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How to Activate Your Pillar of Light & Why It’s Essential

Have you ever heard about the pillar of light? Why the activation of the pillar of light will change your life in a subtle yet powerful way? A long time ago, everyone has their pillar of light shining and radiating. But during the fall of consciousness on this planet, it got significantly weaker, or for the majority, it was completely disconnected. And now is the time to remember our direct link to the Source and to step into our spiritual sovereignty.


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What is the Pillar of Light And How Does It Look?

The pillar of light is the bridge to your soul, higher self, and the I AM presence. And ultimately, it connects us to the Source. It looks like a column of light around the physical body. Its width depends on how strong it is. The stronger the pillar of light, the more spiritual light and information flow between us and the higher aspects of us and the Source.

A pillar of light is also a communication tool between every physical and non-physical aspect of us. Once our pillar of light activates, it allows more guidance, inspiration, and deep knowing to flow between us and our higher bodies. Similarly, the pillar of light also strengthens our psychic abilities. And it makes our bodies lighter and more radiant.

Beneath the feet, the pillar of light connects to the consciousness of the Earth. And above the head, it continues across all the dimensions back to the Godhead. Thus the Source and Gaian energy move through it, nurturing our energy bodies. Once the pillar of light is activated, it naturally clears away many dissonant frequencies. And it automatically connects us to the 5D energy and higher – all the way to the 12D.


The Keeper Of Sovereignty

One can think of the pillar of light as the keeper of sovereignty. Since it’s our direct link to the Source’s energy, its activation helps us to remember our divine nature. It reminds us of our spiritual sovereignty. Thus it activates the King and Queen consciousness within us.


The pillar of light allows us to operate from the crystalline consciousness which is our divine default mode – the one our species were designed to function within but which we’ve lost in the past.


On the other hand, not having the pillar of light activated causes the feeling like we’re somehow separated from the Source. Every human being carries within themselves a deep wound of separation. It’s this inner feeling that the Source has abandoned us, that we are forgotten here on the Earth. And that somehow we are separated from the Source and other people. This deep-seated feeling is a result of descension. And its subsequent result is the pillar of light weakening or disconnecting completely.


Within us is the deep remembrance of heaven. Heaven is a crystalline state of consciousness that we carry within. It isn’t a place to go although it also corresponds with one of the dimensions.


As we re-activate our pillar of light, we get more rooted in the consciousness of the Earth and simultaneously in the consciousness of the Source. Naturally, we also rekindle the connection to our soul, the higher self, and the I AM Presence. And it’s precisely this reconnection that gradually allows us to remember and embody our sovereignty.

How to Activate Your Pillar Of Light?

The full activation of the pillar of light may take some time. On the technical side, it requires a certain amount of spiritual light and energy flowing within the chakras. And between us and the higher bodies. Thus think about it as making your pillar of light stronger each time you activate it. Eventually, you won’t have to consciously activate it. It will simply stay activated and strong, and it will get wider.

Now, how long will it take is an individual thing. It depends on how much you’ve disconnected over your lifetimes. In my Lightworker Healing, I activate it for my clients before every session and strengthen it each time. And for some people, it stays open during our session and for others, it remains open longer. But the more we strengthen it, the longer the connection lasts.

Think about it as digging a riverbed so the water can run through. Some people have already a foundation and space for it so the water begins to run faster. While others need to first make space for the riverbed and maybe change the inner landscape a bit. But in either case, having the pillar of light activated is the birthright of every soul. Also, if you join my monthly masterclasses, we begin each class with its activation. Every time we do it, it becomes stronger.

When activating it for yourself, remember that your intention matters the most. You could literally close your eyes and say, I’m activating my pillar of light. While imagining and feeling a column of white light connecting you to the Source and the core of the Earth. If you can’t feel it at first, it’s okay. It may take a while to rekindle those energetic layouts for it.

You can also listen to one of my previous YouTube videos where I guide you through that process. And you can come back to that video as frequently as you want to. When it comes to the pillar of light, one can’t overdo it. Eventually, we want to establish a strong connection that lasts.

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