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Your Spiritual and Human Self: Why You Need Both?

Most of the people think they have to choose between their spiritual and human self. We have the idea that we have to either be spiritual or human. It seems that these two can’t coexist within one space.

Some people are strictly logical thinkers and would never admit that there is a higher purpose in their lives. While so-called spiritual people despise everything human – from money, relationships, to body. It’s time to change this mindset and belief that we have to choose between our spiritual and human self. It’s time to stop believing that there is only one right way to the union with God.


The dawn of a new human

I could teach about this topic for a long time, and I do for those of you who are tired of staying on the surface of what is possible for you. But I want to give you some basic ideas that may change your perspective.

Let me repeat myself once again because we’re in the most exciting times! We’re becoming a new version of human beings as we unite our spiritual and human self. Thus we’re in the process of becoming spiritual humans.


Within us exists the unity of the manifested and unmanifested – the “dark and light” – the spiritual and human self.

As long as we work with only one part of our being and overlook the other one, we can’t find unshakable inner peace and understanding of who we truly are.


Moreover, there is an energetic barrier that we reach and can’t get further, no matter how spiritual we think we are. 


Collectively, we’re standing at the dawn of a new era. The spiritual awakening happens rapidly, and those who have been awakened for some time start to unite their spiritual and human self.


You can’t experience the enlightenment without mastering your humanness.


As well as you can’t understand your spiritual origin without merging with the higher consciousness.

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The spiritual self

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you feel more comfortable with your spiritual self. After all, it’s exciting to bring your attention to something higher which many people misunderstand as better. 

When the soul awakens in the body, a flame of remembrance rises in our hearts and consciousness. The call to unite with God and be done with this human life is powerful.

The more you walk the spiritual journey, the more you realize that what you know is just the beginning. With every new door you open, there are hundreds of others awaiting you. 

For a period, it must be this way. The universal consciousness itself pulls us towards our true origin, which is out of this world. We need to remember our essence because staying unconscious becomes more painful. 

However, not everyone continues this journey with a pure and open heart. Some people bring ego to spirituality, and they confuse heaven with hell. This, too, is a part of the tests that we must pass.


But when ego pretends to be spiritual (yes, it can confuse us in a myriad of ways), some people get stuck in the transformation journey.


And there comes another aspect into play; we may look away from our human self and judge this part in others. Thus the ego plays its favorite trick on us, by placing itself above others while judging others as not spiritual or good enough. 

We may also look away from finances, jobs, or relationships. So that which was supposed to unite us brings more separation. 


Well, for that, I have one answer:


The Spirit is in everything. It’s in your finances and the people you judge. The Spirit is in your fears and dark parts of yourself too. 


At some point, you realize that you can’t escape your human self. You take it with you. 


Humanness and spiritualized human self

Often in the spiritual journey, people start to detach themselves from their human self. They begin to believe that it’s something low and impure. Therefore, they suppress or ignore their humanness. 

If you’re at this stage, I want you to know that it’s normal. It’s part of the awakening journey. But I also want you to realize that at some point, you’ll have to return to which you don’t want to see. There is nowhere to hide. 

At some point in the transformation journey, you’ll need to embrace the human experience with all its lows and highs. Ideally, you’ve done it before your awakening.

But even after, you’ll need to learn how to master your ego, negative thinking, and heal the darkest parts of your being. But the humanness doesn’t end there.


The human self wants you to be present in your body and with others. 


Before we learn to resurrect ourselves and create Light bodies, we need our human body. Every shift in your consciousness and every wave of a higher frequency needs to anchor in your physical body.


On the spiritual journey, you have to take your physical body with you.


However, the art of embodiment isn’t just about our physical body and mastering our minds. It’s also about being present in your daily life. In those mundane tasks that you don’t see as relevant.

It’s about how to be a human in a spirited way. 


I teach my Lightworker clients, ancient practices of how to align the body-heart-mind-spirit. Without the perfect alignment, one of those aspects of self will hold us back. If you want to dive deeper into your humanness and spiritual self, learn more about how I can help you.  

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