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This Is Why Your Soul’s Calling Will Never Disappear

The truth is that your soul’s calling will never disappear. No matter how much you’re trying to escape it, it is still there, looking straight into your eyes, not moving anywhere. Deep in our beings, we all know this truth. However, most people fight against their soul’s calling. Once they exhaust all other ways to safety, they realize that their souls have been guiding them all along. Leading them to rise.

What Is Your Soul’s Calling?

Your soul’s calling is the highest path. It doesn’t mean that it’s the highest path in the absolute sense. But surely, it’s the most aligned path without extra detours guiding you to the truth of who you are.

Our soul’s calling consists of soul contracts with other people. Further, it contains lessons we’re yet to master. And also, the lessons we haven’t mastered in other times. Our soul’s calling is like a school curriculum individualized to our needs based on our soul’s history.

From the energetic perspective, you can think of your soul’s calling as a field of resonance where your higher being is guiding you. If you follow its stream, you walk the path of least resistance and your highest growth. Answering our soul’s calling doesn’t prevent us from experiencing challenges. Quite the contrary, we’ll be asked to live out of our comfort zone. Every single day. Yet, we won’t use our life force energy on creating unnecessary detours and fear-based timelines.

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The Truth About Your Soul’s Calling

Whatever your soul is calling you to do, the inner voice won’t go away. Our higher being is infinitely patient and can wait for years, often lifetimes, for us to finally get out of our own way. I can’t even tell you how many gifted lightworkers I’ve met who have resisted their soul’s calling for years or decades.

Day by day, I can see the resistance we have against our soul’s calling. People know what would help them to get to the next level. They know what they need to heal. They’re guided to the right book, podcast, and teacher. And yet, they don’t allow themselves to follow this inner guidance fully.

I see people waiting for years being locked up in the towers they have built around themselves. Not acting on their visions coming from their higher selves out of fear.

With your choices, do you honor your fears or your inner truth?

Your soul’s calling will never disappear. Because the call is YOU. The non-physical part of you is calling your mind, your heart, your emotional, energy, and physical body to align with it. In essence, YOU’RE calling yourself back home. It’s thanks to this inner soul’s calling that we search for deep answers. Eventually, exploring and experiencing the truth of who we are.

Why Do We Resist Our Soul’s Calling?

Two core reasons why we’re – often unconsciously – resisting our soul’s calling is the resistance to who we truly are and the resistance to light. The first logical question might be, why would we resist aligning with our true selves? And I can tell you there are millions of reasons.

Our greatest fear is embodying our highest self in every moment of a day. Because if we do it, then we don’t have any excuses. We can’t hide. Now all our shadows are visible. When your soul is calling you to step into your life purpose, your inner shadow (which needs to be healed) might ask you:

  • What if you try it and you fail? Sometimes it’s less painful to keep a door to a potential reality open than actually exploring it. What if it doesn’t work out? To our ego, it’d equal death.
  • What if you succeed? Equally magnetic fear can be the fear of success. What if you stepped in your purpose, succeeded, and then felt overwhelmed and burn out? Or what if you were with your other half and it wouldn’t work out?
  • Who will you become after you follow your soul’s calling? What if other people might remove themselves from your life as an answer to your change? Or maybe you’ll have to let your excuses go and really commit 100% to your dream. It could mean getting help and truly committing to healing. Or it could mean changing your habits and being super mindful of places you spend your time and energy on. This, too, is frightening to the ego.

Why Are Lightworkers Afraid to Embrace Their Soul’s Calling?

Every lightworker can hear the call to step up and rise. To heal themselves and then heal others. This is a shared call of our souls and the very reason why you and I are here. However, lightworkers are held back by their fears. They move toward their soul’s calling slowly, sometimes doubtful, feeling the universe won’t support them.

Sometimes lightworkers allow their fears and the ego to take over for a little too long. Waking up in wrong jobs, relationships, places, or unhealthy bodies. After they wake up, lightworkers often feel a sense of wasting their time.

They can’t shake off the inner feeling that they could have been further. Instinctively, they sense they had fallen asleep while trying to do things the right way desperately. The way that benefits others but often contradicts their hearts. Then they go through an often painful phase of purification to start connecting to their highest timelines.

If you’re a lightworker, at first, you might be annoyed with yourself for waiting for so long to act on your soul’s calling finally. It’s okay to honor this annoyance as it gives you the fire to continue your healing journey. However, there are valid reasons why you had been waiting.

Soul Wounds

As our souls move within lifetimes, they, too, carry deep soul wounds that require healing. Every lightworker has many soul wounds, and without healing them, we don’t feel ready to step into our soul’s calling. It feels unsafe, unrealistic, and dangerous. Our soul’s calling feels like a nice vision we dream of before we fall into sleep. It might feel like it’s possible for others, but not for you.

Our soul’s wounds make us feel like something is holding us back – like an invisible hand – but no amount of healing makes it go away.

Our soul’s wounds go beyond the first obvious association with lifetimes of persecution. As a soul healer, I’ve realized that there is a deep pattern to our soul traumas mirroring descending and ascending cycles. Those go beyond lives on Earth.

As a lightworker, you’ll feel a push and pull dance between your ego and your soul. Your ego will remind you of your soul’s wounds, and your soul will remind you of your true potential. The energy will swap back and forth like a tennis ball. And you’ll take a few steps further and sabotage yourself later.

This inner dance of duality is a part of your initiation. It’s alright to feel being pulled in both directions sometimes. However, remember your fear is a messenger for you. Whatever it tells you, it’s not real. If you let it stop you, you won’t make your soul’s calling fade away. Your soul’s calling will keep getting louder and stronger with every day or year passing by.

Since 2018 – and especially 2020 – ALL lightworkers are being called to step into their purpose. I know that you can hear the call. We all can. In the years to come, it will increase its intensity. The only way to find relief is to act on your soul’s calling.

Deep down, you KNOW why you are here. It’s time to get out of your way and step into that flow. We all need you. And most importantly, you’re here to experience the beauty of your truest self. This is YOUR time.


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