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Walking the Spiritual Path Alone? This is Why

Are you walking the spiritual path alone, and it feels like something is wrong? Do you unconsciously wait for others to catch up with you so that you can grow together? If so, it’s normal. Walking the spiritual path alone is a blessing, and it’s necessary. It’s time to stop doubting yourself and instead embrace your path completely. In fact, waiting for others to catch up with you is the surest way to sabotage yourself.

Why Are We Walking the Spiritual Path Alone?

At first, it may feel like something has gone wrong. Instead of experiencing more deep connections with people, you might find yourself releasing relationships that are no longer aligned. And before you know it, you’re walking the spiritual path alone except for a few soul friendships you’ve struck on the way. And for some, this might not even be the case. So why is it that we’re walking the spiritual path alone? Is it by mistake or design?

One of the reasons we’re walking the spiritual path alone is that only when we’re forced to go fully within, can we activate the codes of self-mastery.

Walking the spiritual path alone is a part of the process. It’s isn’t a mistake, and therefore nothing is wrong with you. Actually, if you stop resisting walking the spiritual path alone, you’ll open yourself up to meeting more and more soulmate friends. And mostly, you’ll step into your soul’s power.

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1. Everything Guides Your Attention Within

As a being on a spiritual journey, you’ve volunteered to shift the collective consciousness and assist the upcoming Age of Light. This isn’t an easy path to walk. It’s not meant to be easy. Because when things are easy, there’s no growth. No movement. Therefore, your higher self has to orchestrate the right amount of pressure to activate the seeds of higher consciousness within you. And the pressure is only created when external situations catch our attention.

Let’s be honest. If you were surrounded by a group of like-minded people 24/7, would you grow so fast? Would there be any motivation to grow? If things were easy and always perfect, would we continue stepping into our sovereignty and self-mastery? Maybe, we’d try at first. But with time passing and more ease settling in, most people would stay in their comfort zone. Because there would be no motivation to change. And, we’d be more distracted by the external situations and relationships than with the internal universe.

Therefore when we’re walking the spiritual path alone, we access our inner world. The seeds of consciousness are activated by us directing our consciousness internally. As a result, our consciousness expands. However, our ego could use other people as a distraction. It’s so much easier to focus on other people than walking the path of self-mastery.

2. Your Frequency is Changing

Another reason for walking the spiritual path alone is that your frequency is shifting. Depending on the changes, the frequency can drastically alter every few months, weeks, or even days. So, you’re constantly becoming a new person. And other people come to your life based on your frequency. Yet, when your radiance changes, they might no longer resonate with it. And therefore, they have to go. And it’s okay if people leave your life. We’re not meant to keep everyone in our lives forever. Every person is your teacher. As you learn your lessons, you and they are free.

As you’re moving through the stages of your spiritual journey, some people respond only to certain stages, and then they leave. You’re yet looking for your core frequency. Once the frequency becomes more stable, your soul tribe will find you. Although we’ll be forever evolving, once we tap into our purest essence, our radiance changes. We begin to shine as lighthouses, and more soul friends will join the party.

3. Facing Your Fears

When you walk the spiritual path alone, there are no bandaids to cover up deep wounds. You’re raw. You bare your soul naked. And therefore, you travel deeper and deeper into the realms of your infinite being. This is the journey many souls have signed up for.

Most people have a deep fear of being alone. And of doing this whole spiritual thing alone. They want to have it easier. And they seek someone to tell them what to do. Well, here is the truth. When you stop looking for someone to walk this path with you and be on the same page in EVERYTHING, you’ll fly. You’ll liberate yourself. And you’ll face your deepest fears sooner. And that’s a great thing! Because we can’t avoid the healing and integration work.

Even if something looks fine on the surface, we’ll still have to face everything on the inside. That’s how it works. And the truth is, sometimes people use other people as a distraction from what is truly happening within them. And a distraction from what they’re truly capable of creating and achieving. Luckily, the universe is so kind that it won’t let us keep escaping into the unconscious coma forever. We need to wake up.

4. You’re Here to Lead

The biggest reason why you might be walking the spiritual path alone is that you’re here to lead. Leaders go first. And therefore, it seems like no one is on the same wavelength with you in every tiny detail. As a leader, you embody the way first. You look within – without distractions – and see what wants to be born through you. And then you go and make it happen. You show up fully for the guidance of your higher self. And you stop waiting for other people to catch up with you. This is when you actually facilitate the greatest shift for them too.

The fear of walking the spiritual path alone might be a sign to step up and lead. This is especially the case for lightworkers. You’re on the edge of collective consciousness. And it makes sense that there aren’t throngs of people by your side. Moreover, each of us leads uniquely. Every lightworker and starseed activates (by going inward) different light codes, which create a flood of a new consciousness to flow to the Earth. What you’re here to birth into reality is unique to you. And therefore, no one can really be on the same page in everything with you. Not even your twin flame. If you embrace it, you’ll shine.

Are you ready to lead by living as an example for the next Age of Light?

P.S. Allow others to be where they are on their journey.

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