to learn through the light. So are you ready to grow through the light? Are you ready to embrace and embody more light than you ever thought was possible?

Spiritual Growth Through the Light

How does spiritual growth through the light feel to you? What does awaken in you when you imagine that the light could teach you everything you need? What would it look like for you to live fully in the light?

The fabrics of this reality are here to help you recognize your sovereignty. And to show you what it means to act as a sovereign being. Everything else is but an illusion.

We need polarity as long as we need something external to stimulate our internal growth.

But there is a Third Way, beyond the polarity. Beyond the swing of the pendulum. The Way doesn’t have opposites because it has witnessed both the light and dark within. It doesn’t create separation because it has matured enough to recognize there is no other. It’s a space of pure consciousness. And when you enter it, you allow yourself to grow through ease, lightness, and expansion.

This is when spiritual growth significantly accelerates because you’re ready to merge with higher aspects of yourself. When you don’t hold polarity within you, you’ve resolved your inner conflicts and splits of the mind and soul; you embark on the Third Way. This is an exciting part of the journey where your soul guides you every single day. Through the smallest of actions, choices, and moments when you choose pure consciousness over illusions. This is the sacred space where the inner feminine and masculine balance.

Let these questions guide you:

What would light choose in this situation?
How would your life look without the drama, illusions, and swings in the emotional, mental, and physical energy?
Would light create the fears and excuses you have? If not, how can you realign with the light within you?
What habits would you let go of if you stood in the light?

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