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How to Create Your Life Consciously by Setting Intentions

Setting intentions is one of the most powerful ways of creating our reality. Everything in the universe begins with a purpose. Whenever we’re setting intentions, we put powerful energy into motion. This energy ripples through every area of our lives and our spiritual bodies until it’s fully manifested. Therefore taking the time to set intentions amplifies our human experience.


It’s the Intention That Determines The Result

Even though we may not always be aware of why there is an intention behind all of our actions. Nothing in this universe moves without purpose. The conscious mind may not be aware of the depth of the forces running through our lives. But in the depths of our beings, there is always an energetic blueprint for all we do. Our manifestations get sharper as we bring a conscious purpose to what we do. And we begin to shape our reality.


An intention is the most profound prayer of the heart. 


On the other hand, living without purpose is like drifting aimlessly through life. If we don’t dance to the rhythm of our heartbeat, we dance to the beat of the collective energy. And this makes us move chaotically through our minds and days. Our energy doesn’t know where to flow. Thus it runs in a loop, often creating disturbing energy in relationships, health, or work instead of being used creatively.


What Is Your Deepest Why?

Setting intentions is an art. Through the process of connecting with this invisible higher-dimensional force, we get to know ourselves. Because to set an intention, we need to know two things. One is who we are. Two is what we want. The longer we’re on the journey of self-discovery, the more powerful intentions we set.


Genuine intentions of the heart can’t be faked. Once we reach this purity within, everything shifts quickly in the external reality. 


If you can back up your dreams with the prayer of your heart, what you want MUST happen. It’s a done deal. Having that level of clarity significantly collapses the time necessary for manifestation. The time gap between what we want and what happens serves us to get clear on who we CHOOSE to be. But if you’re setting intentions from a place of such clarity, there is no need for a delay.


Through the deep soul desires, you know what wants to be birthed through you, and you align your will with it and let it happen through you.


It’s the intention that decides the result. Action is a natural consequence of the intention. If the deepest design behind what we do is pure, everything conspires in our favor quickly. And we create our lives effortlessly. There is no force and financing the manifestation with our energy. Instead, we run on the universal energy, very much like one cell is connected to the entire universe of cells within a body.

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All the intentions and their consequent ripple effects exist in higher dimensions. It’s not us thinking up those intentions. Instead, we align our consciousness with those higher dimensional planes of existence. As we align with the higher self, we’re able to align with those perfect designs for any version of reality that we choose to experience. There is less distortion in this higher dimensional energy trickling down into our lives. And thus, we align with our highest path.


Setting intentions is an act of coming back to the truth of who we are. 


Examples of Intentions For Manifestation

The intention determines the precision and speed of manifestation. Often, obstacles when manifesting happen to help us get clarity. Whenever manifesting, it’s useful to know yourself and WHY you want that which you call into your life.


One of the best intentions for life is to live your highest potential and to explore the edges of who you are. 


If living your highest potential is your deepest prayer, you’ll move on an accelerated path. Evolving fast doesn’t mean that it’s an easy journey—quite the opposite. Making quantum leaps in your growth also means that everything that isn’t aligned with your truest self will show up in your reality to be reassessed to let go or integrate. Still, living your highest potential is an example of pure intention. Because you’re letting go of the control. Conscious awareness doesn’t need to know your highest potential, but it surrenders to this deepest intention every day regardless.

Another example of setting intentions is choosing what you’d like to experience, learn or create within a specific time frame. Let’s say you set an intention for the upcoming month or year to learn to be present, be more intentional about your life, or get to know yourself. Or perhaps you intend to step into your power. Or heal something that has been present in your life for years. It’s good to feel your intention, let it sink into your heart, and decide that you surrender the next X days, weeks, or months to this intention.

Similarly, we can be setting intentions for each day. In this case, you can put your hands on your heart chakra and ask your heart what today’s intention is. And then listen. Let the answer come to you. Such an example could be grace, elegance, surrender, love. These one-word mantras emerging from the heart are powerful energetic portals that reset our energy. Once you set the intentional energy for the day, it’s time to breathe, move and create from a space of your intention throughout the rest of the day.

Intentions can be specific too. However, to narrow them down, we need to check in to see whether the intention comes from the ego or the heart and soul. When we hold our intentions at the soul level, they charge us up with inner fire. It’s this fire burning within us that propels our steps. Then we don’t need external motivation.

On the other hand, if we have to push ourselves into doing something, procrastination is a clear sign of some internal misalignment. Although reasons for this misalignment can be various, a good place to look at first is the intention. Maybe we have to push ourselves into completing a task because the thing isn’t aligned with our highest path. Or we have forgotten why we do what we do. Coming back to your intentions is a powerful technique to reset the energy in your life.

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